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Everything You Need to Know About Converge’s Work From Home Jobs

Convergys offers three roles for work from home: sales and service, technical support, and customer service  You get access to employee benefits, and more.Note: Convergys was recently purchased by Concentrix. You can get the latest details here.

Looking for your next work from home opportunity? Here’s a new one that’s been hiring a lot lately: Converge’s Work from Home Program. It’s basically a home-based call center job, but with some key differences that we’ll cover today.

Convergys offers three roles for work from home: sales and service, technical support, and customer service You get access to employee benefits, and more.

If any of this jumps out at you, keep reading!

Do Convergys work from home?

This is the long name of the Converges program for work at home. With Convergys, your primary role is to take phone calls, no matter what role you’re in, whether it’s tech support, customer service, or sales. Choose which role you will have when you apply.

Convergys is hired by Fortune 500 companies to meet their customer service needs. Your role will be the customer service representative who listens to your problems, answers your questions, and helps you find solutions.

Benefits of working at home with Convergys

There are some great benefits with Convergys that other in house customer service jobs and the like won’t offer. You have access to full-time or part-time hours, depending on what works best for you. There is paid training, which is great. You also get access to employee benefits like health care coverage and paid vacation.

One of the other unusual aspects of working with Convergys is that you won’t need a dedicated landline phone. In fact, you won’t necessarily need a phone line! You will definitely need access to a phone for training, meetings and other “staff” aspects of work, but you can use a mobile phone for those. All of your work will be done over VOIP, which means it’s over Internet-based phones (like Skype).

Your startup costs are lower than other call-center jobs. Your training is paid for, and you don’t even have to pay for your own background check. Many companies will pay you for this before you start working for them, and while it’s not a huge expense, it’s definitely a relief not to be responsible for it!

The catch with the convergent work from home program

There are actually a couple of catches. The primary one is that Convergys will not hire residents of certain states. There are 35 states that qualify, so if you want to go for it, you have a decent shot.

You must be available to work any shift 7 days a week. You will be assigned a shift, but your assignment may vary. If you’ve got a room full of noisy people on weekends, for example, Converges might not work for you because you won’t have the flexibility you need.

The other catch is that there are some very specific technical requirements, and part of the application process involves testing your computer. You must do the application from the machine you plan to use for work, and you cannot use a Mac or Chromebook There are also reports that no one else can use your internet connection while you work, so if that’s a problem, you should get a dedicated connection just for work.

Provide expectations

While the perks and benefits of working at home for Convergys are greater than other phone gigs available to you, the pay probably isn’t as great. Convergys won’t disclose their hourly rates, but they offer performance bonuses and access to other wage increases, as well as tuition reimbursement.

According to Glassdoor, the hourly rate is about $10 an hour. Sales roles may include commissions, and tech support may receive slightly higher rates.

Payments are made weekly or bi-weekly via direct deposit, depending on the role you are in.

There are certainly more lucrative ways to work from home, but if you want something stable to bring in a little money and you don’t mind working with phone calls, a relatively low salary might be right for you.

Other requirements for working from home with Convergys

In addition to the technical requirements, you must have a high school diploma or GED, and they also look for at least one year of customer service experience. They want you to have a monitor of at least 17 inches and also require your standard quiet, distraction-free work environment to receive your calls.

Three shifts are available – daytime, evening and overnight. You will be able to work your shifts with full-time or part-time hours, with part-time as little as 16 hours per week. You must be available 7 days a week to accommodate Convergys client customer service schedules (although you must not work all those days/hours). Shift bids happen every few months (which is typical for this type of job), so you can try to get a shift you like better if the one you started with isn’t for you.

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