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How remote-how supports Roche Polska’s flexible work journey

First step

The first step in collaboration between remote-how and Roche Poland started when one of the world’s largest biotech companies was looking for an educational webinar about wellness. The times of the pandemic left a mark on everyone’s life and this was one of the reasons why Roche wanted to support their employees and find an expert in this matter.

Based on their needs, Remote-How matched the company with an expert – Maria Tiencivu, founder of Innovation Distributed, who provided a virtual training session covering the issues that most impact employee well-being in their workplaces, as well as best practices in their workplace. Increases resilience and happiness.

“There was a lot of positive energy during the meeting! Participants immediately felt encouraged to share their thoughts, which made the webinars truly interactive and inspired everyone to implement what they learned.”

Trust your own experience

Since the Roche team is dedicated to improving team efficiency and creating an ever-evolving work environment and was satisfied with previous collaborations, they inquired about another service with an eye toward increasing productivity.

This time, reached for Roche of Iwo Knowledge as a market authority in creating flexible solutions based on individual workflows. A workshop was conducted which became a source of inspiration and motivation to initiate the project. It gives participants deep work practice as well as a deep understanding of tools to set their goals accurately and organize their work in a more effective way based on their personal workflow. The company was again really pleased with the experience.

Finding new remote-how solutions

Immediately after the webinar with IOW, Roche Polska began considering a new benefits system for its employees. Due to the complex structure of the project the concept requires insight from a subject-matter expert in that particular field.

Remote-How has already earned the company’s trust as an expert in remote and hybrid work, so it seemed a natural choice that Roche Polska asked for Remote-How expertise. As a first step Remote-How selected 3 different candidates to lead the project and presented the shortlist to Roche. Based on this Roche decided to take up the project with one of the remote-how experts – Nadia Harris. Founder of Nadia remoteworkadvocate.com and a remote and hybrid work advocate with 10 years of experience in consulting, including legal remote work advice. Together with him, Roche has come up with a strategy and a very specific implementation plan – step by step to find the most optimal solution that will help their employees prepare for the future of work.

The project was called “Flex Location” and was about enabling workers to work from abroad on a short-term basis. The implementation of such an approach requires a lot of additional analysis and advice (such as legal, tax, social security, and data protection perspectives). Thanks to the collaboration with Remote-how, the consultant challenged the design team’s proposals based on best market practices throughout the process. After successfully completing all the angles, “flex positions” are now part of Roche’s employee benefits package. Individuals can now request to work permanently from their home country or to work from another country for a specified period of time. This is 90 days in the EU and a maximum of 10 days outside in any 12 consecutive months.

The work performed represents a series of benefits for the entire Roche workforce in Poland. The introduced rules take into account the legal and financial specificities of the local market and, thanks to the prepared materials, explain these details to the staff. Keeping in mind the dynamically changing laws, the policy lays down all the stringent criteria for successfully applying for flex positions. Thanks to such a transparent approach, Roche provides a real tool for staff building Suitable for career – A way of organizing work that is based on a flexible adjustment to personal and professional needs.

Remote-how experience, knowledge of market trends, cooperation with companies from a complete cross-section of the market are an added value of the project starting in spring 2022 at Roche. As part of the collaboration with Nadia Harris, we took advantage of directional cues, we faced our internal specificity with real large-scale projects in this area with Nadia’s consulting experience. We structured project work areas and together prepared a complete guide to “flex location” employee benefits.

Cooperation with a company with such experience has allowed us to implement the project efficiently, “without clutter”, we have seen real growth in the project park with each meeting.

Collaboration that continues

Roche Polska is one of the clients for whom Remote-how has become a multiple solution provider, responding to a number of professional service needs of the company. Whether it’s virtual training, a mentoring circle, a workshop or a consulting service, we make sure your hybrid and remote teams get everything they need to work more efficiently and embrace a flexible workplace.

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