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So you want a “typing job from home”.

Everyone seems to want a “typing job”. It’s a phrase that many people google, “typing jobs from home.” I put it in myself this morning just to see what comes up.

Fortunately, I’ve seen some search results from sites that are trustworthy, but not a large number. It seems scammers are keen to rip off people who want to “type from home”.

If you’re looking for a “typing job,” here’s some help.

What is a typing job from home?

It’s actually a broad phrase, but when I think about it, three types of chores come to mind:

Data entry involves transferring information from one source to another.

For example, I did some data entry on MTurk the other day where I saw a picture of a business card online and typed all the details (name, address, etc.) into an online form. In most cases no special skills are required to do this.

Transcription is listening to an audio file and then typing what you hear, word for word. It’s actually a little more technical than that, but that’s basically what you do.

It is possible for beginners to start with simple transcription, although it is never a bad idea to train beforehand.

Medical transcription always Training is required Before a company considers you for a job.

Legal transcription is another field you can go into that doesn’t always require training, but it doesn’t hurt.

How hard is it to get typing work from home?

Getting a writing job from home is not difficult at all. There are many, many topics in common with writers who have little or no experience.

Transcription is a little trickier because most companies that pay well want you to have some experience. However, if you’re okay with a lower salary, there are plenty of sites that accept transcription beginners.

Data entry is extremely difficult.

I know of only a handful of places that actually hire for data entry, and most of them almost never need employees, though I’ve recently discovered that it’s not uncommon to find work. Amazon mturk (You can also find transcription and writing jobs there).

Does this type of work pay well?

As with anything, it varies depending on the company you work for. Both writing and transcription can pay very well, but they can both pay poorly.

It is very difficult to make a decent wage with data entry.

Why does everyone want to type at home?

The phrase is popular because in most cases typing at home does not mean phone.

There are many parents out there who want to stay home with their kids and work, but they can’t apply for most phone jobs because they can’t do anything about the background noise.

Another reason people are interested in it is because it sounds so simple.

Typing at home makes people just think about pushing buttons and making money. Data entry is by far the only truly simple typing task at home. However, it is also the worst paying. Transcription is not as easy as people think and writing can be extremely challenging, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

So now that we’ve broken it all down, here are the best resources I have for typing tasks:

Need typing experience?

Many companies that hire home typists will require you to pass an aptitude test to start working. So even if you are able to type, there is no guarantee that you can type fast enough to get a typing job.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free resources online that you can use to improve your skills. Before applying for any typing job to increase your speed try the following listed below:

A word of caution: captcha typing jobs

Some sites pretend to be valid data entry. However, what you are actually doing is typing the captcha code. They don’t pay after all and if you work for these companies you are helping them do something that is illegal.

Captcha codes are there to help stop spammers, and there are people who spend all day typing these codes to make it easier for spammers to get past them. It was until recently primarily something people did overseas, but it’s cropping up here too.

I guess you can take what Wikipedia says with a grain of salt, but reading this was enough for me:

Human solver

Captcha is weak for a Relay attack which people use to solve puzzles. One approach involves relaying puzzles to a group of human operators who can solve captchas. In this scheme, a computer fills out a form and when it reaches a captcha, it gives the captcha to a human operator to solve.
Spammers pay companies hiring human solvers in Bangladesh, China, India and many other developing countries around $0.80 to $1.20 per 1,000 solved captchas. Other sources cite a price tag as low as $0.50 per 1,000 solutions…

These methods include Gmail and Yahoo! Free email services like this one have been used by spammers to set up thousands of accounts Since Gmail and Yahoo! Less likely to be blacklisted by anti-spam systems, spam sent through these compromised accounts is less likely to be blocked.

Legal concerns

Cheating of CAPTCHAs may violate its anti-compromise clause Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) at United States. In 2007,Ticket Master Software maker RMG Technologies sued over its product that circumvented ticket seller captchas on the grounds that it violated the antitrust clause of the DMCA. In October 2007, a order It was issued that Ticketmaster would likely succeed in its case. Ticketmaster appealed in June 2008 Default judgment Against RMG. The court granted Ticketmaster default and awarded an $18.2M judgment in Ticketmaster’s favor.
In 2010, encouraged by Ticketmaster, the US District Attorney in Newark, New Jersey won a grand jury indictment against Wizgui Tickets, Inc. for purchasing tickets by circumventing the CAPTCHA mechanism. Among its 43 findings, the grand jury “[Wiseguy Tickets Inc] Defeated online ticket sellers’ security measures [CAPTCHA]”

I know people need money and I understand that.

Because of this, people are going to do this no matter what. But my thinking is that the pay is so low that it is not worth the risk!

Also, I don’t like spammers. I have been spammed. No way am I going to work for such a low hourly rate.

This makes them easier to work with. But I also know that many people working for these companies don’t understand its true nature.

Good luck!

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