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Earn money as a professional bridesmaid

Learn how to get paid to be a professional groomer!I love hearing about unique home business ideas, and I know you guys do as well. This past week I was able to chat with Jane Glantz. Jane has created a unique niche for herself. She gets paid to be a professional bride! How cool is that?

You may already be familiar with other work-at-home opportunities in the wedding industry. You can be an event or wedding planner. You can also handcraft wedding favors or invitations. You can even earn money by reselling wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. But, getting paid to be a bridesmaid is something truly unique.

What services do professional bridesmaids perform?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Always a bride, never a bride.” A lucky few find themselves in those maid of honor shoes more often than most. If you’ve ever been a maid of honor for a friend, you know that this gig comes with a lot more responsibility and financial obligations than you might initially expect. You have to plan a shower, keep track of incoming gifts, line up all those other bridesmaids, do the shopping, write a speech… difficult to do locally, imagine managing these tasks long distance.

Jane found herself in this high-pressure role a lot. Once he was asked to be a groom in two weddings on the same day. As a result, he knew the ins and outs of a wedding. She knew there must be many grooms and bridesmaids who could use her skills. There is a big gap between what a wedding planner takes care of and the finished product. So, he began Bridesmaids for Hire. Jane’s service takes care of many traditional bridesmaid duties – and more – allowing the bride and her beloved ladies to simply enjoy the day. After an overwhelming response to a simple Craigslist ad, he knew he’d struck gold.

Jane’s business offers several packages for brides and bridesmaids in need of help. He offers both in-person and virtual packages. Jane also has plans to grow up. Since he opened his Become a Pro page, he has had over 8,000 applicants! (You can apply here.)

What skills do I need to be a bridesmaid?

Exceptional organization and customer service skills are a must. Your job is to make sure the bride is happy and stress free. You must have a strong attention to detail. The details are your job after all! You are not booking venues and DJs. You can shop for dresses, organize RSVPs, and buy favors for a bachelorette party.

Jane Glantz - Professional BridesmaidIsn’t the wedding industry really seasonal?

Many of us consider spring and summer to be wedding months. When I asked Jen about the seasonality of running a business in the wedding industry, she had some great advice. Jane said Never allow yourself to think of your business as seasonal – Whatever kind of business it is. There is always work to be done, and every business owner should diversify. Jane said that during the slow period, she increased marketing, created information products and online courses, and more.

Jane had more great advice for those considering a home business – Get started now. There is not going to be a perfect time. Get started and figure it out. He also said, don’t quit your day job just yet. Work your business part-time until you replace your income.

Jane also suggests “moving things around.” Regardless of the industry, you want to be involved in, carve out your niche. A lot of people are making money from the wedding industry, but not what she is doing. It creates excitement and demand.

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