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Booking your 2023 travel? Here’s how to protect your trip

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Like your holiday, every travel insurance policy is unique.

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to travel more, don’t delay. Start your search for affordable airfare, hotels and tours now. After all, you’re not the only one planning to fly in 2023.

If you want to avoid the potential headache of a canceled trip or losing money in general, consider this Buying travel insurance. With travel insurance, you have control over what you get covered and can protect your wallet in the event of an unexpected event or emergency.

You can search dozens of policies based on your travel information with the click of a button through travel insurance marketplace SquareMouth. Find it now!

How to protect your trip in 2023

There are many benefits including comprehensive travel insurance including trip cancellation, which allows a traveler to request up to 100% reimbursement if they cancel their trip. covered reasons. Also you have options Get extra coverage If you upgrade your plan — for things like cancellation for any reason and pre-existing condition coverage — if you feel it’s necessary.

The Travel insurance costs Varies depending on your plan, but it should generally cost between 5% and 10% of the cost of your trip, says Squaremouth. But there are plenty Ways to save money. And remember, you should only get essential travel insurance. Don’t over-insure your trip.

Like your vacation, every policy is unique. So, you should compare multiple providers and plans before making a decision. Fortunately, sites like Squaremouth make it easy Enter your trip and passenger information to see dozens of options, which you can rank from lowest to highest price.

Here are five Squaremouth offers tips for travelers Before submitting an insurance claim:

  1. Contact your travel insurance provider immediately
  2. Collect your travel documents in advance (receipts, proof of purchase, etc.)
  3. Get documents that show you canceled your trip
  4. Provide as many relevant details as possible in your claim form
  5. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to provide more information or documentation

Should you get travel insurance?

if you travel abroad or during a popular travel window (eg holiday season) When the possibility of trip cancellation or delay increases, you probably want to get travel insurance.

There are four main factors that affect the price tag of your travel insurance:

  1. Total travel expenses
  2. Age of Passengers
  3. length of trip
  4. Amount of coverage

You should take all these factors into consideration when deciding whether you should invest in travel insurance. Consider the potential risks and issues that may arise during your trip and decide if it’s worth it to have an extra layer of protection to make sure you don’t lose any cash.

Along with the type of coverage you’ll need, you’ll also want to think about what you can realistically afford and whether your destination needs it. In some countries, travel insurance is essential (mainly for medical coverage, since your insurance plan may not cover you in case of injury or illness abroad).

Basic comprehensive coverage includes benefits such as trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical coverage, evacuation coverage, damage or delay, and more. To get the most competitive rates and the coverage you need, search multiple travel insurance providers at once to find a plan that meets your needs.

“People are now more aware of the unpredictable nature of their daily lives, which can be affected by natural disasters, terrorism or even an illness in their family, so they are drawn to solutions that will alleviate these problems,” said John Ansel, immediate past president of US Travel. Insurance Association (USTIA) said in a press release. “Smart, experienced travelers know the value of travel insurance and assistance and use it to improve their overall travel experience.”

“At the same time, we are concerned how few people realize that their health care policies provide little, if any, out-of-state medical coverage, and some don’t cover you if you travel more than 100 miles from home.” Ansel added.

What to Expect in 2023

According to American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), more travelers are expected to take to the skies in 2023, with only the first quarter of 2023 projected to exceed 2019 levels – and prices for certain destinations may follow. Air Monitor 2023 Reportwhich highlights the trends in the air travel industry.

In 2022, demand for travel increases again (and so do ticket prices). “According to the US Consumer Price Index (CPI), higher oil prices, labor shortages and reduced aircraft capacity are causing airfares to grow twice as fast as general inflation,” explains the Air Monitor 2023 report.

Although the Air Monitor 2023 report suggests that “price growth should moderate in 2023” in the US as capacity increases, there are still some areas where aircraft prices are expected to increase:

Airline Price Forecast for 2023 (Economy)

(Inter-regional) North America


(from North America) Asia


(from North America) Asia


(from North America) Asia


(from North America) Europe


(from North America) South America


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