Huge list of mystery shopping companiesBefore I started working from home, I used to supplement my income with a little mystery shopping. It was a great way to get free office supplies, a night out at a restaurant, or even a new haircut

When it comes to this line of work, mystery shopping, merchandising and product demoing are often handled by the same company. While these are not necessarily work from home positions, they often provide the flexibility that many are looking for and can be combined quite easily for increased income potential.

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping tasks can vary greatly. It could be as simple as ordering a pizza for delivery to check customer service and delivery times, or you could do a detailed audit of a local store that takes 30 to 60 minutes and involves several aspects. In some cases your identity remains a “mystery”, in other cases you may create your identity as a mystery shopper known before or after your “shop”. As work varies widely, so can pay. If you have to make a purchase, it is usually paid up to a certain amount.

General Requirements for Mystery Shopping:

  • Self-motivated
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliable transportation
  • Some stores may require a stop watch; Many mobile phones have this capability
  • Internet/email access
  • Some companies require certification and/or passing their exams

What is merchandising?

Merchandising work requires you to visit local stores to ensure that your assigned company’s products are properly stocked and displayed. It is usually ongoing work and pays relatively well. Many companies will allow you to make routine visits to several retailers and several companies if they have them available.

Product Demonstrator Jobs

Product demonstrators are usually the type of people you see in stores Handing out samples of new products Or showing you the latest new gadget. These jobs usually pay well, as they are a little more involved.

General requirements for product demoing and merchandising:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Email/Internet access
  • Reliable transportation
  • Staying power up to 6 hours
  • Ability to lift 25 to 30 lbs
  • Clear communication skills
  • Ability to follow written instructions
  • Passion for service
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check
  • Food handlers permit where required by state or local law

How to be a secret shopper

  1. Register with legitimate mystery shopping companies (see list below). Make sure your profile is completely filled with age, location, interests etc.
  2. Watch your email for opportunities. I strongly recommend setting up a second email address for these companies to make things easier
  3. Read the instructions carefully before accepting the job to make sure you are available on the specified date/time and to understand the job requirements.
  4. Complete the task as directed. Don’t miss the deadline. Don’t forget your receipt.
  5. Wait for payment.

Mystery shopping tips

I recommend the set up A separate email address Only for your mystery shopping, merchandising and product demo work. There are hundreds of these companies out there. When I did this I found it best to keep incoming emails in a separate account. Also, create a spreadsheet with your username and password.

Remember, in most cases You are an independent contractor. You will be responsible for paying taxes on your earnings. Since you will be traveling for most of this job, mileage may be a deduction you can claim. Talk to your tax preparer about the details.

will do Pay close attention to payment turnaround times If you need money fast. Although some companies have moved to PayPal, you can still wait up to 60 days for payment and reimbursement.

Start slow! It’s tempting to want to pick five jobs on your first day to maximize earnings. However, take the time to learn what each company requires before “bundling”. Some only require a quick survey submission, but other companies require very detailed responses. You may regret it if you catch too many of the latter too soon.

your measurements real Gain before occupying a job. Some jobs pay very well, especially if it’s urgent and they can’t fulfill it. However, if the pay is $7, you have to go 50 miles out of your way, and the total time you spend at the store and fill out the questionnaire is 1.5 hours, I’d consider that a loss.

Beware of scams. Check cashing schemes went to a new level when they hit the mystery shopping scene. Don’t fall for it. While there are shops in the banking industry, no legitimate mystery shopping company will ask you to cash a check and send them the balance from your earnings.

Consider getting certified. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) offers certification courses for a fee. Although not required, some opportunities are only available to those Gold Certified.

