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Chloe + Isabelle Review: One Woman’s Inside Story

You know I have an affinity for direct sales opportunities. i have An entire site is dedicated to them After all. But not all companies are the same. And not every company has what it takes to make it long-term. Today we sit down with Mallory Corcoran to discuss her experience as a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser.

About Chloe + Isabelle

Chloe + Isabel was founded by Chantel Waterbury. After graduating college, Chantelle spent 15 years in jewelry design and merchandising with companies such as Target, Macy’s, Kenneth Cole, Cartier and Tiffany & Co. – paying her way out of college with direct sales opportunities.

During this time, she felt drawn to use her experience and skills to make a difference for other young women. That’s when Chantelle created Chloe + Isabelle. Chantel strives to create an opportunity that empowers women through social retailing.

About Mallory Corcoran, Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser

Fashion and technology are two of my passions, so I sought out a creative outlet that married the two. While playing around on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a piece of jewelry that caught my eye. I clicked on the link to purchase the piece and was taken to Chloe + Isabelle’s homepage. Everything about the company spoke to me – the jewelry, the brand, the inspirational story of the CEO + current merchandiser, the modern concept of direct selling – it was right What I was looking for: fashion and technology in one!

What is the typical day-to-day life of a merchandiser? Are you able to meet your income goals?

Being a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser fits my current job + social schedule seamlessly; I focus my efforts on social media marketing every morning, share my love of fashion by posting jewelry-styled selfies, send personalized messages to potential or existing customers in the evenings, and host personal pop-up shops (c+i lingo for fun with friends for jewelry parties!) for a few hours every weekend. By committing myself to every aspect of my c+i business, I am able to supplement my income by around $500-$1ka a month! Having the opportunity to run my business on my own terms has enabled me to succeed – I’ve never felt so empowered!

What is the process of becoming a merchandiser? What are the requirements?

At Chloe + Isabel, every new merchandiser is interviewed or selected by someone from the merchandiser community. Chloe + Isabel accepts and receives approximately 20% of each applicant joining each month. From videos and articles to quizzes and tutorials, Chloe + Isabel offers a powerful set of training tools to teach merchandisers everything they need to know to succeed.

What do you love most about being a C+I Merchandiser?

That doesn’t seem to work! Chloe + Isabel provides me with a creative and personalized platform to share my passion and talents with my network, while meeting new people, working with other businesses and building my resume. You are happiest when following your passion in life, and I learned that first hand from my experience as a c+i merchandiser!

What is your main goal as a merchandiser? What are you hoping to achieve/gain?

My goal is always to continue to educate myself personally and professionally using every resource available to me within our c+i training academy. When you are passionate about what you do, you have more enthusiasm, drive and motivation. I don’t just want to feel passionate about my c+i business, I want to have passion in This is it!

What motivates you to grow your c+i business?

Our merchandiser community serves as my greatest source of inspiration. They encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself and inspire me to push myself to goals I never dreamed possible. As a result of their support, I have grown tremendously personally and professionally.

How has being a merchandiser challenged you to reach new heights?

When you run your own business, you are in charge – you have to rely on your own hard work, instinct and effort. These challenges have transformed me into a confident, creative and innovative young woman. There is a different level of pride and joy when you achieve something on your own!

You’re an active member of the c+i community and we want to know what you love most about being part of the #candifamily and why?

That’s right – we are family. I never dreamed that on top of finding what I love to do, I would be blessed to share my experiences with a nationwide family. What exists within our #candifamily is something special and unique – support, advice, inspiration, love and even a sense of life. Any challenge I’ve faced with my c+i business, I’ve been able to overcome thanks to these incredible and beautiful women. What we have here at c+i is truly one of a kind!

Chloe + Isabel Chance

Chloe + Isabel merchandisers go through an application process and are hand-selected by the company. This ensures that mentors are a good fit for the company and are positioned to succeed when they join this family of jewelry lovers nationwide.

The business kit includes $700 worth of jewelry and business marketing materials.

Merchandisers receive 30-50% off all personal purchases. There are also opportunities to earn free jewelry, cash bonuses, trips, business swag and more. Commission on personal sales is 25-40%.

Selling online is a big part of the Chloe + Isabel opportunity. Therefore, merchandisers are provided with a custom online boutique and unique store URL, in addition to a suite of analytics and social marketing tools.

Those joining Chloe + Isabel receive online training to build their skills, along with corporate and team leader support. A care team is available for both you and your customers.

You can set your goals and decide how to build your business. You can host online pop-up shops, social media parties and private events. Sell ​​through your choice. You set your schedule.

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