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6 ways to make more money from your blog hands-off

One of the reasons starting a blog is such an attraction for people these days One of the best things about blogging is the ability to earn around the clock. We all long for the day when we can stop trading our time for money. This is really when the glass ceiling breaks. If you are trading hours for income, you will eventually run out of hours. When you start building residual income, you can earn money even when you are not actively working.

What is residual income?

Coming from Sanatan employee Position, we are most familiar with linear income. If you work 40 hours per week, you get paid for 40 hours per week. And if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. With residual income, you can put in many unpaid hours upfront but then reap the rewards months or years down the road. Done right, residual income can make a lot more money than if you traded your time for an hourly wage.

One of many reasons Starting a blog Such a draw for people these days is the ability to generate “hands off” money. We all want to get out of the rat race. We want to travel, volunteer at our kids’ schools, have time to do the things we truly love without sitting in traffic to and from work. And blogging can help make that happen.

Residual Income Ideas for Bloggers

As a blogger, you have several residual income ideas to choose from:

1. In-post review and recommendation: This is often the first Passive income opportunities Whatever comes to mind you write a review about a product or service you love and hope your readers decide they need it too. You probably have the opportunity to recommend at least one relevant product in most of your posts. For example, you can include one when you’re sharing your favorite pressure cooker dinner recipe Affiliate links The pressure cooker you use.

2. Ebooks: As bloggers, we solve problems. Think about some of your most popular posts or the questions your readers always ask you Could you expand on those posts to create a short ebook that you could make available for sale? Can you do the same by answering those FAQs? Ebooks are inexpensive offerings and a great way to dip your toes into the world of product development You can only offer them for sale on your own site, but Amazon’s Kindle.

3. Email autoresponders: If you are already there Collecting email addresses In your audience, you’re probably just one step away from some great residual income. An autoresponder is a series of emails sent to new subscribers over a period of time. It could be a few follow-up emails over the course of a week that provide more information related to the freebie they signed up for, or it could be a series that links to your best posts, tips, and recommendations over the course of several months. . All of these emails include opportunities to link to products and services – your own or affiliate’s – to increase your income

4. Ecourse: A step up from an eBook eCourse. This is a more thorough training that you can offer in a text format and usually include supplemental formats such as videos, worksheets, audio, and more. This opportunity involves investing in a platform for more work and possibly learning-like delivery, but you can ask for a lot more money. If you’ve been in the blogging world for any length of time, you know that it’s not uncommon for eCourses to sell for several hundred dollars if not more.

5. Resource Page: Regardless of your niche, your readers are probably just as interested in the products and services you use as you are trying to teach them. Let’s say you are part of the amateur Photography Advice. Your readers will likely want to know what kinds of cameras and lenses you use, your favorite editing software, where you’ve picked up new skills, the products you’ve created, and more.

6. Thank You Pages: When you sign up for most blogging newsletters these days, you’ll notice that you’re often immediately directed to a thank you page that asks you to check your inbox for a confirmation link. This person is already committed to you and finds you somewhat trustworthy, so this is a great time to give them something special to take things to the next step – a sale. Maybe you can offer a special discount on one of your paid products or secure a special discount on your favorite affiliate product that they just picked up. This is often called “tripware”. For this to work, the offer should be cheap and painless. What you’re offering here should be value-driven rather than a hard sell. You don’t want to drive people away before you even start. With the right tripwire, you can easily justify and offset ads as well if you ever choose to run ads in your opt-in freebies.

Is residual income really hands off?

Yes and no. As mentioned earlier, you need to do the work in advance. In the examples mentioned above, this means writing those pages, posts or emails Next, you need to make sure that they are promoted long-term. They won’t earn if no one sees them.

While you may initially be able to share them on social media and pick up some shares along the way, the real hands-off income is going to come from two places – SEO and email.

Optimizing your monetized pages and posts for search will allow you to bring in a steady stream of interested visitors for years to come. When properly optimized, search traffic can be highly targeted and ready to convert. That’s what you’re looking for when building passive income.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably heard the term “email funnel.” This is where it is. When you can turn visitors into customers, you have the ability to trust and market to them again and again.

An email funnel often looks something like this:

Someone lands on your blog. You offer them a special gift for subscribing to your email list. When they sign up, you immediately show them a “thank you” page that details next steps and shows them a special offer or recommended product. Then you start building trust and recommending more products via email.

Most six-figure bloggers will tell you that over 80% of their income comes from their email list. This process is that important! With this medium of communication, you can set up an autoresponder series that builds trust and promotes products – your own or an affiliate’s – hands-off. You can not only promote your most recent blog posts, but also your most popular, most comprehensive and best monetized posts, regardless of age.

Residual income is a reality though, and there will be upfront work and some maintenance to make sure information is up-to-date, links still work, etc. Regardless, it’s definitely worth implementing.

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