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Work from home with paid training and employee benefits

Alorica At Home is an award-winning service that employs thousands of agents across the United States  Is this the perfect work from home job for you?Are you thinking about working from home, but worried about finding a legitimate position? Are you drowning in work at home waters, looking for a decent paying gig? I have good news for you! Alorica is hiring employees to work from home as customer service agents.

That’s right. employees. Not an independent contractor.

Alorica, a company specializing in outsourced communication solutions, has offered legitimate home-based call center positions to its employees for several years. According to their website, Alorica at Home is an award-winning service that employs thousands of agents across the United States Their agents have the convenience and support of working for an employer while maintaining the flexibility of a work-from-home schedule. Score!

Alorica at home agents take incoming calls on behalf of Alorica clients, providing customer service solutions across industries. Agents field calls for everything from technical troubleshooting and seat reservations to insurance claims and ordering products seen on TV.

Agents are offered extensive support – you get paid training to keep your skills up to date and an instant messaging tool in the Alorica system that lets you ask for help from team leads. Agents must comply with all federal laws and regulations and may handle sensitive data such as customer addresses and credit card numbers.

Before applying, make sure you meet the requirements for this position:

You must have one Quiet home office Which is comfortable for you to sit and work for many hours at a time. Alorica also recommends a generous workspace so that your computer and other essential equipment don’t crowd your desk. (Another suggestion is to formalize a system for tracking your time, and post it to store important job-related information and numbers. Make sure you have office supplies!)

They strongly suggest you consider a second Landline As for your work number, make sure it’s feature-free and fully dedicated to your work. No need to worry about long distance as you will just receive calls (Please note that cell phones or cordless phones are not permitted for this location and Alorica at Home does not support the use of VOIP with their systems.)

You will need one Trusted email address As email is the primary method of communication from Alorica. They will provide free Alorica home helpdesk assistant – a tool on your computer that ensures that your PC meets all the requirements for work.

Beyond these equipment requirements, you must be Over 18 with high school diploma or GED. You should at least have One year customer service. In addition to these basic requirements, some projects may require additional skills (they will test you) or bilingual agents (who speak English and Spanish). Don’t worry, not everyone has to be bilingual for this job!

Alorica at Home Application Process

To become an Alorica at home agent, you must pass their application process – then pay $31.95 and Pass a background check. This is a non-refundable fee and only part of the consideration Also, positions may not be available in every state: you can find out if you are eligible for a position by filling out their online application for jobs. Your location is the first question they ask, so don’t hesitate to try – they won’t waste your time if you’re not. qualified position.

Here’s what the application process looks like:

  1. You first identify which state you live in and they will direct you to actual job listings if available.
  2. After you sign up on their job board, it will take about 45 minutes to fill out their application.
  3. Next, you will be given a job fit assessment test so they know if you are good at customer service or technical support etc.
  4. Then it’s on to behavioral assessment tests, followed by any additional screening – sales or financial concepts or whatever they want to test you – at their discretion.
  5. Then you have to wait and see if they offer you a job!

Unlike many home-based positions, Alorica at home agents are hired as employees and not independent contractors. This means that you Guaranteed to make your local hourly minimum wage. They offer schedules that pay you per minute, per call, or per hour – and if it’s less than minimum wage, they’ll make up the difference.

Agents are paid weekly, and you can choose to receive either direct deposit or a pay card. Their website also lists that agents are given the opportunity to sign up for both Medical and dental insurance! And, of course, you get all the other benefits of working from home – no commute, no dress code, and all the privacy you want.

Sounds good, right? With Alorica At Home, you get all the best benefits of working from home. You’re saving money on gas and avoiding the temptation to eat out for lunch. You don’t have to wear business casual unless you feel like it. (Such a luxury: we can call our yoga pants a dress code!) You can set your own schedule, and let your work do the work for you, rather than getting away with demanding it. And you are ensuring the minimum wage.

Of course, then there’s the flip side: you must have the self-discipline to set and keep your own work hours. You won’t have a supervisor there to keep you on task, but you’ll need to find and fuel your own focus. There is also the question of how many hours you will be given – Alorica at home requires their agents to be available 10 hours per week But does not guarantee a specific number of hours. You may need to have an extra gig working from home for you financially.

If it seems like a dream come true, jump on it! You can find all Alorica details at home right here, including employee testimonials and daily life examples. Let me know how the application process goes for you. And do I have any readers who already work for Alorica? Drop me a note and let us know how it is!

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