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What is it really like to work from home as a virtual assistant?

Worldwide 101 is a company that offers remote virtual assistant jobs.  This virtual assistant tells us about her experience and the application process.

Many of you have told me that you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant but would test the waters of working for someone else before going into business for yourself. It makes perfect sense! There’s a sense of safety in having someone show you the ropes and best practices as opposed to trying to figure it out on your own.

Bravely is a company that offers remote virtual assistant jobs. Brave is an award-winning executive assistant company that hires employees who want long-term careers. Boldly hiring senior, experienced and skilled professionals in various disciplines like Executive Assistant, Marketing, Project Management, Customer Service and many more. Boldly positions offer great flexibility and are considered remote work.

They are well known in the industry and offer quite good wages for those who are just starting out. Today we’re talking to a virtual assistant who has been with the company for years about her experience. We will speak with a company representative about their application process.

Meet Shari Montgomery, the brave virtual assistant

Why did you choose to work from home?

After working as an administrative assistant for over 15 years in the corporate world, I became dissatisfied and unsatisfied and unsure of my next direction. In 2008, I had a network of friends who were into working from home as consultants and entrepreneurs, and I realized that was where my heart was. I wrote about my story on We Are Virtual Assistants, which you can find here.

What has appealed to you boldly?

I had been freelancing for several years, which was a great experience but challenging to maintain a solid client base. I started looking to partner with reputable agencies and boldly applied through FlexJobs, who were advertising for work-from-home executive assistants.

How long have you been with the company?

I started with Worldwide101, which is now Bold, in February 2015.

How has this position allowed you to meet your personal needs/goals?

Where do I start? Being able to rely on steady work with lots of variety is a huge advantage, and I’ve learned a huge amount. Plus, it allows me flexibility for other jobs or side jobs, like helping my husband with his business, helping a sick parent get to medical appointments, or working part-time as a massage practitioner. Being able to live anywhere without being dependent on a specific location for a job is the ultimate freedom with being a virtual assistant. And whether it’s my home office, a coffee shop, or a Mexican resort, as long as there’s wifi I’m good.

What challenges do you face in this position?

As with anyone working remotely, there’s no IT support guy sitting in the next cubicle when the inevitable technical glitches occur. Fortunately, one of the many benefits of working with Boldi is their amazing support team and network of other VAs on the team that I can call on to help. They have a thorough vault of instructional videos to access anytime. Communication, and clearly understanding the needs and expectations of different clients or colleagues can be challenging at times but can be easily overcome with the right approach of never assuming and asking too many questions. And of course, the time zone difference! I once supported a client who lived in New Zealand which meant he was 16 hours ahead. We made it work though!

How is your typical week?

I work part time Monday to Friday and am currently online after 8am every day. I review my email and Slack first thing that day to see what’s new or needs immediate action, and then start my timer and work my hours that morning. I would get up for a break here and there but keep a concentrated portion of time. We pay twice per month in US currency with direct deposit into our bank account.

Apply process boldly

A Boldly representative answered the following questions.

How is the application process?

We have a five-step application process, which includes an online application, aptitude test, 2 video interviews and background check. We want to get to know you as a person, as well as your skills, to ensure a mutually beneficial fit.

Are there any fees involved?

No, there are no fees involved – ever!

How long do you keep resumes on file?

We keep resumes on file for 3 years.

What time frame can be expected from receiving the first paycheck?

All of our VAs are paid monthly so on average it takes about 30 days from acceptance to first paycheck, but, of course, this can vary depending on how quickly the VA wants to ramp up and how many hours they have available. We do not provide any “official” training but we do “onboard” our team, including virtual assistant best practices and familiarization with virtual tools and online processes – and this takes 2 to 3 days.

Need a flexible schedule and/or still have a full-time job outside the home?

Yes! All of our positions are part-time and work from home, so they’re perfect for someone looking for a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle. We fully understand the challenges of combining a career with family commitments, caring for a large number of our VA’s parents or elderly relatives. The key for us is that “flexibility” should still be available during business hours – of course, not all day and we will work with you “when” you are available for your clients – but not an evening or weekend job that you can do when Worked in the office all week! Working in adventure is just like any other profession – with the added benefits of flex, remote and a supportive family-oriented environment. Another advantage is that a carrier with Boldly is completely portable, so if you’re in a position where you’re on the move frequently (as a military spouse, for example), you can take your carrier with you without any downtime.

Can you give us an average hourly salary or an average salary range?

We pay our team between $18 and $20/hour depending on skill, seniority and longevity in the company.

Any tips for applying?

Give us as much information as possible! We know how hard it is to condense your life into a one-page CV, but if you have experience outside of the traditional workforce that you think is relevant to the role, we’d love to hear about it! And take the time to review our website, and our company values ​​- we’re interested in onboarding team members who share what we’re about and who believe the partnership will be mutually beneficial.

Are you ready to boldly apply? Click here.

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