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Kelly Service Work from Home Program

Inside: Looking for a Kelly Connect review to see what this work-from-home program is all about? You are in the right place! Let’s learn all about it so you can see if it’s for you.

Kelly Services has been a leader in the temporary staffing industry since 1946.  They also have a rich work in house - Kelly Connect.

Today’s Agent interview You’re with a company you may have heard of during a traditional job search. Kelly Services has been a leader in the temporary staffing industry since 1946. Although they are still leading the way in managing temporary employment systems around the world, they are also thriving work from home Activities: Kelly Connect.

Kelly Connect offers temporary and temp-to-hire positions in a variety of fields, paying above minimum wage to start (see below). Areas of expertise listed on their careers site include:

  • contact center
  • Creative service
  • education
  • Electronic assembly
  • Engineering
  • Financial accounting
  • Govt
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • the law
  • light industry
  • Marketing
  • the office
  • science
  • and more

Kelly Connect is looking for remote workers who:

  • Excel at providing exceptional customer service
  • Has first-rate communication skills and enjoys interacting with people over the phone and online
  • Likes to be busy and able to handle many tasks at once
  • Excited about the benefits of working from home—like saving time, saving money, and being a better environmental steward
  • Appreciate working with leadership that promotes 99% of the time and is rooted in your long-term success
  • Have a high school degree or equivalent

Compensation includes paid training, and raises within 90 days This is a remote job that offers a unique opportunity to advance and gain experience in industry-leading technology.

Agents working for Kelly Connect provide support via instant messaging, email, chat, phone and social media. Agents help support companies by providing exceptional customer service that represents the brands they represent.

In this KellyConnect review, we sit down with Kelly Connect Supervisor LaTera Callis. He’s sharing his story, and then we’ll hear from a company representative about the application process.

The following responses were provided by Kelly Connect Supervisor LaTera Callis

First in this KellyConnect review, let’s hear from LaTera Callis, a KellyConnect Supervisor.

Why did you choose to work from home?

My youngest son was 5 years old then. He had just started Kindergarten, while I had two other children, one in 5th grade and one in 7th grade. We had a family car. The opportunity to work from home was available through Kelly Services, and it was the perfect “light at the end of the tunnel” because my husband drove one of our cars to work.

Have you applied to Kelly Connect?

Before I had my first child I worked for Kelly Services in an office location and I heard that Kelly Services had a work-from-home program and I thought, “No way!” After I did a google search and found this to be true. I applied that day. Within a day, I had an interview scheduled.

How long have you been with the company?

From July 31, 2013.

How has this position allowed you to meet your personal needs and goals?

Wow, where do I start? When I joined Kelly Services, my family and I were in a financial bind, with three children and only one income. Working at Kelly’s has allowed me to fulfill many personal goals and needs in my daily life.

By working from home, we are able to earn two incomes yet only pay for one car. We also didn’t have to pay for childcare because I was home when my kids came home from school. These two areas alone have allowed us to save money, and we now have plans to buy our first home together.

I started my career at Kelly Services as a consultant. I can remember within the first month of working for Kelly that I knew “it” was where I wanted to be. My supervisor at that time instilled a lot of confidence in me and the people around him and that’s when I set my sights on becoming a Kelly Supervisor.

I wanted to help those around me achieve their highest potential. Through the Leadership Development Program at Kelly, I have been able to work on personal growth, which has helped me advance in my career. From an advisor role, I became a team leader. In this role, I was able to build my leadership skills and reach my ultimate goal (at the time) of becoming a supervisor within Kelly.

In February 2016, I had the opportunity to step into the role of a supervisor, and since then, I’ve been expanding my goals to further advance within the Kelly Services family. It’s all made possible by the growing support that surrounds my colleagues and me here at Kelly Services.

What challenges do you face in this position?

Virtual work environments certainly have some challenges. I would say the biggest challenge would be not allowing yourself to become isolated. When working virtually, you don’t have a breakout room where you drink your morning coffee with your co-workers.

You don’t have a water cooler to stop and chat with the person next to you. You don’t have a friend from work that you can walk with for exercise. It’s up to you to stay engaged at work and in your personal life.

Kelly’s provides a fun environment, with prizes and contests to keep employees active and engaged. It helps a ton. I have children who are involved in sports, so after work I am active in our community. Human interaction is a must. All you want to do is become a hermit in your own home, so pushing yourself to stay active helps overcome this challenge.

What is your typical week like (for example, scheduling, working shifts, getting paid, etc.)?

We pay weekly on Fridays via direct deposit, which makes life so much easier. I work Sunday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm EST. I have Friday and Saturday off, which works out perfectly because it allows me to have my doctor’s appointments, work, etc., while the kids are at school, and then we have family day on Saturday.

My work varies depending on the day of the week, but my daily tasks include checking reports, driving performance, coaching, call reviews, attending meetings to help improve overall work performance, and liaising with my colleagues and my direct reports. stay in touch .

I spread out my breaks in the morning and afternoon and walk around throughout the day. I usually have something quick for lunch and dinner starts that evening – a win/win for the family!

The following responses were provided by Jane Livermore, Kelly Connect Senior Director of Operations

Next, in this KellyConnect review, let’s find out from KellyConnect Senior Director of Operations Jane Livermore.

How is the application process?

The application process is 100% virtual and a seamless process. Candidates apply through our KellyConnect landing page (www.joinkellyconnect.com) This page provides job seekers with a link to all of Kelly’s available “virtual” or work-at-home positions.

After answering a few short pre-qualification questions related to the position, qualified candidates move on to a behavioral assessment to ensure the right fit. After completing the assessment and being selected to move forward, they will participate in a video interview with a KellyConnect recruiter.

This process can be completed in less than an hour. The deadline to schedule an interview with a recruiter is within 48 hours of starting the application process.

Are there any fees involved?

Applications and interviews with Kelly Connect recruiters are 100% free.

How long do you keep resumes on file?

Resumes are on file indefinitely. We often go back to past resumes when our business needs them.

What time frame can be expected from receiving the first paycheck?

The entire onboarding process can take anywhere from one to four weeks. This includes the steps listed above and the time spent completing all the necessary recruitment forms with the recruiter.

During a one-to-four-week period, candidates participate in new employee orientation (which is paid). The time frame involved depends on the candidate’s timeliness in completing all the steps in the onboarding process. employees is provided on a weekly basis.

Need a flexible schedule and/or still have a full-time job outside the home?

Our positions are considered full-time positions at 38+ hours per week. As such, these positions would not be ideal for someone looking for supplemental income, yet the KellyConnect program offers very flexible schedules and a variety of options to ensure our employees have a work/life balance.

However, the schedule varies based on the needs of the business and the needs of that business. Employee schedules are posted 10 days in advance, and each advisor must work one day on the weekend. Additionally, have tools and processes in place to support schedule flexibility.

Can you give us an average hourly salary or an average salary range?

The salary range for positions offered through the KellyConnect program varies, with a starting salary range of $13 to $15 per hour based on skill set and support opportunities. As the post level progresses, the pay scale increases from there. Additionally, KellyConnect offers employees performance-based incentives, earned paid time off and career advancement opportunities.

Any tips for applying?

We are looking for highly motivated Call Center Professional provide Customer service. Candidates must be prepared to spend at least one hour on our required assessment and be camera ready and professionally dressed during interviews with our recruiters. Having a technical background and a passion for helping customers of all levels is a plus. visit www.joinkellyconnect.com To begin with.

Final thoughts about this KellyConnect review

In this KellyConnect review, you hear from KellyConnect leaders who answer the most popular questions. Now, you can decide if this is a good move for you!

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