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Now is the best time to buy pet insurance

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You can save money on pet insurance by buying a policy over time.

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Cats and dogs are often considered family members by their owners. During the Covid-19 pandemic, 1 in 5 households (accounting for approximately 23 million homes) acquired a cat or dog between March 2020 and May 2021. ASPCA.

In addition to collecting food, toys and a warm place to rest, many owners of these pets are now considering Pet insurance. This unique form of protection works like health insurance for people. In exchange for a monthly premium, owners can get pet insurance for a variety of medical, prescription and sometimes preventative measures.

But, like the life, the car And Travel insuranceThere are recommended times to purchase pet insurance.

If you’re in the market for pet insurance, start by getting a free online price quote so you know exactly what to expect.

When to buy pet insurance

Here are three times when you should buy pet insurance.

  1. When the animal is young
  2. Before the pre-existing conditions arise
  3. When you’re on a budget

When the animal is young

you can buy Cheap life insurance When you are younger and healthier. As you age, health problems become more frequent and your doctor visits will increase, making it more expensive to insure you. The same concept applies to pets.

you should Buy pet insurance When the animal is small. for People who have recently adopted or purchased a new puppy or kitten, you should act now before the cost increases. With a policy in place from the first week or month of your animal’s life, the owner can rest easy knowing their animal will be protected for years to come – and it won’t break the bank in the process.

Get a free pet insurance quote in 30 seconds now and see what your new pet may qualify for.

Before the pre-existing conditions arise

Not everyone can afford to buy (or adopt) a week-old animal. So what about a little older pet? It also makes sense to insure them. This is especially true if they are currently healthy.

Pet insurance, unlike health insurance for humans, discriminates against pet owners Predefined conditions. In fact, knowing your pet’s pre-existing conditions may result in rejection for insurance coverage, leaving you stuck with multiple bills.

“A pre-existing condition is something that happens before you enroll or during the waiting period.” Brought to you by the dodo Explains “Unlike other providers, we do not cover pre-existing conditions.”

But if you dog or cat is currently healthy, not on any significant medications, and not being monitored for any future conditions, you should get insurance now while you can still get a good rate. If problems arise in the future, you will likely be grandfathered in with the current low cost.

When you’re on a budget

If you’ve owned a pet before, you already know how expensive vet visits can be. Costs can vary widely depending on a whole range of factors. Sometimes this is manageable but other times it is not, leaving you with the question of cost versus care.

but Pet insurance helps you by providing protection For various illnesses and medical conditions. And it will keep your expenses to a minimum by reimbursing you for various visits and treatments For a relatively cheap price per month (around $15-$40 per month for a cat and $30-$70 per month for a dog), you can be sure that your next trip to the vet won’t be an expensive one.

There are also multiple ways Get discount pet insurance. This ranges from premium discounts to lower rates for seniors and military members. So explore your options and see which cost reductions you qualify for.

Bottom line

There are many benefits to buying pet insurance. when Where you buy it, however, can go a long way in determining the price you pay. So if you fall into one of the categories above, it might make sense to act now to lock in a better rate.

Have more questions? Start checking prices with Lemonade Pet Insurance here now or use the table below to review some of the top providers.

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