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Down and Dirty Digital Content Management

I want you to take a minute to think about how much content you publish on your own blog. Now I want you to think about how much other content you have in the form of guest posts, email newsletters, videos, products you create, etc. How many affiliate programs do you link to on your site? Is it a lot? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed?

I know I was. I have been blogging for about eight years now. I have hundreds of blog posts and newsletters out there. Not to mention the other things I mentioned. I promote many affiliate programs. I knew that a lot of money and traffic probably slipped through the cracks because I couldn’t easily cross-reference what I was promoting where. I didn’t have a good database of my content so it was getting harder and harder to make sure things were up-to-date and optimized. It was becoming more and more difficult to ensure that posts, products and programs were promoted regularly.

As bloggers it is very important to keep track of our content assets

  • These are things we can re-purpose to reach more people.
  • We may keep content updated to ensure that visitors to our sites are given the best possible experience.
  • We can create more consistent content with better coverage when we can easily spot holes in our topics.
  • For those of us on the team, we can provide better insight into the platforms and communities we’re working hard to build.

I’ve tried several systems over the past two years – Google Sheets, Asana, Trello – nothing worked the way I needed. Then, I heard about Airtable.

If you haven’t heard of Airtable, it’s great. It’s like a spreadsheet on steroids. You can link records from different sheets together. You can upload files. You can decorate in ways I never could before. I fell. Romantic. (Did I mention it’s free? It’s free!)

I wanted to take a moment today to show you how I use the software and how you can make it your own.

Be sure to enter your email below the video to receive a copy of the base template I use and a .pdf walkthrough coming soon.


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