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Can you really make money posting ads online?

You've seen job listings promising easy posting money online.  Are they valid?  What does the job really mean?  Find out here.When you’re looking for your first work-at-home job — or something different from a venture you’ve already tried — you’ve likely hit job boards. We all do it, don’t we?

Job boards are a great place to find work at home jobs, but they’re also a great place to find scams. One of the most commonly posted work-at-home job scams has something to do with getting paid to post ads online. Sometimes these job ads tell you that you can earn money from home by posting ads. Sometimes by typing it. Sometimes it is by data entry.

While there are legitimate ways to make money online through gigs that involve things like typing, data entry, and even posting ads (more on that soon), many of the ads you’ll see on job boards for these types of jobs will only get you far. no

How “Pay to Post Ads” Scams Work

Read each section of each job description carefully. You want to see things like a company name, skills required, etc You know – a typical job description You are often provided with instructions for applying. When a link is provided, they take you to a website that looks like it belongs to a company or some type of organization.

If you click through a link and you see what looks like a sales page with a fee or payment button, you’re probably dealing with a scam. Not always, but almost always.

Here’s how it works:

You click on the ad. You go to the landing page, which is basically a sales page. You must pay a fee ($20 to $150 or more!) to access the materials/start your membership/get your starter kit. However they put it, you have to pay to get it.

Here’s what happens when you sign up for one of these programs: You get a packet of information telling you how to post the same ad on various job boards and websites. You earn money by posting the same ad that you click on, and you get paid every time someone uses your ad to pay. however, You don’t get paid anything If they don’t. Congratulations! You have just joined a pyramid scheme.

Now, don’t get me wrong — paying for things like memberships and starter kits can be perfectly legitimate. But you need to be very careful while looking at any company. More often than not, a membership or training program should be something that helps you in your work — and not the source of your work.

Same with starter kits – many direct selling companies require you to buy a starter kit to get started with the company. i love direct sales And I think they’re a legitimate way to work for yourself. I see a big difference in “pay to play”. job With a company you can’t find a lot of information… and get a starter kit of inventory with the intention of using that kit as collateral to branch out into an established direct sales organization.

“Easy money” is not real

Let’s face it: if there really was a legitimate way to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month doing simple data entry or copying and pasting a few things, everyone would be doing it. Top companies operating at the height of this particular scandal era will still be in business. You’ll be able to find plenty of positive reviews that look and feel legitimate and not just hype.

If someone promises you “easy money” — where you pay a lot of money for essentially nothing, right out of the gate — you should think twice about accepting their offer. There are work at home jobs that are definitely fun and don’t necessarily require significant skills, but something that promises you a big profit for simple data entry won’t do you any good.

Ultimately when you see something like this you have to trust your gut and if you’re in doubt about how legit the job is, either close it and look for something else… or if you’re willing to lose, sign up for the money you’re willing to pay. Will provide “just in case” it actually turns out to be something valid.

The Real Deal: Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

While many jobs out there that say you can get paid for posting ads aren’t going to be legitimate ways to make money from home, there are actually ways you can use the power of advertising to make some money for yourself.

The primary thing I’m talking about is called affiliate marketing. When you go into affiliate marketing, what you do is sign up as an affiliate with a business that is offering some type of product for sale — such as a course or a program. A popular example of this would be the Amazon affiliate program.

So you sign up as an affiliate, and then your “job” is to sell that company’s product(s) using your personal affiliate link. You can do this through email, a blog or website, and you can certainly do it by running ads on your affiliate links You can even sell your affiliate products on Pinterest!

There are all kinds of marketing strategies revolving around affiliate marketing and it is the most legitimate way to earn money by posting ads. You need to study the ad platforms you’re using, though — it’s not something you can sit down and start doing in 10 minutes and then turn around and start making tons of money. (You can set up ads very quickly — they won’t convert very well if you don’t know what you’re doing.)

A bonus: If you’re really good at setting up affiliate marketing and advertising on one or more platforms, you have a new, wide-open opportunity to offer it as a service. This is called Technical marketingAnd there are people who will pay someone a lot of money to set up ads on websites like Facebook and Pinterest

You can find work as a virtual assistant or remote administrator that involves posting and monitoring ads for the person or company hiring you. It will look more like a regular gig, though, and not a fraudulent feel-good ad posted on a job board. You will need some experience with digital marketing, but once you learn the basic criteria and reasons for setting up digital advertising, offering an “ad monitoring” service will be a fairly simple but extremely valuable service to offer your clients. .

If working with ads sounds exciting to you, there are a few ways you can learn more First, you can always search Google for free information on relevant topics such as affiliate marketing, digital advertising, and Facebook advertising. If you’re willing to pay for training, you can look at courses offered by bloggers (like the Pinterest one here) or on course platforms like Udemy.

It is what you make of it

Getting paid to post ads sounds too good to be true – and in most cases, it is is May very well be true. There may be occasional legitimate opportunities, but in my opinion, it’s not worth buying everything to see what works and what doesn’t. There’s no such thing as “easy money,” and if you’re going into this work-at-home job situation looking for it, you won’t get very far.

However, if you want to find something that’s interesting and complex — but requires real work — there are definitely legitimate ways to make money by posting ads. It really depends on what your objective is and how much effort you are willing to put into learning the ropes and doing it the right way.

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