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Does pet insurance cover dentistry?

Pet insurance can protect your pet’s pearly whites, but coverage details are specific to each provider.


If you’re one of the nation’s millions of pet owners — or recently became one during the pandemic — you already know how expensive it can be to care for your pet. A visit to the vet for a general wellness checkup can quickly add up to a more comprehensive treatment of vaccines. Although the money you save can help offset some of the costs, it can still be difficult to make ends meet, especially if you have Breeding That is prone to medical problems.

luckily, Pet insurance Pet ownership can help alleviate much of the financial stress tied to it. For a small fee paid to a provider each month, owners can rest assured that their pet will be taken care of should an illness or emergency arise – and they won’t have to break the bank to protect their furry friend.

That being said, like all financial products and services, it pays to do your research. This is especially true of pet insurance where policies and coverage can vary based on a series because. If you’re looking for a policy that can cover dental issues, in particular, it helps to understand what may or may not be covered.

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Does pet insurance cover dentistry?

Pet insurance can help alleviate and often, compensation Complete you for a wide array of vet costs. But will pet insurance cover dental?

It may actually protect your pet’s pearly whites, but coverage details are specific to each provider.

Fitch by the Dodo is one of the top pet insurance providers on the market today. According to their websiteThey can provide dental care for your pet.

“We provide the most comprehensive dental coverage in the industry,” they say. “Unlike other providers, we cover every adult dental injury and disease, not just canine. Plus, you get full coverage for gum disease (the most common disease in dogs and cats), oral tumors, trauma and more.

“Please note that we do not cover dental cleanings, which are considered routine and preventative care, unless your veterinarian recommends it as treatment for a covered condition.”

Spot pet insurance will also provide dental options for your dog or cat, depending on the policy you choose.

“Spot offers pet insurance plan options with coverage for dental ailments and diseases,” notes the insurer its site. “Plans also cover tooth extractions for dental accidents. Plus, you can add preventative care coverage to a spot plan for an additional cost, which can help you pay for your pet’s annual, regular dental cleanings.”

When it comes to dental care for pets, details matter. Pet dental care can be expensive and not every insurance provider has the same approach.

“Unfortunately, many dental problems can be expensive to treat,” explains Figo Pet Insurance, another top provider on the market. their website. “For example, if your cat needs a tooth or multiple teeth removed, the cost for the procedure, anesthesia, X-rays, and other related costs can range from $200 to $700. For dogs, the average cost for one or more tooth extractions is $500. Between $2,500.”

With that said, Figo says that some dental problems will be covered by an insurance plan. This can include treatment for root canals, dental abscesses, oral cancers and tumors, cracked or broken teeth, or more.

Not sure what you’ll qualify for or what’s covered? It’s easy to find out! You can design a personalized pet insurance plan with Figo in less than 60 seconds.

Bottom line

Pet insurance can often be an affordable and reliable way to protect both your pet and your wallet. If you’re looking for specialized care or need detailed dental work, however, it pays to do your homework. Each provider is unique and what one may offer another may not and vice versa. So get started by getting a free quote now or use the table below to review some of the top pet insurance providers

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