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Work from home via satellite internet

In many rural areas across the country, the only option to get online is satellite internet. Unfortunately, there are many companies that offer work at home jobs that only hire remote contractors or employees with DSL. But hope is not lost. Today, we are sharing some ways for you work from home With satellite internet.

Immediately reduce your telecommuting search, understand that much Customer service position out of the question In most of these jobs, you will need to access remote software to perform your job duties, which requires a reliable and “always on” Internet service. Any slow or intermittent service can cause you to boot from the system resulting in lost customers and wasted login time. If you use satellite Internet, you may not be eligible for phone or chat customer service or technical support.

You still have many options! Below are the opportunities whenever and wherever you can be served.

Today, we're sharing a few ways you can work from home with satellite internet.Freelance writing

There are many reasons for that Freelance writing One of the top work from home ideas. It offers maximum flexibility. You can write whenever and wherever you want. You can even do your work offline – after finding a gig, of course – making it perfect for unreliable or slow internet access. You can choose Start a freelance writing business Contract on your own or with a company like TextBroker.


Speaking of flexibility, creating your own blog is another great work-from-home business idea you’ll find. You can create your own schedule and choose your own subjects – make it something that interests you! – With full control over the work you do. Write offline and wrestle with your internet connection only when it’s time to upload your posts and do social media Starting your own blog has even lower start-up costs, and there are many ways to monetize your efforts – advertising income, referral income, generating passive income (like writing books or making t-shirts or selling patterns) and more. . Learn more about starting a blog here.

Scoring test

There are few companies like this Pearson Hire that remote test scorer. In this position, you will be scoring assessment tests. A four-year degree with hard reading skills is required, and there is a bandwidth minimum. You should also have a safe home working area. You usually need to pass a scoring assessment to qualify.

Work hours tend to be flexible, although a minimum number of hours per week is required.

Along with Pearson, check out Measurements included For scoring positions. They hire seasonally for various projects and my community really digs this gig.

Answering the question

Do you enjoy being a know it all? Maybe you don’t mind having a slow internet connection as it gives you more time to read and learn new things offline Whatever the reason, having general and specific knowledge is actually something you can leverage to make money online! You can even earn some cash doing research. Many of these positions may require a certain level of education or demonstrate expertise in a specific subject area. Check out companies like 10EQS, surpriseAnd serenity To see the different ways in which your knowledge can be put to use, or see my post “11 Great Online Research Jobs” More than that.

Medical coding

a lot Company recruitment Medical coders are not particular about the Internet connection path – DSL, satellite or cable. One of the comments I’ve seen about coding with a satellite connection is frustration with lag time. However, if you work faster than your computer, you’re probably going to experience the same frustration with any online activity. Medical coding certification required. You can get that from a distance Career stages Which works with many companies that hire workers at home.

Graphic design

Graphics design may require you to have some serious computer power, but you don’t necessarily need a fast internet connection for work. As long as you have access to all the materials you need – from stock photos to vector art to fonts – and important programs (such as Adobe Creative Suite), you can create contracted graphics offline and upload your work once it’s done. You may have to sit through pretty long load times, but as long as you’re pushing your deadlines, you should be fine. If this sounds like your career path, go for it my breakdown Where to find online graphic design jobs to work from home.

Proofreading and editing

a lot Proofreading Positions, such as freelance writing, allow you to Edit documents online or off (just download them to your computer or use offline access with Google Drive). Most companies hiring for this type of position want experience be it editing or writing. Proofread is really good anywhere 7 day proofreading course which is free. Make sure you print out the Common Errors worksheet and keep it handy and check companies Scribendi or the writer.


Bookkeeping is a home-based career that is growing: many new businesses are being established every day, and not all of these small businesses are necessarily equipped to manage their own books. This is where you come in: If you are good with numbers and willing to learn, become a freelance bookkeeper. If you don’t want to find your own private client, check out websites like Belay and BookMinders. If you’re a CPA, you have more options – lean more on them my post On Online Bookkeeping Jobs.

Digital download

Great thing about Sell ​​digital downloads You create the job once, upload it to one of the many delivery systems available, then earn money for months or years. Depending on your knowledge and skills, you can create e-books, e-courses, apps, blog themes, printable worksheets and more. You can even create courses to share on a site like Skillshare.


DoorDash hires people to deliver restaurant orders. You get orders through an online chat system and you can call on any phone system of your choice – cell, landline, Skype, etc., although they don’t have much in the way of recruitment requirements. Reliability of service is a must that you pay according to the order. It’s not a great paying gig, but it’s flexible.

the moderator

Almost every business and blogger today has some level of online community. This could be a website forum, Facebook page or group or simply a blog accepting comments. As a moderator, you can monitor social media profiles for customer service issues or approve and respond to blog comments. There are several companies hiring for such positions ICUC, social elementAnd crisp thinking. Internet speed probably won’t be an issue, but you may have to commit to working a certain number of hours per week or a certain schedule.

The above gigs aren’t just great for those looking to work from home with satellite internet. They are often great for those who want to work remotely while traveling or who need a flexible schedule.

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