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5 Ways to Make Laundry Work at Home

Doing laundry at home? Yes, you read that right!

Many of us really Don’t enjoy doing laundry, but we have to do it anyway. And while the prospect of doing laundry for other people may not be appealing, you can earn an income or even a little extra money this way!

Today, I have a list of different companies that hire people to do laundry for their clients. And besides the companies that hire, it’s something you can do for yourself.

There are many people who hate laundry and have the money to outsource it. This is why laundry services are always in demand.

So if you think you can stand doing laundry enough to turn it into a money-making opportunity, keep reading.

5 Ways to Make Laundry Work at Home

1 – Laundry care

Laundry Care is one of the nation’s largest names in laundry services. They are regularly looking for people to work under their brand name doing laundry for clients in their own homes.

There is an app you can download that makes it easy to accept or decline laundry requests. You can cash your earnings through direct deposit any day of the week, so you get paid when you want.

You earn about $20 per bag of laundry.

Keep in mind that since this opportunity is more about starting your own business rather than working directly under the Laundry Care name, there is a start-up cost.

Fees required from Laundry Care so you can get your starter kit from them (between $20 and $100). It’s not expensive at all and the FAQ on their website explains more about it.

You must have reliable laundry equipment and transportation as you will be responsible for picking up your client’s laundry and returning it to them.

You can read our full overview of laundry care, or here To visit their website.

2 – Hampr

Hampro is always looking for washers to do laundry for their clients. You are free to set your own schedule with this opportunity.

You must be at least 18 to apply and you must be able to pass a background check.

Washers must have an up-to-date smartphone (Android or iPhone), driver’s license and a washing machine with a capacity of at least 4.2 cubic feet.

As for salary, you get 70 percent of what Hampro charges clients, plus you get to keep all your tips.

Weekly payments are made by direct deposit to your bank.

go here Learn more about being a hamper washer.

3 – Laundry Out, Inc.

Laundry Out, Inc. is a laundry service company in the Atlanta, GA area. So if you’re not in Atlanta or within two hours of Atlanta, you might want to pass it up.

Company seeks remote laundry valet/processor. Pay is listed at $12 to $17 an hour.

To qualify for laundry for Laundry Out, you must be at least 21 years old with a smartphone, access to a washer/dryer, access to a vehicle (SUV preferred but not required) and be willing to purchase your new rental kit that is returned. You are at the end of 60 days.

You will earn 45% commission on total customer invoices.

go here Learn more about doing laundry with Laundry Out, Inc.

4 – SudShare

SudShare is a company you can sign up with to start doing laundry for people in your area.

this page The SudShare website also shows you what is expected of you and what you do. But basically there’s an app that you download and you accept laundry tasks as they come.

You need laundry equipment, a car or some way to pick and deliver, supplies, etc.

SudShare accepts people in the United States. You’ll need a Social Security number to prove you’re a citizen.

According to the website, you can expect to earn a minimum of $15 for each laundry job, plus you’ll get tips.

go here Learn more about getting started with them.

5 – Start your own laundry business

You can certainly start your own laundry business and start offering your services to people in your area by charging whatever you want.

Besides charging what you want, you make your own rules. That said, you’ll still need reliable transportation and equipment, just as you would with any of the opportunities above.

For more step-by-step information on how to do this, you may want to check out the e-book, How to Start a Successful Laundry Service Business.

I hope the above options have given you some good ideas if you are thinking of working from home to do laundry for others! Good luck if you try some of the above!

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