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What is the fastest way to file taxes?

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By filing your taxes online you can speed up the time it takes to get your refund.

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Tax season is well underway ongoingwith the Internal Revenue Service Reporting It received nearly 37 million in tax returns — a 2.6% percent increase — as of mid-February. The IRS said it processed about 10% more tax returns in 2022 than in the same timeframe.

So, it’s clear that Americans are getting one Start filing earlier and reap potential benefits.

Most US taxpayers now file online, using such programs IRS Free File. However, many also go directly to online tax preparation sites like TurboTax, H&R Block or e-file.com, all of which have unique offers and version What sets them apart — upgrades from free self-guided options that include live advice and reviews from tax professionals.

Find out which tax preparation service makes sense for your situation. Learn more.

The fastest way to file your taxes

Tax preparation can be intimidating. Actually, the IRS said The average time it takes taxpayers to file a Form 1040 or 1040-SR is about 13 hours, which includes “all tax return preparation procedures and all associated forms and schedules throughout the taxpayer’s activities.”

If speed is a factor, then the company recommends Online Filing. The process is simple: Create an account with a verified and trusted service, collect documents, choose your filing status, determine whether you’re taking a standard deduction or itemizing, and use direct deposit. Don’t hesitate to contact a tax expert if you have any questions along the way. After all, errors can cause delays.

H&R Block guess A typical tax return can take less than two hours to complete, citing the system’s ability to speed up the process by skipping unnecessary sections based on your answers to various questions.

Most online tax preparation services charge a fee (such as expert guidance) depending on how complex your tax return is and your needs. But those with simple tax returns may qualify for the free options, which cover a limited number of situations such as W-2 income, the IRS standard deduction, limited interest and dividend income reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV and a handful of others. has been Compare tax preparation services to see which one best fits your needs.

Ultimately, the time it takes to file your taxes depends on your individual circumstances — such as whether you’re a business owner, have investments, or are self-employed. housingYou are a home owner, married and have dependents among other personal and financial situations.

“The more of these taxable situations you have in your life, the longer it may take to file your taxes,” says H&R Block.

How to get your tax refund fast

Filing isn’t the only part that takes time. After you file your tax return, you’ll need to wait for the IRS to receive and approve your refund and then pay you.

One of the fastest ways to get your tax refund There are many benefits of e-filing. Those who send their return by mail – specifically, sending a paper Form 1040 – may wait six weeks or more to process their return, According to the IRS.

Meanwhile, online filers are told to expect their refunds in 21 days or less, possibly even faster if they direct deposit.

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