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5 companies are currently working on Home Medical Scribe

You are interested in becoming a work at home Medical writer? I found five companies that are hiring right now, and some of them are entry level positions!

In this post, I’ve listed the companies that hire writers, the experience you need, how much they pay (if I can find that information), and a link to your application.

Unfortunately, entry-level medical scribe jobs don’t pay very well, which isn’t surprising. But on the plus side, landing one of these entry-level jobs gives you the experience you need to land a higher-paying medical scribe job in the future.

What is a medical scribe?

I explained in more detail what a medical scribe is in another blog post, but just to summarize for you, a medical scribe is a person who carefully documents doctor and patient encounters. Documentation that a medical scribe typically involves taking notes and inputting data from patient visits.

The overall goal is to save the doctor time. Before medical scribes were a thing, it was usually up to the doctor to take notes and document visits.

Many medical scribes work in an office, but the work may also be done from home if the doctor records or dictates information for medical scribe input, the visit was telehealth, or if they visit the patient virtually.

5 companies are currently working on Home Medical Scribe

1 – Scribkick

Scribekick is currently looking for virtual medical scribes in the following US states – Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana or Virginia.

To qualify you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as the ability to work daytime office hours.

As a Medical Scribe at Scribekick, you’ll virtually accompany physicians and patient exams and document patient information in the EMR during patient encounters (history, chief complaint, systems review, physical exam).

In addition, you will successfully manage the EMR in real-time via audio to document any procedure performed by the physician, as well as patient orders including laboratory tests, radiology tests, medications, etc.

According to Glassdoor, medical scribes earn about $11/hour working online for Scribekick and $16/hour working in an office.

go here For more information and to apply with Scribekick.

2 – Proscribe

ProScribe is currently seeking bilingual Spanish medical writers in the following US states – Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

To qualify, you must have at least a high school diploma, although it is preferred if you are at least a college sophomore.

At ProScribe, bilingual Spanish virtual medical scribes ensure accurate and timely documentation of medical charts under the supervision of medical providers.

The job posting says you have to work Monday through Friday, 12-hour shifts.

The job description doesn’t list the salary, but Glassdoor indicates it could be around $10 or $11/hour.

go here For more information and to apply with ProScribe.

3 – Deepscribe

Deepscribe is currently hiring Home Medical Scribes. This is a contractor role with flexible scheduling options.

As a medical scribe you will create high-quality, detailed medical notes based on established standards within the medical industry.

At a minimum, you must have a high school diploma. They require you to work on a Mac computer.

Deepscribe requires you to be available to work at least 15 hours per week (Monday to Friday, no weekend shifts). Business hours are 8a-6p PST/10a-8p CST/ 11a-9p EST.

Pay is listed as between $12 and $16 per hour.

go here For more information and to apply with Deepscribe.

4 – Medvoice

MedVoice is currently seeking medical writers with at least one year of experience to work from home.

As a scribe at Loudon Medical Group, you will document patient encounters with health care providers at various subspecialty clinics remote from your own home and navigate electronic medical records to access prior notes, create brief patient histories, document accurate physical exams, and capture treatments. . Plans.

Pay rates are not listed.

go here For more details and to apply.

5 – Scribe-X

ScribeEMR is currently seeking medical scribes to work remotely, full-time hours. This is for the US only.

You can work as a medical scribe for Scrib-X without any past scribing experience. However, if you already have experience, you earn more.

ScribeEMR will pay between $11 and $17 per hour (depending on the job posting).

go here For more details and to apply as a writer for ScribeEMR.

Recommended training for work at home medical scribes

Although most entry-level positions do not require it, undergoing training to obtain medical scribe certification can help you land a job in this field.

CareerStep offers a Medical Scribe Certification Program Which you can do at your own pace.

I recommend CareerStep as a great option for online training for all types of home-based careers, including medical billing, medical coding, and medical transcription because of all their great reviews and affiliations with many professional organizations.

CareerStep has supportive payment plans and extensive discounts for military spouses.

go here Learn more about CareerStep’s medical scribe certification training.

Good luck in whatever you choose to pursue!

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