Making money traveling is the ultimate dream of many people. Whether you want to become a digital nomad or you just want to be able to change scenery, there are many ways you can structure your travels without pausing so you can make money while you do it.

There are two types of travel to earn money

Any type of opportunity that allows you to earn money or live somewhere other than your hometown falls into one of two categories: location-independent work, or location-dependent work.

Location-independent work is the type of work you can do from anywhere. Blogging is one of the greatest forms of location-independent work (and also my favorite). I can blog from anywhere, anytime. It’s certainly not the only type though, and we’ll get into some of the other options in a moment.

Another type of work, location-based work, requires you to be there at a specific time for a specific task. The location where you work may vary — you might spend two weeks here and a month there — but you must be physically somewhere to pick up that paycheck.

There are countless fantastic ways to make money while traveling, and which one will be right for you largely depends on how much flexibility you want in your travel schedule and what kind of job you want to get while doing it. These are some of my favorite ideas for making money while traveling:

1. Blogging and Related Businesses

I’ve already mentioned that blogging is my favorite form of location-independent work. I really like it because it’s completely flexible, the work is interesting and I can really make a good living helping people.

One of the things that makes blogging a real source of income is creating multiple income streams. Every blogger makes their own decisions about the type of income-generating activity they should do, but some common sources include:

By having multiple ways to get paid with blogging, you’ll have some income security built-in and you’ll be able to run your business from anywhere in the world.

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2. Freelancing

Freelancing is another great opportunity and I love it almost as much as blogging. I freelanced as a virtual assistant for years and it was great because I could set my own hours. As long as I completed my tasks by the deadline, it didn’t matter where (or when) I did them.

Besides being a VA, you can freelance in all kinds of interesting roles:

If you’ve got a skill that people will pay for and you can use that skill to create and deliver products 100% online, then you’ve got a great opportunity to go freelance… and go wherever you want.

3. Any type of online business

Freelancing and blogging are two of the main online businesses, but they are certainly not the only ones. There are countless ways to be location-independent and run a business from anywhere. From selling on Amazon to online tutoring to transcription to monetizing YouTube videos and more, there are all kinds of ways to make money online.

An easy way to do this is to write a special report on a topic that people really want to know about, and then sell that report online. By running ads (online or even offline) to get people to view your report, you’ll have a steady stream of buyers. And since it’s all delivered digitally, all you have to do is keep track of what’s going on. Otherwise, it’s a business that basically runs itself.

4. Look for outdoor jobs

From seasonal jobs like helping out on a farm or garden to joining camp and resort staff, you can travel anywhere in the world, any time of year (depending on where the season is), and find outdoor work. It will involve showing off and getting dirty, but if you like to keep your hands in the world, this is a great option for you.

5. Flight attendant

This may be an overlooked opportunity for some because in many ways it is a “regular job”. But there is hardly anything “regular” about being a flight attendant! Sure, you won’t be able to go on fantastic trips to all the cities you visit every day, but you’ll have plenty of access to parts of the country or the world that you wouldn’t otherwise see. For many people, working in flight crew is an absolute dream job. Don’t ignore it!

6. Service industry work

If you plan to travel during peak tourist season and you’ll be there for a while, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting a basic service industry job (like waiting tables or bartending). Landing one of these gigs during off-peak hours can be difficult, but you can give yourself an edge over your competitors by getting a seasonal work permit or working holiday visa. This is a great way to fund a long-term trip involving month-long stops in various locations.

7. Rent out your home when you’re gone

An easy, but perhaps overlooked, way to make money while you travel is to rent out your home while you’re gone. Services like AirBnB and VRBO allow you to list your property online so people can rent it out. If you have a nice home in a warm area and are comfortable with the arrangement, this can be a great way to add extra funds for your trip.

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