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What to do when you can’t find a work from home job

So you want to work at home, but you can't find a job.  Time to give up, right?  Put your dreams back on the shelf, see what you can do about a conventional job?  No!  If you feel discouraged, you just need to change your strategy. So you want to work at home, but you can’t find a job. Maybe you can’t find legitimate work, and fall into scams. Maybe you want to write, but you can find writing gigs that pay pennies for pages. Maybe you didn’t have the experience or connections for some of the truly desirable work-at-home jobs you discovered.

Time to give up, right? Put your dreams back on the shelf, see what you can do about a conventional job, and hope the commute isn’t too horrible?

No! If you feel discouraged, you just need to change your strategy. There is work for you. All you have to do is identify your strengths, your weaknesses and build a resume while expanding and strengthening your skill base.

Get some experience… any experience

If you feel like your lack of work-at-home experience is holding you back, build on that experience by taking a more basic, lower-paying position to build your resume. Check out sites like fancy hands or Rev.com. Rev will pay you to provide transcription, captioning and translation of audio and video formats – very worthwhile work. (If you want to learn more about careers in transcription at home, check out my post on it.) Fancy Hands specializes in providing US-based support to their customers, so you can get virtual assistant experience to do a variety of tasks. And then if you want to continue being a VA, you can transition to better paying companies time etc.

If you want, you can even combine work for different companies or individuals – do more flexible gigs like transcription that guarantee a set hourly wage like virtual support or customer service. Mix and match, picking up new skills and experiences to help you land your work-at-home dream job. Or embrace that freelance life and enjoy working on different tasks every day!

Do you have special skills?

Maybe you are well known and associated with real estate business. Or perhaps you’re a trained chef, or you’ve worked extensively with animal rescues. Any skill you have has the potential to work from home – you just have to get out there and create your own opportunities!

Taking your destiny into your own hands can be scary, but it definitely puts you in control of your situation. Find companies and publications related to your skill set, then pitch them to hire you as an independent contractor. Show them you’re the writer or consultant or remote assistant or researcher they need!

Two of my favorite freelancing options for beginners are virtual assistance and writing. Both positions are open to those without a degree or years of formal experience. All you need is to be organized and persistent with clear writing skills. And many of these jobs we recommend fall into these two categories, including customer service, social media management, transcription, and captioning.

The ladies at Create Your Laptop Life have some really great specialized training in areas like Seba, WordPress, and ClickFunnel (if you’re interested in working with bloggers or online business owners).

In today’s Internet there is a huge demand for people who have blogging-related skills – skills like blog writing, social media management, newsletter campaigns, WordPress management and more. You can also socialize with other writers, network and find leads through the many websites and Facebook groups for blogger VAs and writers. Actually, over at Gina Horkey Horkey Handbook There is a free beginner course just for writers.

Grab the free guides I shared with you and work through the steps If you’re serious about building your hustle and building your business, Miranda Nahmias has a free 5-day client challenge that I love. Every day they email you a new task to get you out there, taking consistent and effective steps to land clients.

Many times in life, you have to go there and to do Matters happen. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, stop you from getting anywhere. Don’t be disappointed. Jump before you have time to second guess yourself!

And remember: sometimes you just have to take a gig that’s not necessarily yours the love To pay the bills – but that’s okay, and you don’t have to do it forever. You’re just building skills while waiting for your ship to arrive We recently discussed this in my Facebook group – feel free to join us, and find support and friendship!

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