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9 places to find flexible work at home and abroad

Looking for a flexible schedule and, maybe, a little adventure?  Flexwork can be a great opportunity for you.  Here's where to find it!When you want to work from home, you have a few options.

You can become an entrepreneur and start your own professional services business, either online (like becoming a VA) or offline (like becoming a nanny).

You can go into sales, such as self-publishing your book or joining an MLM company.

Or … you can look for flexwork, which involves working for a traditional company but in a non-traditional way.

What is Flexwork?

Flexwork refers to work that is performed with a non-standard schedule and includes job sharing, part-time work, work hours outside of 9 to 5, and telecommuting.

You are an ordinary employee of a company, often receiving ordinary benefits, but working in a non-ordinary system. And if you don’t like to stay in one place for too long, the right flexwork arrangement could be your ticket to location independence.

Why Flexwork?

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. There’s the pressure of building and running your own business, constantly tapping your personal network and finding new clients. For some, the freedom outweighs the stress, but for others, something like a more traditional setup is better. That’s why flexwork is so great.

How to Find Flexwork Jobs in the USA

If flexwork is the perfect combination of freedom and stability for your life, then you’re in luck! Flexwork is gaining a lot of traction in today’s corporate world, which means there are plenty of new opportunities for you to work from home while maintaining many of the benefits of traditional employment.

These days there are several websites and job boards specifically designed to help you find your new flexwork job. These are some good ones:

  • Back door work: This company is all about what they call “short term job adventures”. Many of their listings are for outdoor pursuits such as conservation work, farming and wilderness therapy. If you like the idea of ​​working out, check it out on your site. There is also an international branch that will help you find work abroad.
  • Workcamper: Workamper is set up for people living in an RV. Many workcamper jobs are in the outdoor hospitality universe (like working at a campground), but not all. They offer a ton of resources to their members, including an online job board, print and online ad placement, publications, and specific training for those looking to start workcamping.
  • Coolworks. Like Back Door Jobs, CoolWorks specializes in seasonal and summer jobs. They’ve been around since 1995 and have a vibrant community of CoolWorks alums and fans. Many of their jobs are outdoors — think national parks, resorts, farms, etc.
  • The remote is fine. Most of the jobs on RemoteOk are for software developers, but there are also job categories for roles in marketing, communications and customer service – jobs more accessible to non-techies.
  • Amazon Camperforce. Another program that’s great for RV-loving worker campers, Amazon’s CamperForce offers seasonal employment opportunities across the U.S. These jobs revolve around packing and shipping at Amazon warehouses, and in addition to hourly wages, the job comes with a free RV site nearby.
  • Node.js. This resource-rich site has a large collection of sites and job boards for freelancers and people looking for remote work.

How to find flexwork jobs abroad

If you’re looking for a way to go abroad that looks like traditional employment in an unconventional place – whether you want a temporary assignment or want to establish a new life elsewhere as an expat – there are several job boards that can help you:

  • international. The International Community site offers all sorts of resources for people working abroad, but the thing that might be most helpful for finding flexwork is their guide, which contains valuable information about the main industries in that city or country… Find flexwork. Check out the list of available guides at the bottom of the homepage and see what jumps out at you!
  • ReliefWeb. If you are interested in humanitarian work abroad with flexwork schedule, Reliefweb job board is your best bet.
  • Going global. their site, golobal.com, offers a wealth of resources for finding a job or internship abroad. Their country profiles provide a good summary of the overall employment situation in that country, as well as the information you need before you go.

One thing to remember about moving abroad is that you need to do some legwork before going abroad to get all the documentation you need. If you are able to land a position before you leave, your new employer will be able to help you pick it.

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