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The inside scoop on Apple at-home jobs

a Want to work from home for a “real company” that everyone knows and many people love? Apply today to become an Apple at Home Advisor!

What does an Apple at home advisor or chat agent do?

These roles are part of the Apple Care program, which is Apple’s customer service arm. You will essentially be on the front lines of customer service. You will follow up with customers and help them solve technical problems, answer their questions and solve their problems.

As with any customer service job, it requires you to be a good listener so you can truly understand what the customer’s problem is, and then be equipped and able to solve the problem. Apple is known for great customer service, so you are expected to be able to offer it.

Apple has a pretty wide range of products, but don’t worry: you don’t have to be an expert in all of them.

Eligibility for Apple’s Home Position

Apple itself says you need confidence, discipline and the ability to be self-motivated. You will need one Calm, distraction-free workplace (Their job description says it needs a door that closes), a Dedicated internet connection (which Apple will reimburse you for), and the iMac computer and the headset they send you.

Depending on what they’re hiring when you apply, you’ll be interviewed over the phone or via chat. You must also be able to Type at least 40 words per minute.

Your hours will fall during Apple’s customer support hours, which at the time of this writing are from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Central Time. (Chat services are available 24 hours a day, so if you’re a chat agent, you can finish hours overnight.) You won’t be on duty for all those hours, but your shifts will fall within that window. And, because you’re in a customer support role, you may be expected to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Working hours can also be up or down depending on the needs of the company.

You don’t need to have any prior experience with Apple products, but it will definitely be a big help. They look for people with some sort of technical troubleshooting background as well as some customer service background, but if you have any of these skills without a specific employment background, don’t let that stop you from applying.

Benefits of working from home with Apple

Apple is well known for great company benefits, and their in-house employees are no different. Even if you work part time, you’ll have access to things like paid time off, product discounts, and a great employee benefits package. Apple doesn’t say what the salary is for this position, but it falls within the range of typical reports $14 to $16 an hour.

You’ll also be plugged into a network of your colleagues and have the ability to connect with them via chat and video chat, so you’ll never feel completely isolated and alone even when you’re working from home.

Training, coaching and mentoring are all part of their work environment. Apple promises top-flight training opportunities to help you become the best at what you do And Prepare you to move to the next level of your work with them. Apple loves to promote their employees and their in-house employees are no exception. You can stay with At Home Advisor as long as you want, but know that if you do well, you will have opportunities to improve.

And — if you’re into that sort of thing — one of the really fun perks of working for Apple is that you get the inside scoop on new products before the general public.

How to Apply to Work at Home for Apple

As with any job, there is an application process. For job at home details, each posting has a city attached — But you don’t have to live in that city to apply. You can be located anywhere in the United States to work in this role.

The application process begins with a questionnaire and a place to submit your resume, and then you will be subject to background screening.

Once you are accepted, you can begin your paid training. Training usually lasts 5 to 6 weeks and is done online, on a set schedule with a live instructor. You’ll learn about Apple products, troubleshooting techniques, and how to use the work tools Apple provides (These trainings are usually on a scheduled schedule, Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday from 9am to 6pm Central.)

Ready to start? Learn more about work at home at Apple hereor Search for openings here.

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