A HELOC is an effective way for homeowners to access extra cash

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If you need some extra cash, there are multiple options available. This ranges from Credit card per personal loan per Cash out your existing life insurance policy. For homeowners, the best asset they have is the home they live in.

Homes with only minimal equity can be effectively used as cash (and it usually comes with much lower interest rates than other traditional loans). Homeowners can go Cash-out refinancing or reverse mortgage. They may also consider a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit (known as a HELOC)

But how can you get a HELOC? That is what we will answer below. If you think you might benefit from a HELOC, start exploring your options here or use the table below to check eligibility.

How to Get a HELOC

Obtaining a HELOC is relatively easy. Here’s how the process traditionally works.

Build as much equity as possible

Although you generally need at least 15% equity in your home, the more you have The more you can potentially withdraw. Most lenders will cap a home equity line of credit at 80% of your home equity, but some lenders may go above that figure. So if you know you’ll eventually want to borrow against your home, start building as much equity as possible as soon as possible. This may mean making additional mortgage payments (switch to bi-weekly payments) or using additional funds (such as a tax refund) to pay off your mortgage principal faster. This may mean striking while the iron is hot and taking out a HELOC when home values ​​are high and your equity increases with it.

You can check your HELOC eligibility here now or use the table below to get started

Improve your credit score

As with almost all financial products and services, the best terms and rates are reserved for the highest bidders Credit score. So, don’t delay and if your score could use some help Now work on improving it. Pay close attention to any outstanding debt that you could potentially pay off or pay off. And make sure you make payments on existing loans on time. Do your best to limit hard credit inquiries and keep your debt-to-income ratio as low as possible.

Shop for lenders

Although you may think you need to use a lender if you already have your mortgage, That is not always the case with a HELOC. It may be easiest to keep your business under one umbrella but don’t hesitate to shop around first. Different lenders and institutions offer different rates and options so do your homework before signing on the dotted line. It’s possible that you’ll get the lowest interest rate with your current bank, but it’s also possible that you can get a better offer elsewhere. Use the table below to start shopping for HELOC options by zip code today.

Choose a lender

Once you have done your research on lenders and rates you need to pick a lender. Understand that the process will look different if you choose to stay with your current lender versus moving forward with a new one. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still go with the best option, just know that it can be a bit more of a process if you get one. HELOC With the same bank that originally approved your mortgage.

Complete the application

If you remember the mortgage application process, you already know what to expect with a HELOC. While not as difficult as getting your first home loan, you will still be expected to provide the following (if not more):

  • Your full name, address and social security number
  • Government-issued ID (a valid driver’s license or other state-issued identification)
  • Employment details (annual income, name of employer, etc.)
  • Credit score and history (you will be expected to sign off on a credit check)

don’t forget

While HELOCs can be advantageous compared to other types of credit, it’s still credit you’re taking out. So be smart about it and use it carefully. Read the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Fortunately, with a HELOC, you don’t need to use the exact amount you’re approved for so don’t feel obligated to max it out.. And if you use it IRS-approved Home repairs and renovations, you may be able to deduct from your taxes once tax season arrives.

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