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Work from home in the healthcare industry

Looking for remote work or a hybrid work schedule? Looking for a full-time job with flexibility? Qualified applicants with a medical background or experience in customer service can find great opportunities in healthcare. If this sounds intriguing to you, a remote location with BlueCross BlueShield is a great place to apply. Keep reading to learn more!

About BCBS work from home

BlueCross BlueShield is a large company with coverage (and offices) throughout the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, BCBS provides healthcare to its insurance network through regional and state offices. BCBS is a large company with many subsidiaries – which means many opportunities to work in the office and at home!

Available jobs differ depending on where you look, but you’ll often find telecommuting jobs with some variation of BlueCross BlueShield in roles that involve support work for members and physicians, government program management, and more. Most of these open positions are work-at-home telecommuting jobs.

People with nursing, social work, and psychology backgrounds will also find telecommuting positions that typically involve things like home visits, care coordination, home health assessments, transitions of care, and medical case management. Some of these positions involve travel, while others are done primarily at home.

How to start working from home with BCBS

The easiest way to find work-at-home information through BlueCross BlueShield is to create an account with FlexJobs, as nearly all BCBS jobs across the country will be posted there and you can start your search there. on the landing page. The FlexJobs database is searchable and makes it easy to identify jobs you’re not qualified for on the search results page. You can also go directly with the source BCBS career page, where you can select the BCBS company in your state and check the jobs available there. It’s a little less efficient and you can only see one company at a time, but it will show you what you want to see.

Once you find a job that you want to apply for, you need to check the specific requirements for that job. Some will require five years of experience in nursing and related fields, but administrative support roles have much more common requirements. Most support jobs I’ve seen only look for one year of college or equivalent relevant experience, which tells me you can qualify to work at home with BCBS without college, as long as you have some familiarity with medical terminology and electronic systems.

Once you find a job that you want to land, submit your application. If you think you’re fairly “close” to qualifying but don’t meet one or two of their eligibility requirements, go ahead and apply anyway! If they decide to interview you, you will get a call. You can always check the status of your application online (you need to create an account to apply). After the interview, you will hear if you have received a job offer.

Since the technical requirements for their work-at-home positions are not mentioned in any job descriptions or job applications that I could find, you should be prepared to be asked questions about these requirements during the interview. Be clear about what type of computer or operating system you can (or can’t) use, whether you’ll need a dedicated phone or Internet line, what hours or shifts you’ll be expected to work, and anything else related. Function of the role (in addition to your question about the job).

Points to Note Before Applying for BCBS Telecommute Jobs

Read each job listing carefully. Some of them require a certain medical background, which should be fairly easy for you to identify. But not every job identified as telecommuting is necessarily work from home. Some jobs are partially telecommuting, some have the option to work in the office or at home at your discretion, and others involve some travel (or even a significant amount of travel). It’s important to know what you’re getting into before applying!

If you work in a medical role, you need to make sure you are licensed in the state that covers the job. This goes hand-in-hand with jobs that aren’t fully telecommuting since a medical background requires you to face-to-face with clients to assess, educate, support, and case manage.

Benefits of BCBS work at home jobs

One of the biggest advantages of working for BCBS or any of its networks is that – in many cases – you will be employed in an employee role. This means you’ll have access to things like employee benefits or a comprehensive benefits package, paid time off, company amenities (if you live close to the office and want to use office amenities), and advancement opportunities. Some jobs are considered temporary and/or contract positions, which would not normally be able to access the same benefits.

Another great thing about this telecommuting role is the built-in extreme flexibility. If you’re in a customer support role, you may be required to work shifts, but the hours tend to be fairly “normal” and don’t involve overnight shifts. As always, read each job description carefully before you apply so you know what you’ll be doing.

Should you work from home with Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Reviews of various BCBS jobs tend to be quite favorable. Employees appreciate the flexibility. Potential pitfalls are fairly consistent with those you’d find in any support role or phone call job, including (presumably, though not directly stated in the application materials) the need for a quiet work environment and availability outside of the traditional 9-5, Monday- Friday in the work week with a schedule that may potentially change from time to time.

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