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How to make money while traveling the country

One of the top reasons people seek freelance life is travel These days, many hit the road in a Winnebago to enjoy the beauty this great country has to offer. Because of that, we get a lot of requests for how to make money while traveling. If you are looking for some good RV jobs, this article is for you.

Prepare to work while traveling

Don’t pack up the RV before you have a clear vision of what your new work life will look like. What technology will you need? Do you need – and have access to – regular stable internet? Do you have to work every day, or can you go days or weeks at a time between shifts?

There are many ways to earn money while traveling and based on your experience, interest and internet availability you will have some great options to choose from. Establishing your wants, needs and real-life situation will help you choose the best option for you.

The main reason you are going to work while traveling the country is for cash. Correct? You’ll want a PayPal account and a checking account with branches nationwide, or at least access to an ATM.

Regardless of the type of work you choose, you’ll likely need to use your laptop again and again. And, when you do you’ll need reliable internet service. One of the top picks for WiFi among business travelers Verizon’s MiFi. Data plans aren’t cheap, but they’re necessary unless you’re trying to find the nearest Starbucks or McDonald’s every time you want to get some work done. That did not really enjoy the scenery. Now is it?

You are going to need a great cellphone plan. Where many RVers run into trouble is when they start wandering outside of their coverage area. And with some carriers, that doesn’t move around much. again, Verizon USA has the largest coverage area

Great job for RVers

Tutoring Can pay quite well and doesn’t always require a degree or certification. Helping students here and abroad learn English as a second language, or ESL, is open to anyone willing to tutor via video chat.

copy If you have excellent listening and typing skills, this is an option. But you need to upload and download files, so a reliable and fast internet connection is required.

Freelance writing Can be done anytime, anywhere. And, most of the work can be done offline so it is suitable for intermittent internet access. Write your articles outside at sunrise. Email them to your clients on your smartphone, at Starbucks or when your signal is strongest.

Resort or summer camp Can offer many ways of flexwork for travelers. I love these gigs because they give you the opportunity to learn more and see more of your chosen position than would otherwise be possible. You can work as a camp counselor or tour director. Check out Coolworks For job listings.

Workcamping Probably a familiar term if you’ve considered RVing for any length of time. This is a great option for those who want to stay on a budget while traveling. Workcamping allows you to trade your time and labor for a provided RV pad or housing. In most cases, you are working in some capacity for the RV park. You might be running a shop, doing maintenance or even planning activities. Check out Workamper.com For more information. Amazon Camperforce This is another option if you’re looking for something more stable.

Rent out your home on Airbnb while you’re away You can hire a management company to take care of rent, cleaning and maintenance. There are sites just for that, you know. Check out the pillow the guest.

Earn money as a courier When changing location. Like the site Roddy Transporting items from one place to another will help pay for your gas.

Become a travel blogger And earn money by sharing your adventures. You can earn money as an affiliate marketer while sharing your recommendations. You may even be able to pick up some sponsors interested in partnering with your unique voice.

Flip the flea market An alternative might be digging through local thrift stores and garage sales if your favorite pastime. Don’t pick too much as your space is limited. Make sure you are able to sell your flippable products as well.

Photography You can earn money in different ways. You can sell your prints online or you can go the more passive route by making your images available as stock photos.

Amazon FBA or Drop shipping Allowing you to make money as an online seller without actually storing your products. If you resell on Amazon FBA, you may still need to find a post office to mail your products to an Amazon warehouse. But if you go the drop shipping route, you can ship items directly from one warehouse to another without touching them.

Agricultural work Can be great if you really want to connect with the land and get back to “your roots”. (pun fully intended) Visit Backdoorjobs.com or For the list.

Housesitting This is a great option if you don’t want to live in an RV full-time. Faithful Housesitter Allowing you to find housesitting and pet-sitting gigs all over the world. Some of these places are absolutely gorgeous!

Website testing That falls into our “$10 per day” category, but that’s all you need after exchanging other forms of labor for your RV pad and food.

Set up a few The concept of passive income Advances in your travel may be understandable. Apart from travel blogging mentioned above, you may be able to monetize your knowledge in other ways like eBooks and eCourses.

Use your skills Create your own work. Many of the above options are quite simple in nature and can be done by almost anyone. Your education and work experience can open even more doors. For example, travel nurses and massuses are always in demand. Great opportunity for those who know graphic design and video editing.

Have you made money while traveling across the country in an RV? Tell us about it in the comments.

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