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Job and extra money opportunities in the at-home beauty industry

Beauty products are fun, useful, and — let's be real — often expensive.  Here's how to turn your love of beauty products into a home beauty industry job. Beauty products are fun, useful, and—let’s be real—often expensive. If I could get away with fortnightly splurges on MAC lipstick, NARS cosmetics, and Aveda hair products, you’d see me all over town! But those kinds of expenses aren’t exactly practical—unless you find a way to make your love of beauty products pay for you. Sounds far-fetched, right? No! It is absolutely possible, so let me share some makeup money making tips.

Earn by shopping

It seems like every brand (or retailer) has a loyalty program these days! I can’t complain about carrying loyalty cards either, since a lot of shopping is done online these days and they track your membership number for you. From shopping in-store at Ulta to buying your favorite Sephora products online, you can turn today’s purchases into tomorrow’s rewards. What was I doing just getting free stuff for shopping, anyway? Yes!

Even better, you can combine your loyalty program with using cashback services like Ebates or MyPoints or Swagbucks – so you’re getting a percentage of your spending back through these programs and also earning future rewards. For example, right now, Ebates is advertising 8% back on purchases at Aveda, MyPoints will give you 8 points per dollar spent at Sephora, and Swagbucks will give you 5% cash back for shopping at Macy’s. You can literally earn money while you shop for exciting new products or replenish your tried and true cosmetics!

Income by direct sales

What if you find a brand that you believe in and then share it with everyone at the party – parties that make you money? Direct selling for beauty products allows you to do just that! Find a brand that lives up to its promise of making you beautiful, environmentally friendly, and uses no toxic ingredients – then make it yours! Your glowing skin, flawless lips, and gorgeous nails will be a silent testament to the sales of the products you’re praising.

In case you didn’t know, direct selling is a great opportunity for those who love to entertain and also have sales skills. Depending on the direct selling company, you order or qualify for a sales kit that includes a selection of the company’s product line – start-up costs anywhere from free to several hundred dollars. You hold parties featuring those products and receive a commission based on what you sell. Most companies do not require you to keep stock and many allow you to sell online. Then there are downline sales – many direct selling companies encourage you to recruit additional brand representatives by paying you a small commission on all their sales.

As a direct seller of beauty product companies, you’ll often score free products just for hosting parties and selling them. Otherwise, you may be able to buy their products at a significant discount, meaning you get your products at a great price and make money with them too!

Avon and Mary Kay may be the most well-known direct selling opportunities for beauty, but you have many more options to choose from! You could check out The purpose is cosmetic: Become a Beauty Advisor with their Basic Starter Kit for $149.95 and earn up to 40% commission on what you sell. (If you are a makeup artist or otherwise in the industry as a beautician, hair stylist, model check out their Pro Artist Program, etc.) Beauty Counter’s main message to everyone who uses beauty products is about getting safe products – a. Beauty counter, you get 25% off all of their stock, earn up to 35% commissions, and an all-inclusive $85 enrollment kit that includes a personalized website, training, and support. For more fun, check out jamberry – They sell ridiculously easy to use and beautiful nail wraps and you can get started with them for just $25 (and earn up to 40% commission).

Earn by writing

Have any writing skills? Because writing skills are combined with aesthetic knowledge—or industry knowledge, a keen eye for trends, and a nose for research—you have the potential to make money from freelance writing. There are countless websites that all need content, and more appear every week that can offer opportunities for savvy freelancers with Lock On Beauty. You’d be surprised how many websites have a beauty (or “style”) section – you’ll find them all over the site slate And if The New York Times As well as expected sites eg xoJane And uproar.

To find these freelance writing opportunities related to the beauty industry, you can do everything from a simple Google search to a more specific search on a site like Upwork – or you can go straight to the source. Find websites that publish beauty-related content, find out if they pay, and then pitch to them if they do. xoJane provides, as does BlogHer And Refinery 29. Some sites occasionally put out calls for writers in different industries, including beauty – I’ve seen several calls for beauty bloggers recently uproar.

You don’t have to limit yourself to digital publishing – see if you can break even with magazines global or glamour or Marie Claire. Finding their submission guidelines is usually a process of searching their website, while pitching is often a matter of identifying and contacting the right editor.

As a freelance writer, you can find some great tips as well as lists focused on sites All freelance writing (For nearly a decade!), Freelance Writers’ Den and FlexJobs.

Earn by blogging (or vlogging).

If you don’t feel like writing for someone else, cut right to the chase and write for yourself – and an audience! Becoming a beauty blogger or vlogger (video blogger) has the potential to be a profitable business if you are entertaining and consistent. This allows you to focus on the part of the beauty game that you love – if you love K-beauty products, start your own blog covering all the latest trends in South Korea, review the best products and connect with other enthusiasts on social media. Or maybe you love creating visually artistic and unique or SFX-worthy makeup applications, so you create a popular Instagram. Or you can get into the YouTube game of makeup how-tos and product sampling for video reviews. Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Blogging may not make a lot of money at first, but you can use a website or a YouTube channel (or just an IG account) for something that can at least be a good side. Focus on building trust first, building an audience (and trust), and as you grow, add affiliate marketing, monetize your videos, sponsored posts, and more. It can also be a great way to score free products – beauty brands are particularly fond of influencers in the beauty market. And as Facebook changes its algorithm, influencers will become even more important to brands. That next influencer could be you!

Well, now that I’ve convinced both of us to make money off of makeup – and probably distracted both of us with a bit of beauty shopping, I mean browsing! – Let me put you to work on your next money-maker.

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