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3 Signs You’re Not Ready to Launch Your Blog

Launching your new blog too soon can spell disaster and disappointment.  To ensure your first visit gives you the return you want and deserve, make sure you cover these bases. When you first start blogging, there is a lot of excitement and anticipation. You’re ready to start shouting from the rooftops with your first oh world Post but launching too soon can spell disaster and disappointment. To ensure your first visit gives you the return you want and deserve, make sure you cover the bases below. Here are three signs you’re not ready to launch your blog yet.

You have no good content

“Welcome to my new blog.” Most people stopping by your blog will have no idea you’re new. And they really couldn’t care less. We visit blogs to learn and feel that we are not alone in our struggles. Leave your personal story for the about page and focus on your can’t-miss posts

You’ve probably already chosen the focus of your blog. The next step is to identify your unique voice and position. What sets you apart from everyone else writing on this topic? Why would anyone want to follow you when there are so many bloggers to choose from?

You must first consider the needs of your target audience:

  • What are their struggles?
  • What are their failures as it relates to your topic?
  • What makes them happy?
  • Who are they currently subscribing to?

Visit the top 10 to 20 most popular blogs in your industry. Check out their posts. What’s your spin? How can you give something better? Now create at least five outstanding pieces of work for your new audience to enjoy, love and share. Give them a reason not only to stick around for a few pages, but also a reason to come back.

There is no way to subscribe visitors

Now that you’ve got them on your site, how do you make sure they keep coming back? You may be tired of hearing me preach about email marketing, but it really is your most valuable asset as a blogger. And it’s in your best interest to start early.

While I understand that you are probably on a tight budget to start your blog, you need to choose a reliable newsletter service. AWeber is my service of choice for people who are serious about building lists yet aren’t service ready. It runs $19 per month for your first 500 subscribers. (You can get your first month for just $1.)

If it’s too much of an investment, I don’t want you to put your newsletter on the back burner. Instead, check out Mailerlite. They have a very user-friendly interface and are free for up to 500 subscribers. However, be sure to check their terms of service. Many industries such as multi-level marketing and working at home are prohibited. You also cannot send affiliate links in your emails. When you start making an income, switch to AWeber or ConvertKit as soon as possible.

Even if you send out a broadcast of your new post for now, start collecting emails as you go. There’s nothing worse than trying to play catch-up down the road or having a blog post go viral and you’d have a method to get all these visitors as ongoing customers.

Sidebar opt-in boxes aren’t the most efficient, but you can easily add an opt-in box to the bottom of your post with free plugins like Magic Action Box or PopUpAlley.

There are no plans for promotion

“Launching” a blog is not the same thing as publishing your first post It’s up to you to get the word out about your great new content. Good news! You have many options.

You’re going to quickly feel overwhelmed if you try to sign up for each one social media It’s best to focus your efforts on just a couple of platforms out there. Determine where your target audience lives and start there. For me, that’s Facebook and Pinterest. Set up account. Start sharing your posts and popular posts from others in your industry Follow people. Please make meaningful comments.

search forum Start participating in your industry. This does not mean that the board is spamming and dumping your links Select the forum that allows signatures. This is where you place a link to your latest post or homepage. Then, you can focus strictly on delivering great value. Forum members see you as an expert, they will click through your signature to visit your site. You can find relevant forums by Google “intitle:forum” + [your niche keyword].

Submit your popular blog Social bookmarking And RSS readers love it all top, blogovin And Dig.

Join a few Facebook group for bloggers. Not only can you find some great support in these communities, many have “share days” where you can swap social media shares of your latest content with other members. Just make sure you read the rules.

Don’t underestimate great power Guest posting. Every day, I get about 200 visits from a guest post I wrote a year or two ago. The day those posts were published, it was even bigger. Even better, visitors to these guest posts convert to newsletter subscribers at a much higher rate than social media visitors – 2.5% to 6.5% compared to <1%. That time is better spent on my books. The key is found The most popular authoritative site in your industry. You get little to no return for writing guest posts for small blogs.

Make it easy for your new audience to share your content. try Social war.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to accomplish all of these things on “launch day,” but you can work through them in a week or two. Don’t let that discourage you. Promotion is not a one time thing. Would you rather have a flash of continuous traffic or pan over a long period of time?

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