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Everything you need to know to work for Cambly

Do you love to talk and discover new things around the world? What if I told you that you could work from home doing exactly those two things?

i am serious Right now, you have an opportunity to turn your downtime into money — just by video chatting with students studying English online. The company that offers this gig is called Cambly, and I’ve got a lot to tell you about them.

Have you heard the success stories of people teaching English online?  Lack the bachelor's degree you need most?  Don't worry!  You can work for Cambli by being a native English speaker.  #worktheme #workfromhome #jobs

Job overview

You may think that you once saw how one ESL Education Companies work, you’ve seen them all — but not Cambli. The work is done through the company’s chat app and all you’re doing is having a conversation. It’s as simple as a student signing into the Cambly app and then testing their conversational English with a native English speaker – that’s you!

Teaching as a Cambly tutor can be both easier and harder than working with those other online English-learning companies. Although Cambly provides some study materials that you can use to teach lessons — from readings to activities — many students both expect and request a free conversation. Good conversationalists will excel at this opportunity, although you will need to be able to maintain and conduct a conversation at various levels of English language proficiency. Be prepared to keep your energy up and move the conversation forward.

What skills do you need to work for Cambli?

The requirements to work with Cambly are very simple, making the company one of the easiest to work with if you want to tutor foreign students in English. Any native speaker can become an English teacher with Cambly! Unlike many other online tutoring companies, no bachelor’s degree or teaching certificate is required. You also don’t need any formal online learning experience.

The main requirement is that you must be a native English speaker and you must demonstrate that you can communicate well by speaking clearly (perhaps with a minimal accent) and can easily converse with others.

What are the technology requirements for Cambly to work?

The technology requirements at Cambly are pretty standard tools for freelancers. As an ESL teacher in the company, you don’t need to purchase a lot of fancy equipment or software.

Technically, you must have a home computer that can handle video chat — that means a webcam, a mic, and a high-speed Internet connection. You get most laptops these days – even basic ones Chromebooks – Bring an integrated webcam. If you have a desktop computer, you may need to purchase an external webcam

While any microphone will probably work for this gig, you may want to invest in this Headsets that come with a noise-canceling mic. This will help you hear your students better and help them hear more clearly. To get the best speed and quality in your video streaming it is recommended to make sure your computer is connected directly to your modem instead of using WiFi.


Cambly has a unique teaching system where they pay you per minute – while you are chatting with your students, they will track your time and pay you 17 cents (USD) for every minute you teach English online. Given that there are 60 minutes in an hour, you can earn $10.20 per hour spent actively tutoring.

One great thing about Cambly is that they pay you on a weekly basis. Every Monday, they issue PayPal payments until you’ve made at least $20. You have 10 AM (or 11 AM during daylight savings time) every Monday to earn, so you can get paid the same day for a Monday morning chat session.

You only pay for the actual time you spend video chatting with your students, but Cambly also offers some compensation for no-shows to their tutors. If you are booked by a student who then does not show up for the call, you will still pay for a portion of the time (ie, about 10-15 minutes).

Cambli vs Cambli Kids

In the past, the majority of Cambli’s language learners were international adults. Tutors might chat with a Turkish college student in one session and a Brazilian business professional in the next. But recently Cambli launched Cambli Kids.

Cambli Kids focuses on educating children. The salary is a little higher than with traditional Cambly. It pays $12/hour or $0.20/minute and has absolutely no discounts. Also, if your child is a no-show, Cambly pays you for 10 minutes of your time ($2).

As with the signature tutoring opportunity with this company, no lesson plans are required. You will also not be responsible for correcting homework.

No graduate degree or tutoring experience is required to work with Cambly Kids. They only ask that you have a passion for working with children. This is something that is necessary to be successful with any company in this industry.

Cambly Kids allows tutors to communicate directly with parents through a messaging tool. This is not required but is available if the tutor wishes. The messaging tool includes built-in translation to help with any language barriers.

How does scheduling work for Cambli?

