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Earn money from home with premium lifestyle brand Le-Vel

What if you could balance your lifestyle while trading for yourself?  The people behind Le-Vel have the opportunity to give it to you. This post is sponsored by Le-Vel.

Are you interested in leveling up your personal lifestyle? Maybe you’re looking to make a lifestyle change that gives you the energy and focus to live a premium life. What if you could make that transition while going into business for yourself by leveraging direct sales to build a successful home-based business? The folks behind Le-Vel have offered you an opportunity to do just that.

What is level?

The Le-Vel brand was founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravett, two health and wellness industry professionals with a combined 41 years of experience between them. They put this experience to work building a premium lifestyle brand to market their premium lifestyle products. Their inaugural product line is the direct sales opportunity THRIVE, which they are backing up with their proprietary cloud technology, the Le-Vel Cloud Management System.

Le-Vel prides itself on their cloud-based operations infrastructure, which minimizes company overhead while delivering consistent performance. Instead of spending the bulk of their company’s resources on buildings, bills and human resources, they are able to keep costs down and pass that money on to their brand promoters in sales commissions and invest more in products and research and development.

THRIVE is Le-Vel’s first and flagship product line, promoting health and wellness for their customers through a premium line of products. The THRIVE experience is built on three products: THRIVE | M and THRIVE | W; Prosperity mix; and prosperity DFT. The first two items, M and W, are capsules containing a proprietary blend of minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, probiotics and more, formulated by Le-Vel specifically for your gender. (For M maleand for W womanNaturally.) Their mix is ​​an ultra-micronized shake, available in flavors like chocolate or apple pie, that contains more minerals, plant extracts, enzymes, amino acids, etc. The final product, DFT, uses DermaFusion technology to help you achieve a premium lifestyle: This product uses DermaFusion technology to deliver a uniquely formulated Thrive Lifestyle formula to your system, which helps control appetite, supports energy and circulation, and provides nutritional support. by doing , among other functions. The three products were created to provide a simple, yet highly effective, health and wellness system, with the products working together. Thrive is something that Levell describes as “hard to explain, something that can only be experienced.” Level Thrive Review Explain how different people experience the product.

Le-Vel markets various premium products as additional support for the THRIVE experience. There are different types of DFT, including a different formula and a system designed to deliver their formula to both the left and right side of your body simultaneously. Other products include or mood-boosting properties, clean healthy energy, alkalizing agents, digestive system support, sequential gel technology to improve joint function… the list goes on. There’s even a fruit cereal-flavored gel for kids to get extra vitamins and minerals!

How does it work?

As a Le-Vel Brand Promoter, you will sell the 8 Week Thrive Experience, Upgrade Packs and various products, helping others experience a premium lifestyle with greater focus, energy and health. Le-Vel’s product systems are formulated to help anyone from all-star athletes to office-bound professionals fill the gaps in the nutritional profile of their regular diet. This means that anyone and everyone you meet can become your next customer!

To begin the 8-week THRIVE experience, customers can choose from several different 4-week packs. The Lifestyle Pack starts at $100 and includes 2 Sufficient M or W Lifestyle Capsules per day, 1 Lifestyle Shake per day (Monday to Thursday) and 1 DFT per day if you add that option. The Tone Pack starts at $140 and includes everything in the Lifestyle Pack, plus an additional Lifestyle Shake Mix per day. (They advertise this as their most popular pack and perfect for weight loss and toning up). The last pack is the Couple Pack, which starts at $200 and includes enough lifestyle capsules and lifestyle shakes for you and a partner to experience Thrive for 4 weeks. You can also upgrade it with DFT.

You earn commissions from Le-Vel on your personal retail sales and the sales made by the promoters you sign up under. You will earn 20% on your personal sales, 12% on level 1 of your downline and 4% on level 2 and 3. You can also earn free THRIVE products every month by signing up to have at least 2 of your personal customers autoship their monthly products. There is also a uni-level team commission and a team commission matching bonus that can boost your earnings as part of a team.

To actually earn your commission, you simply need to qualify and maintain active status with Le-Vel. This is easily done by buying or selling 100PV ($100) worth of goods. Once you reach 100PV in cumulative or one time sales, you are eligible. Selling or buying minimum 100PV per month will keep you active.

Paying with Le-Vel

With Level, you are paid on a weekly basis. The weekly pay period ends Sunday at midnight (EST), with payments released on Tuesday. For commissions and bonuses paid monthly, the pay period ends at midnight on the last day of the month, with payment being made on the second Tuesday of the following month.

Other perks and earning opportunities

If you want to earn more by working with Le-Vel, this premium lifestyle brand has made it easy. They offer the Infinity Fast Start Bonus, which allows you to earn a bonus based on your downline’s purchase of upgrades (up to 4 levels deep). Le-Vel also offers an Infinity Fast Start match of 10% once you have two personally enrolled eligible and active promoters. You can get it up to 20% if you manage to collect 8 personally enrolled qualified and active promoters.

Then there are the VIP bonuses: GO VIP 800 and GO VIP 1600 By getting 2 (or 4) new Autoship subscribers within your first 14 days, enroll 2 (or 4) new promoters who upgrade their packages (800QV or 1600QV total respectively). As a Le-Vel Brand Promoter, you can earn an additional $400 or $660 with THRIVE Credits and $100 with additional Fast Start Bonuses.

You can also score special benefits! You can get an iPad Mini 2 (16 GB), a VIP auto bonus ($800 car payment for a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or Cadillac) and even lifestyle getaways to destinations like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Mexico and the Caribbean. .

Sounds great, right? It certainly has potential! Go to the Level website Check out this opportunity for yourself.

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