Who doesn't want to earn extra money in their spare time?  Almost every reader of this blog will confirm.  So I love having opportunities like WeGoLook.Who doesn’t want to earn extra money in their spare time? Almost every reader of this blog will confirm. I love why opportunities come across WeGoLook.

WeGoLook has been around since 2009. The company refers to itself as the “Uber of tourism”. WeGoLook’s mobile workforce of over 30,000 contractors means businesses and individuals can be personally verified regardless of whether they are located across town or across the country.

What is a look?

A “look” is a one-time gig where a business or individual requests a “looker” to thoroughly check the condition of an automobile, boat, building, auction item, or other item. The person or business requesting a look could be an insurance company investigating a claim, a person interested in purchasing a car in a distant location, or a business needing court records in a county hundreds of miles away.

Appearances are varied and some can be quite attractive. Mostly a car inspection where you take a photo or video of a car and answer specific questions, WeGoLook recently partnered with eBay Motors. But to verify an online date you may be asked to inspect something from a grandfather clock. Although the latter is considered an off-the-wall request, it can be very beneficial for the customer to verify a potential date before investing a lot of emotional time or travel expenses.

What does WeGoLook pay?

From what I’ve seen, most looks cost around $20. Some may pay up to $200 depending on the complexity and location. You are paid by direct deposit one week after the gig is completed.

Tish signed up as a lurker in 2014. She is a busy mother and has a career too. He averages about $150 per week, but on a busy week he can make over $400.

What are WeGoLook reviews saying?

As with most task-based opportunities, some places offer more gigs than others. Keep an eye or ear open for notifications and act fast if you’re interested.

Lookers are independent contractors and are not penalized for being selective about picking gigs. However, there are benefits to being active.

If you’re absolutely awesome, you might be asked to become a member of the PRO team, which gives you priority and exclusive access to gigs in your area. Currently there are approximately 1,800 PRO team members nationwide. There is a $15 processing fee associated with becoming a PRO Team member.

This is a part-time opportunity for those who are looking for something to raise extra cash when needed. WeGoLook encourages “platform stacking” for those interested in earning a full-time income on their own terms. This simply means signing up for complimentary sharing economy gigs like Uber or DoorDash so you can keep your days full regardless of the natural ebb and flow.

This is what WeGoLook had to say when I asked them about the length of stay of their lookers,

We have several looks who have been performing “looks” for 4-5 years. They like the flexibility of visiting and completing tasks when it fits their schedule and can take as many as they like or pass them off as needed. That means you can accept all the jobs you want and the next day, you won’t be forced to accept any.

Many of our people have designated their Luke’s income for specific activities such as: paying for their daughter’s dance class, travel tournaments, missionary trips, vacations and Christmas money.

How do I sign up with WeGoLook?

you will need Submit an application and pass a background check. No special experience is required, but you will need reliable transportation to get to and from your jobs. If accepted, you will go through an onboarding process that is done over the phone and takes about 30 minutes.

After onboarding is complete, you’ll download the app to your smartphone – only Android and iOS devices are accepted at this time. This way you will be notified of available looks within 30 miles of your location If interested, you click the accept button.

Tisch has this advice for anyone interested in becoming a lurker:

Do it! #1 Bring a friendly, organized attitude #2 Love using a reliable car, a smart phone and traffic apps like WAZE and Google Maps, they’ll be your best friends! #3 Communicate effectively with the WGL team- they are very knowledgeable and can help you with anything!!

Have you had a look? I would love to hear your experiences.

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