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What to do when your work-at-home job search is taking too long

Is your home job search taking too long?  Here are a few ideas for paying the bills between gigs. When starting a work at home job search, many people quickly realize that this is not going to be a quick fix. Competition for gigs at home is high. Therefore, many companies only hire seasonally or when they have a large number of openings.

This can make you make some tough choices:

  • Wait and live on your savings or spouse’s income
  • Back to the 9-to-5
  • Get creative and earn a little while you can while you wait

I’m a big fan of option 3. Honestly, I recommend schooling yourself for these opportunities regardless of your current work-home situation. You never know when you’ll need a little extra cash, and these side hustles can pay off quickly and you can pick them up in a pinch.

Work on demand

Uber It has proven itself to be a great opportunity for those looking to work on demand and around their own busy schedules. You get a guaranteed minimum payment in addition to tips for driving people around town. As you’d expect, you’ll need to pass a background check, have a reliable car and be able to provide proof of insurance.

babysitting It’s an old standby, but it’s there when you need it And with today’s technology, finding work when you need it has never been easier. When you need some extra cash, list your services in your local Facebook group or pay for listings on a site like Care.com.

event staff Always an opportunity I found interesting. What’s not to like about paying to attend a baseball game or handing out swag bags at the grand opening of a swanky new store? You can often find these opportunities on Craigslist or similar sites The shift gig which is free for workers.

Fiver Has always been a go-to for those looking to raise cash quickly. The site is heavily trafficked by buyers and if you can position yourself as a reliable and unique seller, you should have no problem making sales. And, you can turn your gig off and on when you’re available to work.

Upwork A popular freelance website for picking online gigs. This can be expensive for those who only perform short-term, one-off gigs (you pay a 20% service fee on your first $500 billed to any one client). However, many freelancers have been able to find regular, ongoing work on the site. Remember, Smart Bid isn’t cheap.

Facebook group Great for more than just babysitting and mowing. There are also several groups for freelance writers, graphic designers, and virtual assistants.

If you have good grammar and research skills, Freelance writing Definitely an art to keep in your back pocket for slow times. This type of work is suitable for short-term and one-time projects that can pay the bills until you land another steady job. I love Facebook groups for finding temporary freelance writing work. Look specifically for bloggers looking for writers or VAs. These people are used to being paid upfront for work and prefer a more relaxed, conversational tone to their articles. They are willing to pay more for quality work than content mills like TextBroker.

taskorbit Another great source of local gigs. The site helps people find everything from errand runners to housecleaners to working men or women. Salary is mostly as per industry standards. Those who are fully committed to reporting the site Earn about $2,000 per week. Keep in mind that this is for more skilled, manual labor type jobs, but there are definitely opportunities there.

fancy hands A site that provides virtual assistant services to busy people and lonely people. It doesn’t pay the best, but you can take jobs on time and choose which jobs you want to complete. We always love it.

Always have a passive income source

You should always have a little something in your back pocket. These are little money-makers who may not pay enough to pay the bills, but they can stack up over time.

Ebbets One of my absolute favorite passive income opportunities. I earn quite a bit every quarter by referring my friends and buying online. Make sure you install their Chrome extension so you never miss an opportunity to earn. Get a $10 gift card when you sign up.

Ibotta Gives me cash back for grocery shopping. What I love most about this app is that they offer several discounts each week for “non-branded” pantry items. Get cash back on your milk, bacon, eggs and shopping regardless of the brand you want to buy. Get your cash via PayPal when you’re ready. Get a $10 bonus when you sign up and redeem your first rebate within 30 days.

Swagbucks Another great extra earner. Get paid for your online activities, completing surveys and more. Get a $5 signup bonus when you earn 2500 SB in your first 3 months

Keep the search alive

While you may add a few new things to the mix to get by, don’t give up on your job search.

Revise your resume. Make sure it’s polished, up-to-date and includes keywords related to your desired industry.

Modify your LinkedIn account To include a professional photo, extensive work history and positive wording. Again, don’t forget those keywords. Even employers search and scan these days.

Keep a search schedule. According to FlexJobs, 57% of job listings are still active after 30 days. You don’t need to worry as much about being the first to apply as you think. If it is still there and you are interested and eligible, submit your application.

Learn a new skill. Maybe you are not getting hired because you are not qualified enough. Invest some time to brush up on your talent.

I’d love to hear how you keep your work-from-home job search alive while still finding ways to pay the bills.

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