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Supplement your home business income $5 at a time

I have been away from offering Fiverr Gigs for a long time. I really don’t see how anyone can make any good money offering a one-time service for $5. Last year I read Connie Brentford How I Made an Extra $1200 a Month at Home Using a Free Website And it really got me thinking about how I can make money on Fiverr to supplement my home business income. After many months on the site, here are a few of my tips.

Great tips for supplementing your work at home.

be different – If you’re hoping to rely on Fiverr’s internal promotion alone, it’s almost imperative that you come up with something unique to offer. There are hundreds of gigs offered to write website content. It can be difficult for you to stand out. On the other hand, setting up a gig writing strictly about pages might grab a few more buyers.

be profitable – There shouldn’t be too much back and forth to make your gig as profitable as possible. Buyers will be able to answer a few questions as soon as they order and the next correspondence should be order delivery. I won’t put in a proposal that I can’t complete in 15 minutes. (About $4/gig x 4 gigs/hr = $16/hr)

Be professional – If there is a problem, relay it to your buyer immediately. If you can’t deliver on time, let your customer know ahead of time. Don’t hit the deliver button and then ask for more time. If you know you won’t be able to complete the task, give your customer the opportunity to complete it elsewhere or reschedule sensitive tasks while they’re connected to the order.

Cross-promote gigs – If you build gigs around your skills, you’ll likely find that you have several that complement each other. When placing an order, inform your customer of other offers that may be of interest. For example, if your gig creates an about page for a new website, create a press release announcing their new site after distributing it directly to other gigs.

upsell – Gig Extra is where it’s at! As you level up, you’ll have the opportunity to increase sales to over $100 by offering “add-ons”. Don’t waste this valuable space by offering second helpings of the original gig, instead offer something that compliments and adds value. If your gig is for a 350-word article, offer to make it 500 words for an extra $5. If you sell a tweet, add a Facebook mention for $5 more.

Ask for a tip – Don’t waste a gig extra by asking for a tip in advance. Instead, make it a separate gig and link to it in your delivery message.

Use tags – Tags are keywords that people search for to find your gigs See tags used by top sellers in your category

Promote your gig – As with any income opportunity, you need to market if you want to make money. Announce it on your blog, make a YouTube video, write a press release, and advertise on forums and Craigslist.

Ask for promotions – Your order delivery should not only ask your buyer to give feedback, it should invite them to collect and like your gig. These tools are great for internal and external promotion.

show your work – Fiverr has some great features for converting your gigs; Videos and portfolios. A video introduction can be uploaded along with your gig description and can really make it stand out. It might even get your gig featured on the site. And if you’re a little shy, you can always hire one of the many Fiverr sellers who offer this service. If you offer any type of design work, your portfolio feature should be active. The buyer will inevitably decide whether or not their design will be displayed, but who doesn’t want an extra freebie?

Be careful with guarantees – Offering a guarantee can turn off the sale, you need to be realistic about what you can and can’t guarantee to a customer after the order is out of your hands. You don’t know their experience or reputation. It’s one thing to guarantee they’ll be happy with an article, don’t guarantee things like first page search results, guest posts or article acceptance on a particular site, conversions, etc.

As the title suggests, I think Fiverr is great for that complement A home business but I don’t think it should be your entire home business. Fiverr prohibits outside communication so there is no way to get buyers on your email list for service notifications or you could easily convert a repeat buyer to an offsite customer and cut Fiverr out of the way. It is an additional money-maker but not a business model.

Get additional Fiverr tips here.

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