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How Madhu app helps me save and earn money with Amazon

There are many apps that can help you save money on Amazon, but nothing like Honey.  What makes honey even sweeter is that it can also make you money.When it comes to online shopping, there’s nothing like Amazon. With its Prime two-day shipping, its instant video streaming, and even new features like Prime Pantry and Dash buttons, there’s no more convenient way to buy your everyday household products online.

Not everything is a good deal on Amazon, as shipping costs depend on some of their prices. But you can always find better deals something On Amazon, and it’s even better if it’s something you need or want.

There are tons of blogs and apps that can help you save money on Amazon — think deal alerts and price threshold notifications — but when it comes to knowing, without a doubt, that you’re getting the best price for what you’re buying, there’s nothing like honey. And what makes honey even sweeter is that it can turn out to be a real money maker for you too.

What is honey?

Madhu is an extension of the Google Chrome browser. It’s incredibly easy to set up through their website, and then you’re off and running. When you go to the sign-up page, you click the Get Honey button, just follow a few prompts and you’re done!

Honey currently only works in Chrome, but it’s really fast and it runs automatically. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Once you sign up, you’ll have your own account where you can track your orders and keep tabs on how much you’re making with honey.

Save money with honey

Honey has two different “prongs” of operation on the money-saving side. One is within Amazon. When you’re looking at a product page, you’ll see a small orange bar near the price. All it’s doing is calculating your total price at checkout for that item, and then seeing if there’s a better option lurking in the “Other Sellers” section.

If the Amazon price is the best, the button will say Best Deal, but if a better price is available from another seller, the button will darken and tell you how much you could save by using a different seller.

This next part is my favorite feature. If you hover your mouse over the button, you’ll be able to add the less expensive option directly to your cart. No more hunting and tabulating… just one click, and you’re ready to checkout at the lowest possible price. It automatically applies the lowest coupon code, so no copying and pasting and dealing with lots of new tabs

Honey App is another way to work with popular online retailers. It tracks all publicly available coupon codes, and when you’re shopping on a site like Target.com or Hotels.com, Honey will automatically apply the best coupon code at checkout. Madhur’s portal is great because it shows you which stores have great deals and are really popular at the moment This can be a big tip for a hot offer.

Honey will automatically activate when you hit the checkout page and a small popup will appear at the top of your screen. When you click the button, it will scan all the coupon codes available out there and find the one that gives you the best deal.

Make money with honey

There are also ways you can earn money through honey. There is a cash-back program (called Honeygold) and a referral program.

HoneyGold differs from other cash-back programs in that the amount of cash you receive is randomized and can range from 1 to 100% of the commission earned from your purchases. To get HoneyGold, you need to shop through Honey’s portal — just like other cash-back programs. You can qualify for the surprise bonus by checking the HoneyGold tab and activating your bonus before making a purchase.

Referral programs are a great way to make money! For every person who signs up using your referral link and earns any amount of HoneyGold, you will receive a $5 referral bonus (in the form of HoneyGold).

Cashing out on honey

Currently, you can redeem your HoneyGold for Amazon gift cards, but they will be adding PayPal soon. The cash-out threshold is fairly low, at $10, so it won’t take long to meet the threshold and pocket your money. I like to save my Amazon gift cards and use them to buy gifts for birthdays and holidays, but they’re also great for regular household expenses and office supplies.

Final thoughts about honey

The Madhu app is a great idea that has been around for a long time. I especially like this when I shop on Amazon, because I know if I’m really getting the best deal available or if there’s a way to get a lower price from another seller.

Their cash-back purchases are fairly standard among cash-back sites, and the relatively low margin for cash out gives it a slight edge. If you really want to be able to get cash for your credits, Honey isn’t quite there yet, but if Amazon cards are as good as cash for you, you’ll love how quickly you can earn them.

Referral program is also a great way to earn more money. Each referral gives you 500 gold, which is equivalent to $5, so just two referrals will let you cash out.

Also, sure to manually type in every code I can find! Sign up for your free account here.

Have you used honey before? What are your thoughts on this?

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