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10 Tips to Make Your Home Office More Productive in the New Year

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Whether you work for a company that allows you to telecommute or run your own business, having a productive home office is important. Working from home can free employees and business owners from the hassle of daily commutes, reduce their overhead costs, and possibly even lower their taxes. When set up correctly, a home office can increase productivity and help people get more done.

Unfortunately, many home offices are not set up for maximum productivity. In many home offices, chaos reigns, toys and game consoles are strewn about, and spouses and children are constantly intruding. If your home office is a place of constant struggle instead of an oasis of productivity, it’s time to make a change. .

Here are some tips you can start using today to make your home office more productive and less stressful.

1. Invest in a good door – and a “do not disturb” sign Simply keeping your home office door closed while you’re working can help a lot. If your spouse and children need an extra hint, hang up the “do not disturb” sign and get back to work.

2. Do a daily sweep of your office for potential clutter. TV sets, game consoles and the like don’t belong in your home office.

3. Set regular office hours if you can. Establishing a routine makes it easier for everyone in the family to adjust to you working from home.

4. Invest in the best office chair you can afford. You will spend a lot of time there.

5. Buy the fastest computer you can afford and keep it updated with the latest software patches and antivirus signatures You’ll spend less time fixing your PC and more time working.

6. Make sure everything is within easy reach. From telephones and computers to the lamp above your desk, make sure the items you use most are kept within arm’s length.

7. Always carry a pen and a notepad with you. Get ready to write down all the great ideas that come to your mind.

8. Declutter your home office regularly. Set aside a few minutes each day to remove detritus and declutter your office. Shred sensitive documents on a regular basis as opposed to keeping them piled up for months. We’re loving our 20 minute run time Fellow 79Ci. 100 jam-proof system and heavy-duty cross-cut blade can handle up to 16 sheets at once. You’ll be more productive — and happier — with that pile of paper and junk mail. You can even involve the kids. SafeSense® technology stops the shredder if the hand touches the paper opening. You can take it to 79Ci the amazon and Office Supply Superstore for $239.99.

9. Use music to set the mood. Create your favorite tunes and use them as background music for your day. Many housemates like up-tempo music, but play whatever makes you feel good.

10. Get out of your office once in a while. Nothing kills productivity like sitting in front of a computer terminal all day. No matter how busy your work is, take a few minutes to stretch and even take a walk. Even if you just walk around the house for a few minutes, the break will invigorate and refresh you.

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