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12 Work from Home Companies That Ship You a Computer

Are you in a situation where you have an old, outdated computer — or even no computer at all — and you really need to work from home?

If so, there are companies that will provide you with a computer and possibly other equipment if you are lucky enough to rent one.

Remember that in most cases you’re not going to own the computer you’re sent because they’re not just giving it to you.

Each company will have different terms, but most often you will be required to return the computer when your employment with that company ends. Also, these companies don’t always hire.

Work from home companies that send you a computer

1 – apple

Apple has regular openings for “at-home advisor” work from home positions.

If rented, they will send you an iMac to use for work. I have read many good things about this job and salary! If you are interested, you can read or visit our review of work from home jobs at Apple here Go to Apple’s site and search for Open.

2 – World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings has several work from home positions opening each year for travel sales, reservations, etc. They will send you a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, phone and headset to use for work.

According to the website, “Refundable $500 deposit for company computer and phone (deposit to be spread over 5 payroll deductions).” So you pay for the computer though not all at once, and you can get it back.

Read our World Travel Holdings review or Go here to apply.

3 – Aspira

Aspira (formerly Active Networks) regularly employs home-based staff at various locations to handle phone reservations.

A reader told me that they send a thin client computer and a headset phone if you rent one. You get a keyboard and a mouse. You just need to provide a computer monitor.

Read our Aspira review or go here To check for openings.

4 – Clear

A company that makes tools for e-course development. They seem to have a completely virtual operation, meaning all locations are remote, and they’ll set you up with all the home-office equipment you need to work.

To check open positions at Articulate and read more about the company, go here.

5 – Progressive

These insurance companies don’t always offer work from home locations, but when they do, they usually provide you with a computer.

Most of their work from home jobs are in the phone department, including customer service and sales positions.

to go here See their open positions.

6 – Files.com

This is another company with a strictly work from home business model. They specialize in cloud storage solutions for businesses.

All employees will receive a laptop and $1000 for other office equipment they may need.

Most of their jobs seem to be for high-end jobs, so you’ll need some impressive qualifications to get hired here. Check out this page Read more about the company and check for open positions.

7 – Working hours

The firm partners with other companies to help them transition to international recruitment without getting caught up in immigration issues. They employ many remote workers for various roles and provide all necessary office equipment including a computer.

To learn more about the company and see if any of their jobs are a good fit for your skill-set, go here.

8 – Crow metrics

A company that helps in data crunching for web developers and advertisers.

Their remote workers get all kinds of cool gear, including a MacBook and a noise-canceling headset.

To check for openings in Cro Metrics, go here.

9 – Zapier

This company is known for a tool that helps link online applications together so they can share data with each other, which can greatly simplify your workflow.

Most of their work is remote, and they will provide you with a computer, along with many other great benefits.

To take a look at Zapier’s open positions, go here.

10 – Dozuki

A company that designs software to help connect employees to complex workforce schemes

They hire several remote workers for various positions and will pay you to set up your home office.

To find openings in Dozuki, go here.

11 – Ghost

This firm makes open source software that powers several popular blogs.

Most of their staff are remote, and many of their positions are high in experience requirements and educational background. If you arrange to rent, they’ll set you up with all the technology you need to create a killer home-office, including a very nice computer.

To check their job page for open positions, go here.

12 – Copa

A completely remote company offers a web app that helps people find places to rent.

Employees get a number of great benefits, including a good healthcare plan and all the tools they need to get the job done.

To know more and check their current job openings, go here.

13 – Bullhorn

Many work at home jobs are open in the US and some in the UK. They will send a laptop and other necessary equipment if you are hired.

go here To check for openings with bullhorns.

So that completes the list, but if you know of another company that will send you tools to work from home and I’ll add them, feel free to help me out.

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