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Milestones like getting married or having children can be a good time to evaluate if you need life insurance.

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If you want to provide a financial safety net for your dependents, a life insurance policy can help.

In exchange for regular payments over time through an insurance company or employer, you designate individuals as such Beneficiary Get an agreed sum when you die through your life insurance policy.

There are two main types of life insurance offered in different forms: Term life insurance and permanent, or Whole life insurance. Term life insurance offers coverage for a specific period of years. Fixed, or cash value, covers your entire lifetime (premiums may cost more).

Either form of life insurance will provide financial protection to you and your loved ones. So, if you don’t have life insurance, or want to Complement what you currently have, it’s worth exploring your options. Get started with a free price estimate today.

The type of insurance you buy will depend on your personal financial situation.

Term life insurance, for example, applies for a specified period or term of the insured’s life. It is often cheaper than other insurance types but must be renewed when it expires. Whole life insurance, meanwhile, is more expensive but lasts for the policyholder’s lifetime. It has a wish Cash-out option.

There is also public, changeable And No-Test Life Insurance Policies to choose from.

But when Actually a good time to buy life insurance? In general, experts say the sooner the better – but it pays to check your specific needs, such as dependents and personal financial situation. Consider your entire financial picture and future needs.

As usual with personal financial decisions, there are pros and cons to consider. This is especially true when deciding when to buy life insurance.

Buying life insurance at a young age means

  • Monthly premiums are generally less expensive
  • You have time to build more cash value in a whole life policy
  • Expenses such as mortgage payments can be covered if you die unexpectedly
  • A spouse, partner, child or business partner who depends on your income for daily expenses is not excluded.
  • Payouts can cover your remaining expenses and debts

It’s never a bad idea to at least look into life insurance, even if you haven’t thought about it before (or can’t afford it yet).

You may still have dependents, bills and other expenses needs to be covered. Or, you may want to leave a legacy. Regardless of the type you choose, there are several benefits to having a life insurance policy.

Get a free price quote now so you know how much a policy will cost

Buying life insurance at an older age means

  • You will pay more in monthly premium
  • If you opt for a whole life policy, it will take you less time to build cash value, and less to cash out if you want to liquidate the policy sooner.
  • You may have less good policy choices
  • You may be able to cover some outstanding debt
  • You can still leave part of the benefits as an inheritance
  • Payments can still help cover expenses for your dependents or partners

Despite conventional wisdom, life insurance for older adults can still be valuable And Cost effective. And, if they’re worried about taking a medical exam, they can go and skip it altogether no test Route now Get a price estimate and learn more!

Some milestones can also be a Good time to consider life insurance:

  • When you land your first job. Some employers offer the policy as a benefit.
  • If you get married Your spouse will have funds to cover lost income.
  • When you start a family. Your child, spouse or partner may depend on your income for day-to-day expenses. Purchasing a life insurance policy now can help cover those costs for a generally lower monthly premium.
  • When you buy a house. If you have a mortgage, it may be a good idea to purchase life insurance to help pay the beneficiaries after your death.

How to Choose Your Beneficiaries

The timing of your life insurance purchase will be influenced by all the factors listed above. Who you end up listing as your beneficiary will also be affected by timing – specifically, what you were aiming for when purchasing the policy.

Here are a series of tips to help you choose the right beneficiary. There are two critical points here:

  1. Back to basics: When you get insurance for a significant amount it can be tempting to list several people as beneficiaries. But keep the people you bought it for top of mind. Is this policy primarily to support your children after your death? Then they should be on top. If you want to leave it to your spouse for lost income in your absence, they should be listed first. When it comes to listing life insurance beneficiaries, sometimes the most obvious choice is usually the right one.
  2. Beware of Minors List: You can list beneficiaries under the age of 18. Just be aware that they may have to go through an arduous legal process to get funding. Restrictions on how much money a minor can access through a life insurance policy vary from state to state. To avoid this you may be better off listing a trusted adult as the primary beneficiary instead. You can always adjust it once the minor reaches legal age.

Have more questions? Not sure how you should structure your beneficiaries? Contact a life insurance expert who can help.

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