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Easy cash for completing simple small tasks

It’s called grinding for a reason.

It can be working all day, all night or being a stay at home parent tiring The idea of ​​adding a second job doesn’t always sound like sunshine and rainbows. But extra cash? That sounds pretty sweet.

So when you’re feeling brain-drained and the last thing you want to do is “find a job” or “build a business” or “sell some stuff” or something like that… well, guess what? There are still things you can do, from the comfort of your own home, any time of the day or night, whenever you feel like it, to bring home some extra money.

What I’m talking about, specifically, is called online micro jobs, microtasks, or small jobs. Micro jobs are just that – quick odd jobs that you can do and get paid for. Making money online doesn’t have to be difficult. The bonus is that you can actually stay fun I’m doing it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Job Sites

There are some advantages to working with short-task sites This type of work requires no startup costs, assuming you already have a working computer and internet connection. There are no interviews. No phone calls. There are very few minimums, which means you don’t have to commit hard. It requires very little experience in anything. And it’s on your schedule that reduces stress.

On the other hand, you won’t find big paydays with these things. If you want to see a return of more than a few dollars, you need to build micro-jobs into your routine — like micro-tasking while you watch Netflix, or while you’re waiting for your kids to fall asleep, or wherever you happen to have time to do something. Can add mindless activities.

Even with a small commitment, however, bring some pocket money to help with a night on the town, a wardrobe upgrade, a little extra for an upcoming vacation, or whatever else you want. So if you want some no-strings-attached money and don’t mind doing boring stuff in exchange for complete autonomy, micro-tasking can be a great fit!

Types of micro jobs

Microtasks often boil down to small tasks, such as data entry and classification. You’ll also find things like surveys and no-skills-required stuff like that Entry-level micro-tasking is almost the same as entry-level. However, it doesn’t always have to be so basic. You will find that you enjoy micro-tasking and it will open the door to quick earnings.

The more time you spend on crowdsourcing platforms and build your experience, the more you’ll gain access to high-paying jobs like audio transcription or graphic design. Depending on which site you use, you’ll likely have the opportunity to take special exams that qualify you for more complex, higher-paying jobs. Another benefit of “leveling” on your favorite platforms is that you’ll face less competition for any job. Note that this won’t get you an hourly rate or anything, but if you can make $10 an hour micro-tasking instead of $6 an hour, why wouldn’t you?

Legit short job sites

These are the best micro job sites and best micro jobs:

  1. Swagbucks. It’s no secret that I love and use Swagbucks. You can take surveys and watch videos for rewards on Swagbucks, but what you may not realize is that Swagbucks has a micro-tasking page where you can also do some small tasks. Payments are made as “Swagbucks” — which you can exchange for cash, Amazon gift cards, and more. Swagbucks is totally legit and I can’t recommend them enough. Sign up for Swagbucks here.
  2. Amazon Mechanical Turk, or mTurk. Amazon has systematized its short-task site, and it’s one of the most respected sites for human intelligence tasks. If you’re only focusing on one platform, this might be the one to choose because you have the chance to level up over time. mTurk tasks are more “traditional” small tasks — things like copying handwritten information into a form or transcribing short audio clips. Payouts from Mechanical Turk are made as deposits into your Amazon account, so they’re not exactly cash, but they’re still useful if you use Amazon a lot.
  3. Figure eight. Figure eight focuses heavily on general Internet research, data categorization, and more. It’s a go-to platform for small jobs.
  4. Clickworker. This is another well-known small task site. You will be able to choose from tasks like translation, research and data collection in ClickWorker They have a minimum amount of money you have to earn before you can get paid, which is not a popular requirement for many.
  5. Inbox Dollars. I’ve used InboxDollars for years, and the payouts have been excellent. With InboxDollars, some small tasks will be as easy as reading emails and clicking links. You can take surveys, play games and more through your profile. Payment is made by cheque.
  6. Cashcrate. CashCrate is another platform for surveys and games, but they also have more common small tasks like watching videos and true micro-tasking opportunities. You can send your payment via PayPal or check.
  7. Onespace. If you’re really into microtasking and want to flex your brain muscles a little more, you might want to check out OneSpace. Many of these tasks require a little more from you, including transcription and some quick copywriting tasks. This site also accepts payments via PayPal.
  8. User testing. There are several sites like UserTesting that will pay you for website testing. These gigs take about 15 minutes in which you provide feedback to website owners on your experience.
  9. fancy hands. This site is often an entry point for online virtual assistance. Tasks are varied and can run the gamut from setting an appointment to managing the inbox Each job has a set rate based on the difficulty and time involved.
  10. Rev.com. This site offers transcription and captioning services They welcome newbies and those with no experience if you can pass their test. These often require copying small files
  11. Easyshift. This opportunity will allow you to live outside and around your city. Your job might be to take a photo of a product in a store, check a price or check a store display Everything is done on your smartphone. Most payments are shipped within 48 hours of approval for those who want to pay fast!
  12. Gigwalk.This is another smartphone app that will let you do small jobs in your city. These gigs pay anywhere from $3 to $100+ depending on complexity and time. Payment is made by PayPal.
  13. Field Agent. Love mystery shopping? As a shopper, this is another app you’ll want to check out. These jobs usually pay between $1 and $12. Please pay by direct deposit.

If you find that you really enjoy performing such tasks and you want to turn them into something that brings in more substantial income, you can consider becoming a freelance virtual assistant. Many people, however, are perfectly happy to stick with their microtask sites and avoid the whole “starting a business” thing. That’s the great thing about the Internet — it gives us this kind of freedom!

Microworkers have a lot of flexibility. Short jobs like this are great for people looking for something with little commitment. I often see students, mothers and caregivers working on micro job websites for extra income.

Whether you’re shelling out your money for some of the fun “extras” in life, or just as simple as the idea of ​​making some money without committing to anything important, micro-tasking is worth a shot!

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