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With the recent rise in inflation and continued market volatility, many investors are looking to gold as a more stable investment option.

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Gold is one of the oldest investments known to man. these days, Investment in gold This could mean buying actual amounts of gold or shares of a stock that tracks the price of gold.

with recent Increase in inflation And continued market volatility, a lot Investors are looking to gold As a more stable investment option.

If you’re interested in this unique investment opportunity, get started with a free asset protection kit to learn more.

Here’s what you should know Advantages of buying gold – and How to actually do it.

Four benefits of buying gold

Curious if buying gold makes sense for your portfolio? Read below to see why buying gold can be the right decision.

Maintains standards

Consumers prefer buying gold because of its low volatility. Stocks and stock funds can be highly volatile, which means their value can fluctuate at any given time. But gold is more stable, which can be a good choice for investors looking for a safe place to keep their money.

Helps during inflation

One of the main reasons people buy gold is as a hedge against inflation. When inflation is high, stocks usually fall. But gold may stay close to the same price.

On the other hand, when inflation is normal, gold will not provide the high returns seen in the stock market. Learn more about how gold can help fight inflation with a free asset protection kit from Goldco.

Provides comfort in case of market decline

Investors who want to buy gold are often looking for a backup plan in the event of a traditional stock market downturn. Because it is gold As a form of currency for thousands of yearsInvestors see it as a safe place to park their money.

Easy to sell

Because gold holds its value over the long term, it can be easier to sell because the price is unlikely to fall below what you paid for it. Also, gold has been around for so long that there is always likely to be a market with willing buyers.

How to buy gold

While many people think buying gold means buying physical bullion, that’s not the only – or best – way buy gold.

Noah Damsky of Marina Wealth Advisors recommends buying GLD, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the gold index. Buying shares of GLD is much easier than buying actual gold. And when you need or want to sell gold, selling an ETF is much easier and faster than selling gold coins or bullion.

“If investors want to buy gold, an ETF like GLD is the best, most cost-effective approach,” he said. “Investments are backed by physical gold storage rather than complex derivatives. It provides the convenience of physical ownership without the maintenance, storage and liquidity.”

You can buy a GLD Individual Retirement Account (IRA) So you can still get tax benefits. If you don’t have an IRA, you can buy GLD or other gold ETF funds in a taxable brokerage account. Use the table below to explore your gold buying options

If you still want to buy physical gold, you can do it through a broker. Try to avoid buying gold through pawn shops or other unverified sellers.

And when you buy gold, make sure it doesn’t make up the bulk of your investment portfolio. Most investors are still better off keeping the bulk of their funds in an index fund rather than gold.

Have more questions? Request a free asset protection kit now to learn more about this unique investment opportunity.

Who should buy gold?

different Investors should consider buying gold. Besides investors who want to use gold as an inflation hedge and those who want to diversify their portfolio gold can also benefit from:

  • Investors who want liquidity: If you invest in a gold ETF, for example, you may be able to sell the investment during stock market trading hours and receive cash in less than a week.
  • Investors looking for a safe haven: In a difficult economic environment like the present, when inflation and interest rates are high, you may invest in gold with the expectation that the asset will increase or at least maintain its current value.

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