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6 Online Jobs Perfect for Natural Born Organizers

There are no fewer work-at-home jobs that could benefit from your organizational skills;  You just have to know how to find them! Where are my hosts? You know who I’m talking about. Which of my readers have organizing skills – and love to do it? I know you’re secretly excited for the new year or a new school year because that means scoring a new day planner. Wave your organizer flag proudly! It’s probably right next to you on the tidy shelf, in a drawer neatly labeled “flags.”

I’m here today to explain how loving your organization can turn your time into gold – well, at least into more dollars in your bank account. There are no fewer work-at-home jobs that could benefit from your skills; You just have to know how to find them! So, which jobs are best for organizers? Check out my list below!

1. Administrative support

One of the most ubiquitous positions for those who live and breathe it is the administrative assistant. You can spend your days managing someone else’s agenda, pursuing projects, and coordinating with others on your business team. You can even book engagements, arrange travel, organize receipts, draft emails and generally, keep your boss’s life tidy. The best part of being an administrative assistant is that it translates well to a remote position in our increasingly-connected world. You no longer have to be local to help an executive manage their work and life – basically, all you need is an internet connection and their phone number! There are many, many business people in desperate need of virtual business assistants – just check out the job listings on FlexJobs or become a virtual assistant with an organization. Worldwide101And look!

2. Virtual Assistant

Work at home opportunities for organizational positions don’t stop at general administrative duties either! As a virtual assistant, you can offer yourself a variety of tasks that appeal to your love of categorizing and filing. There are small businesses and even individuals who have unrealistic information they can’t manage to get right and are more than happy to pay you to do it for them. Bloggers can hire a VA to organize their blog by creating a useful set of tags; An entrepreneur can hire a VA to research product distribution costs and create a spreadsheet. You may even find yourself sorting and organizing a businessman’s email or digitally filing a retiree’s vacation photos into a simple and intuitive computer folder. There are so many freelance opportunities that virtual assistant companies are growing: I mentioned Global 101 above, but there are time etc, in the morningAnd JirtualJust to name a few.

3. Researcher

Organization’s favorite cousin is research, and there are several business opportunities that combine the two! All the small businesses and entrepreneurs I mentioned above may need to research event venues or gather technical information or even compile a reading list for them about a topic they want to study. Basically, Researcher is another position that might pop up on virtual assistant boards and it’s sure to get your attention. You can also look for companies specifically hiring remote researchers – Wonder is a company dedicated to bringing that human element back to learning in a now-digital world. They are often looking for well-organized and highly curious individuals to join their team of researchers and briefed to answer any questions their clients may have.

4. Data Analyst

Once you’ve created an organizational system and consolidated all your data, what’s the next step? Admiring your beautiful row figures or perfect color categorization scheme? Of course! But the next one big The move puts that organization to work for you — and, by extension, your clients. Often, this next step comes in the form of data analysis. You evaluate what you put together and create graphs and charts and explanations for your client. If you’re an organizer with critical thinking skills, this is a great way to expand your usefulness and land a freelance position. Also, if you can’t find any front organizer jobs, searching FlexJobs for analyst jobs is one of the next best things.

5. Database management

If you’re not into analytics, you can take another track to find organization-related jobs: look for work-at-home positions in database management and maintenance. You may be able to find remote locations with large companies managing or updating their customer records, or work with a small business to create sales and payment records for a limited merchandise run. Keep this in mind when you’re scanning through job boards looking for work-at-home positions with promise.

6. Crowdfunding Organizers

It’s becoming a crowdfunding world where entrepreneurs raise capital through Kickstarter to launch their cool new board game or amazing restaurant/bar/coffee shop idea. Established brands like Torani have even used Kickstarter to test new products! (Torani isn’t just for flavoring your coffee anymore; they’ve successfully crowdfunded Plus Up to add “function + flavor” to any drink.) With this more level playing field, you’re sure to pitch new ideas to both young and old. Easier than simultaneous time investors. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean people are adept at creating their own Kickstarters, though, which is where the organizers of the world come in. Offer your services as a freelance crowdfunding organizer and help your clients achieve a coherent, well-organized campaign that will help them achieve their dreams. It really is just that simple!

Longing for Closets?

If you like diving head first into an overflowing closet, consider taking your skills local. Professional organizers can make a great living helping people in their communities declutter and declutter for good.

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