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How to Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer and Get Free Stuff

Can you think of buying something new online? without Read reviews?

Customer reviews have become an important, if not essential, component of online sales. If we go back to the machine all the way to 2020, we’ll learn a lot, but one of those things is 40.5 percent are Amazon shoppers Claim reviews as help make informed purchasing decisions. We can only assume that number has increased over the past three years.

Amazon knows the importance of a product review and knows that the number of product reviews is important to their customers. That’s why they created the customer review program Amazon Vine.

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is a product review program that provides readers with valid, honest reviews on product listings.

Reviewers, who are selected by invitation-only, invited to try and review products sold on Amazon are Amazon customers who have spent time and effort writing thoughtful reviews. Their written reviews, or Vine Voices, are shared on product pages and displayed to help customers make smart and informed purchases. The helpfulness of their reviews can help other buyers make educated decisions.

How does it work?

Amazon’s Vine program is exclusive, meaning you can’t just enroll and start getting free content. Customers who consistently write insightful reviews are invited to participate based on reviewer rankings. The program does not provide any monetary compensation – only free item reviews.

Consider this… Let’s say your hobby is golf and you shop a lot on Amazon for golf-related products. If you review these products consistently, your reviews are insightful and helpful, and reflect the quality of the product, Amazon may consider you to participate in this program where you receive free items for reviewing a specific product category. Amazon invitations are not permanent. You stay in the program by continuing to write helpful reviews.

Now, imagine that you have developed a new product and you want to sell it on the Amazon platform. Amazon currently has 12 million products listed for purchase. Gaining visibility with this will be incredibly difficult that much Competition But, if you enroll your business in the Amazon Vine program, you now have the golden ticket to customer feedback. And positive feedback (although not guaranteed) is invaluable.

Amazon Vine reviewers are also subject to posting guidelines and are encouraged to be honest. Even if that honesty can seem a bit brutal if a negative review is warranted.

Is there a fee?

Technically, no. However, there are tax implications for those free products received by Vine Voice reviewers

If you’re on the other side of selling and want to promote your product with positive reviews from Amazon’s most trusted reviewers, the current enrollment fee to participate is $200. There have been some big changes in recent years, including a simplified workflow for the program, new costs, and increased limits on how many products can be enrolled per seller. Products must be enrolled in FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon and you must have up to 30 units of a new condition product in available inventory. Eligible products have fewer than 30 reviews.

To learn more as a seller, visit Amazon Seller Central and log in to your Amazon Brand Registry account Then you click on “Ads” and navigate to the VIN section. Enter the parent asin you want to enroll. If you’re in Vendor Central, navigate to the “Merchandising” tab and click on “Amazon Vine.”

Is it worth your time?

As a buyer and reviewer, if you are an Amazon buyer and you spend time increasing your Amazon review ranking, this is a great way to earn some free products as well as help other customers with their purchasing decisions by writing high-quality reviews. Your skill equals free swag.

For those who sell products, there is no guarantee that they will receive customer feedback using Amazon creeper reviews. It’s a relatively low-cost risk you take to increase brand awareness, increase product visibility, and increase your sales.

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