If you’re in the market for pet insurance, Embrace may be a provider worth pursuing.

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You love your pet like a family member and it’s heartbreaking when your fur baby suffers an injury or illness. And often, the vet bills you incur for your pet’s treatment can be equally devastating. Perhaps this is why many pet owners are turning to pet insurance to offset the expensive costs of veterinary care.

If you can afford the monthly premium, you may want to Buy pet insurance which may cover part or all of the necessary treatment for your pet. One insurer to consider is Embrace Pet Insurance, a pioneer in the pet insurance industry. Embrace offers a robust policy that covers many conditions and treatments.

If you think you might benefit from pet insurance, start by getting a free quote so you know how much it will cost.

Embrace Pet Insurance Overview

Embrace is a real player in the pet insurance game. The company was founded in 2003, winning a Wharton business plan competition when pet insurance was in its infancy. Embrace has won the Northcoast 99 Award 10 times as a Top Workplace in Northeast Ohio while donating more than $400,000 to Cleveland charities.

Embrace offers pet insurance for dogs and cats in all 50 states. Unlike many providers who offer multiple plans, Embrace offers one policy that covers accidents and illnesses.

Applicants may appreciate not having to sort through accident, comprehensive, and other coverage levels to come up with a suitable policy.

The company also offers an optional Wellness Rewards non-insurance plan that reimburses you for routine care treatments such as spay or neuter surgery, dental cleanings and grooming.

what is covered

  • Breed-specific conditions and congenital and genetic conditions, including hip dysplasia, allergies, and intervertebral disc disease
  • Cancer screening and treatment
  • There are no limits based on chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes
  • Up to $1,000 per year in dental coverage for conditions and procedures such as extractions, gingivitis and root canals
  • Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and MRIs for covered illnesses and conditions
  • Orthopedic conditions when your furry friend has torn a ligament, broken a bone, or suffered from other problems (conditions apply)
  • Parvo, Lyme disease, parasites and other preventable conditions
  • Pet care from emergency veterinary clinics
  • Prescription drugs for covered conditions
  • Scheduled or emergency surgery

Embrace also offers an optional pre-certification that determines what your policy covers before your pet undergoes surgery. If you think you could benefit from the protection that braces provide, get started by getting a free quote now.

What is not covered

Like most pet insurance companies, hugs are not covered Predefined conditions. Embrace defines a pre-existing condition as “any injury, illness or irregularity noted by you or your veterinarian before your pet’s waiting period ends, even if your pet did not visit the veterinarian for it.” Before your policy takes effect, Embrace will review your pet’s previous 12-month medical history to identify any preexisting conditions. Additionally, the following conditions are not covered by a pet insurance policy:

  • Breeding, whelping or pregnancy
  • Cosmetic procedures such as tail docking and ear cropping, unless medically necessary
  • DNA test
  • Injuries resulting from various types of animal cruelty
  • Routine veterinary care with regular checkups

Cuddle pet insurance costs

If you decide to enroll with Hug Pet Insurance, you’ll pay a one-time $25 enrollment fee and a $1 monthly processing fee if you pay monthly.

average cost A pet dog insurance policy is about $30 to $40 per month for dogs and roughly $15 to $20 monthly for cats. Generally, dogs cost more than cats because pet insurers typically receive more claims for dogs than cats, and veterinary bills for dogs are typically more expensive than their feline counterparts.

Your monthly premium amount depends on several factors, including your pet Breeding, age and where you live. Your premium amount may vary depending on the parameters you set for your policy, including the following:

  • except: except Amounts range from $100 to $1,000 per year.
  • Reimbursement Amount: With pet insurance, you pay your veterinary professional upfront and the pet insurance company compensation You for a certain amount. A pet insurance policy with coverage can reimburse you for 70%, 80% or 90% of your covered veterinary expenses.
  • Coverage Limits: You can choose a coverage limit from $5,000 to $15,000 or unlimited

Cost comparison

Here’s a side-by-side price comparison to see how Embrace stacks up against the competition:





$93 per month

$39 per month

$26.00 per month

Deductible option

$100, $250, $500, $750, $1,000

$100, $250, $500

$50 to $1,000

Payback percentage

70%, 80%, 90%

70%, 80%, 90%

70%, 80%, 90%

Annual coverage amount

Unlimited from $5,000

$5,000 to $100,000

$5,000, $10,000, $40,000

*Citations are for a 5-year-old mixed breed dog, medium weight, in good health in Boulder, Colorado. Coverage options include a $500 deductible, an 80% reimbursement percentage, and maximum coverage amounts for each provider.

In our example, Hug Policy is more expensive than Lemonade and OD. Depending on your pet’s age and breed, you may get a higher or lower quote than this amount, as some breeds are more expensive to insure than others.

Also, note that the hug quote is likely higher because three quotes are for the maximum coverage amount. With Embrace, maximum coverage is unlimited, but neither Lemonade nor Audi offer that option — their coverage maxes out at $100,000 and $40,000, respectively. In this case, if we drop our annual coverage limit to $5,000, the premium will drop to $52 per month. The best way to get an accurate premium quote for your pet is to use Embrace’s online quote process.

Advantages and disadvantages of pet insurance

Lots of hugs delivered Benefits for pet owners Ensuring that their furry family members receive the care they deserve while managing veterinary expenses. It is always wise to consider the downsides of any pet insurer before enrolling in a policy. Here are some pros and cons of embracing pet insurance:


  • Simplicity: Embrace offers a plan for accidents and illnesses, so you don’t have to sort through different plan levels to get the right care.
  • Comprehensive: Embrace covers a broad spectrum of conditions and treatments, including cancer, genetic conditions, chronic diseases and dental problems.
  • Benefits: You can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian for care.
  • Mobile-friendly: You can easily file claim on mobile app.


  • limited to: Hug only offers pet insurance for dogs and cats.
  • Long waiting period: The waiting period for orthopedic conditions is six months. Adoption will waive the fee if your pet passes an orthopedic exam after enrollment.

Unique Advantages and Disadvantages of Hug Pet Insurance

Embrace offers a reduced deductible, a unique feature for its policy holders Your deductible will be reduced by $50 for each year you are not reimbursed for a claim. The pet insurer offers a 10% multi-pet discount and a 5% military discount.

Unfortunately, pet insurance companies impose a rarely-enforced enrollment, in this case, $25. Remember, there is a $1 per month charge if you pay your premium monthly instead of annually.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for pet insurance with preventative and wellness coverage, Hug Bill may not be a good fit. But, if you’re more concerned about protecting your finances from unexpected and expensive vet bills, a pet insurance policy with coverage makes sense.

Embrace Pet Insurance offers a comprehensive plan that covers a variety of expenses, from vet exam fees and dental problems to cancer treatment and surgery. Accident and injury plans are relatively affordable, and you can customize your pricing by adjusting your deductible, reimbursement percentage, and coverage limits to suit your needs. Start getting a free quote now.

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