Unlike many ESL companies today, Cambly works with students from all over the world — not just China. This means that the tutor is needed around the clock as opposed to only in the morning hours. In addition to the increased scheduling flexibility that Cambly can offer, they have no minimum hour requirements. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for an extra easy online job “egg” for his/her basket.

Cambly gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule, but they cannot necessarily guarantee that you will be booked for calls. However, they have introduced a system of priority hours: tutors can sign up to be active during selected hours, making them more visible to potential callers.

Access to priority hour selection depends on your availability and participation, so the more work you do, the better your potential access to students. And once you start building relationships with different students, they can book you in advance or even see when you’ll be online and available outside of those priority times.

What are people saying about Cambly?

Once you start reading what others have to say about this tutoring opportunity, you’ll see two clear winners in Cambly’s “pro” column. The first is, as expected, the incredibly flexible schedule. You work whenever you want and since their students come from all over the world, you have the opportunity to connect with students at any time of the day or night.

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The other most popular aspect of Cambli is the sheer variety of students you can interact with through their platform. You can talk to people from all walks of life – from business people to retirees to university students – from countries around the world. And, since this teaching job is mostly just talking to your students, you have as much opportunity to learn from them as they do from you.

There seem to be a few main complaints that people share: Tutors report that Cambly’s video chat interface can be buggy and often results in calls dropping out. There’s also not always enough work to go around – like other online English teaching opportunities, Cambli sometimes oversubscribes and student enrollment seems to drop depending on the time of year.

You will also find that the quality of students can vary greatly. Cambli often offers trial offers, so you might get someone who’s just taking a demo lesson who isn’t invested in learning with you. All students are also allowed to rate their tutors, so if they don’t like something about you – even if it’s not related to your tutoring – you can be swayed by their poor opinion. Cambly also doesn’t compensate you for the extra time you spend with regular students outside of actual chat time – so if you follow up with students in private messages or dig up materials for them to read so you can discuss it next time, you’re for the effort. Don’t get paid.

Where can you read more reviews from people who have worked for Cambli?

Glassdoor is always a great place to review any work-at-home opportunity, including Cambly. Beyond Babeesh also has an extensive article about her Online tutoring Experience with Cambly.

How is the sign up process in Cambli?

To get started with Cambly, you fill out an incredibly simple sign-up form on their site – they’ll ask you to select a screen name for their platform (either your first and last name, or first name and last initials); Provide your email address, phone number and date of birth; and then select a password. If you feel uncomfortable providing some of this information in front of them, it seems that you can leave some fields blank (like your phone number).

Once you submit this form, Cambli begins the process of screening all applicants through a connection test. They want to test your computer’s video streaming capabilities by accessing your webcam and mic, and then run a speed test to check video speed, audio speed, and packet loss. (Packet loss is the failure of some transmitted data-packets to reach their destination, which affects your streaming quality. You need good streaming quality to tutor via video chat.)

Beyond the connection test, they will ask you to record a short video of yourself directly on their website. This is a simple demo video where you introduce yourself, tell them about your interests and any experience you may have teaching or teaching English to people. (But they stress that no experience is necessary.) They really want you to speak spontaneously and casually – like you’re talking to a friend – since one of the bigger parts of Cambli is the opportunity to practice English in casual conversation. offering to their students. If you don’t like your first attempt at this intro recording, you can re-record it until you like what you’ve done and then submit.

And that’s it. They’ll let you know if you’re approved – you can start whenever you want. There have been reports of people hearing from Cambli within 48 hours to 6 months later.

How can you decide if working for Cambly is right for you?

Before considering any online English teaching gig, you must ask yourself if you are good with kids. Are you patient? Are you energetic? Do you like conversation with others? Are you a native English speaker? Without those soft skills, you may find this industry difficult and less fulfilling.

If you enjoy teaching and explaining and have great conversational skills, this could be the perfect remote gig for you, especially if you’re looking for a lot of flexibility.

Other sites like Cambly

If you want to try working with an online tutoring company that’s more established than Cambly, check out these similar gigs:

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If you are ready to apply to Cambli, go ahead and start. There is no time like the present!

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