List of mystery shopping companies

  1. close up view
  2. About Face Consulting
  3. ACE Mystery Shopping
  4. Advisory Group Associates
  5. Albatross Global Solutions
  6. AMA Enterprises
  7. Recreational facilities
  8. Ann Michaels & Associates
  9. Archon Development Corporation
  10. Eth Power Consulting
  11. Automotive Insights, LLC
  12. Baird Group
  13. Bayer International
  14. BDS Marketing
  15. Bestmark
  16. Hello out
  17. BMA Mystery Shopping
  18. Business valuation services
  19. CIMA Insights
  20. Circle of Service
  21. Cirrus Marketing Intelligence
  22. Clear Evaluation LLC
  23. The client is smart
  24. Coast to Coast Determining Services
  25. Confero
  26. Consultant for long-term care
  27. Consumer impressions
  28. Customer Service Analysis
  29. consumer@site
  30. Corporate Risk Solutions
  31. Quail Hospitality Group
  32. CRG Mystery Shopping
  33. Cross Financial Group
  34. Customer Experience Specialist
  35. Customer influence
  36. Customer perspective
  37. Customer service specialist
  38. Customer Service Profiles, LLC
  39. Devon Hill Associates
  40. DSG Associates
  41. dynamic advantage
  42. Mystery Shopping Alice Partners
  43. Executive Solutions Mexico (Latin America)
  44. Feedback Plus, Inc.
  45. Forum Research, Inc
  46. Frontline Focus International
  47. GAPbuster Worldwide Pty
  48. Gigwalk
  49. Goodwin & Associates
  50. Grassroots America, Inc
  51. Greenhouse Marketing and Communications (Canada)
  52. Guest Check, Inc
  53. Harland Clark
  54. Hope Research Group
  55. Hospitality now
  56. HS Brands International
  57. ICC/Decision Services
  58. ICU Associates
  59. IMYST, Inc.
  60. Insight Twenty20
  61. instant-replay
  62. Insula Research
  63. Integrity Consultants, LLC
  64. Intellishop
  65. Interaction Marketing
  66. IPSOS Mystery Shopping
  67. iSecretShop
  68. Jancyn Appraisal Shop
  69. Kinesis-CEM
  70. The LRA is global
  71. Market Force Information
  72. MassSolutions
  73. Matrix Hospitality Management
  74. MCG, Management Consultant Group
  75. Melinda Brody & Co
  76. Mercantile system
  77. Mintel International Group
  78. Monterey Mystery Shopping
  79. mVentix, Inc
  80. Mystery Shoppers, Inc
  81. Mystic Shopper LLC
  82. National Shopping Service
  83. New image marketing
  84. Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants
  85. Norton Norris
  86. Opinion, Ltd.
  87. Perception techniques
  88. Performa Logics Inc
  89. Individual to individual quality
  90. Top financial strategies
  91. Primo Solutions, LLC
  92. QSI Specialist
  93. Quality evaluation is a mystery to buyers
  94. Quest for Best/Quest Companions
  95. RDA Associates, Inc
  96. Reality check
  97. Realty Based Group, Inc
  98. Regal Hospitality Group
  99. Remington Appraisals LLC
  100. Research Intelligence Group
  101. Retail Track Mystery Shopping
  102. Ritter Associates
  103. Sales Quality Research Group
  104. Second to none
  105. Mystery Shoppers (Sites on Service)
  106. Sentry Marketing Group
  107. Concept of service evaluation
  108. Service Excellence Group
  109. Service Metrics Group
  110. Service Performance Group
  111. Service Research Corporation
  112. Service scan evaluation
  113. Service with style
  114. Shopmetrics, Inc
  116. Shoppers Critic International
  117. Buyer’s perspective
  118. Shoppers, Inc.
  119. Sinclair Customer Metrics
  120. SIS International Research
  121. Six Star Solutions
  122. Spot Check Services, Inc.
  123. Statopex, Inc
  124. Tech store buyers
  125. Texas Shoppers Network, Inc
  126. 16 Marketing, LLC
  127. shadow agency
  128. Thread qualitative research
  129. TrendSource
  130. uSamp
  131. Verify International
  132. white clay
  133. Winthrop Douglas, Inc
  134. Wordsmith Pros, Inc.

How to find mystery shopping jobs near you

Mystery Shopping Providers Association A job bank is available to find mystery shopping opportunities by location.

Finally, if you like the idea of ​​being a mystery shopper without leaving your home to do it, these companies let you do mystery shopping from home.

Other fun ways to earn extra money

Have you participated in mystery shopping, merchandising or product demos? What tips would you add?

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