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23 Ways to Work from Home with a Mac Computer

Great way to work from home on a Mac computer

Own an Apple laptop or desktop and want to work remotely?

Apple computers have a strong following that loves the brand, design and functionality. And how can you blame them? However, there are some drawbacks to working from home and using an iPad or Mac. One of these is that it may seem more difficult to find work-from-home opportunities that you can qualify for in terms of equipment. However, do not despair! As I said, it could be seems Such remote jobs are harder to come by as a Mac user, but I have a list of legitimate opportunities to share with you! Whether you’re sitting with a MacBook Pro or an iMac, this topic will help you jumpstart your work-from-home career.

Customer service representative

Customer service positions are one of the most widely available employee remote jobs – and are also less likely to accommodate Mac users, perhaps due to the proprietary platforms their customer service reps are using. Happily, online marketplaces have exceptions:

  • Apple at Home Advisor – It would be silly if the makers of Mac computers didn’t hire Mac users, right? Right! As one of their phone or chat agents, you can expect them to send you an iMac and headset for your use; They will even reimburse you for your internet connection.
  • get up Annual recruitment for a Mac client program through their platform – and it fills up fast! Current technical requirements include MAC OS X 10.11 – El Capitan with a hard drive of 500 GB or more. They also like your two monitors. Get more technical details on their site.
  • Hiring Thing Periodically hires remote customer support representatives with proven customer support experience and familiarity with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. They offer $100 per month telecom reimbursement (and $50 per month fitness reimbursement!).
  • NexRep Often looking for customer service representatives and they hire independent contractors with Mac computers; Their agents earn between $15 – $25 per hour on average and have scheduling flexibility.
  • you pull Allow their inbound sales and reservations agents to use a Mac computer as long as it meets all equipment requirements and is compatible with the location. U-Haul’s proprietary software requires several technical requirements to be considered, including having a Core i5 processor (or better), 8GB of RAM and 5GB of hard disk space.

Search Engine Evaluator

You probably know that search engine evaluation is about completing certain searches on different search engines or social media and evaluating ads or search results – well, search features need to be evaluated for all platforms, so this is a job opportunity that doesn’t discriminate against Mac users.

  • Appen It only asks that you have secure high-speed Internet access and a computer with a working sound card and speakers. If you want to work with your iPhone instead, it must be under 3 years old
  • Leapforce The requirements for their independent agents are the same as for Appen – you need high-speed Internet access and a computer that can run Google Chrome (and must run the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware software).
  • Zero Chaos Sometimes ads hire quality raters and when they do, they don’t specify specific computer requirements. All you need is a normal high-speed Internet connection, a college degree, and at least 10 hours a week to evaluate ads

Note: Lionbridge And iSoftStone There are also two big survey companies in the ad/search evaluation industry, and they both specify that you need to be running Windows to work for them – if you can dual boot a Windows OS, you might want to look into applying anyway.


Transcription can be a little tricky to break into when you’re a Mac user – some transcription companies use applications that don’t require you to download any proprietary software. Others do. Sometimes, you are allowed to work around these Windows requirements by dual booting your Mac (This is when you run two operating systems simultaneously on your Mac, a Windows OS. Read more about dual booting; you should very It’s tech-savvy to do that.)

  • AccuTran Global It does not specify that you must use a PC, only that your computer should be running Windows 10. This may be a good opportunity to dual-boot your Mac with Windows so you can qualify as a transcriber with AccuTran Global. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and what the risks of dual booting are.
  • FF transcription Express uses Scribe which has a Mac version, so you should have no problem onboarding with them as a freelance transcriber. You can even configure Express Scribe to use a foot pedal! Although their transcription documents need to be done in Microsoft Word.
  • Quicktate Mac users are welcome to apply and their FAQ states that you must use Safari or Google Chrome as the browser when Quicktate works. They’re a 24/7 business, so you can pick up transcription jobs whenever you want (depending on what’s available, of course).
  • Rev Also doesn’t specify that you must own a PC – they specifically say that all you need is a reliable internet connection and working computer speakers – adding that having headphones and a foot pedal seems beneficial to your performance. can .
  • Transcribe Mr Said the same thing as Rev above – you just need a computer with a stable internet connection; Additionally, they recommend you use headphones. With TranscribeMe, you do all your transcriptions in their WorkHub so you don’t have to worry about any program compatibility with your Mac.

Virtual assistant

Another trick to finding work-from-home positions that allow Macs is to look for ones that don’t have proprietary software that you need to install on your computer. Being a virtual assistant is a great opportunity that fits this bill – you just need to make sure your clients don’t require you to use some program or file type that’s incompatible with the Mac.

  • in the morning – While they require you to have at least five years of experience as an executive assistant or other admin support role and prefer that you have a bachelor’s degree, you can use a PC or a Mac on the job! You must have MS Office suite though.
  • fancy hands It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of computer you use – you just need to have excellent communication skills, a reliable internet connection and an audio headset (they even say that, in some cases, iPhone headphones work). They’re also always looking for people with availability – so if you’re up all night, this could be a great opportunity for extra income.
  • time etc You are welcome to apply with any type of computer you have – as long as you own one and have some type of office software. They are particularly interested in freelance virtual assistants looking for part-time work, but also say that this role has full-time work potential.
  • Upwork A platform where you can offer your services – including your services as a virtual assistant – to clients or business owners searching for this type of assistance. Upwork also has project listings that specify that you must have a Mac computer to qualify!
  • Worldwide101 Also welcomes applicants who work from home with a Mac computer. They are also interested that you have the required amount of experience (seven years or more of professional corporate experience) and that you have excellent references over the computers you use.


While online tutoring opportunities seem fairly Mac-friendly overall, technical requirements often do not specify a required type of computer. After all, depending on the nature of the location, you’re either writing in a browser-based system or tutoring via video via an app or program like Skype. This industry is full of great opportunities for Mac users!

  • Target educators All you need is a computer and a broadband internet connection to tutor them online! You should have a bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach and some teaching experience. Pay is $10-15 per hour.
  • iTutorGroup This is a popular site for teaching English as a second language (ESL): To qualify to teach with them, you must have TESOL/TEFL certification (or equivalent), a bachelor’s degree, and at least 1 year of teaching experience. They welcome teachers working on Macs—just make sure you’re running an up-to-date version of Mac OSX.
  • Studypool Lets you get paid to help students on all levels, including with their homework – they say you can earn up to $5000 per month! Since you browse the questions and answer them through Studypool’s website, you don’t need a specific type of computer to qualify. Just focus on learning their bidding system and maximize your earnings by helping students!

Now you can feel better about owning an Apple product – you have a sweet machine and plenty of work-at-home opportunities to keep you busy. Go! And drop me a line to tell me about other remote work opportunities for Mac users you discover!

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