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Work from home as an online transcriptionist

Are you a good listener with excellent typing skills? Have you ever considered a work-at-home job for transcription? Maybe you should: AccuTran Global is hiring, and they’re offering great opportunities!

AccuTran Global is a Canadian company specializing in transcription and has been in business since 2002. Over the past 15 years, they have built a strong reputation as a company that provides accurate, fast, and reliable transcription services for all of its clients’ needs. They primarily serve the financial sector, but also provide services for legal and medical transcription. Both AccuTran Global’s client base and transcriptionist base are global (as you would imagine from their names). Their independent contractors provide transcription services such as real-time captioning, voice writing (from court reporting), and scoping (transcript editing). AccuTran is relentless for fast, efficient and accurate transcription of global conference calls, focus groups, roundtables, court reporting and more.

Note: Current openings and requirements may change at any time. Please refer to company website for recent openings.

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They are always looking for new independent contractors to add to their network. If you live in Canada, you are especially lucky as they currently have a specific need for Canadian transcriptionists. They are also looking for contractors who can work Monday through Friday between 4 PM EST and 8 PM EST To apply, just visit their site – you will download a packet they will ask you to read thoroughly and then you will take a question paper and start the testing process.

Their questionnaire mainly involves getting your basic information, checking whether you have the right equipment and taking your availability and commitment for work. The tests include a typing test to test your speed and accuracy (60 WPM is the absolute minimum), a transcription test using an audio file they provide, and some practice (one-time) skills to test your punctuation, spelling, grammar and comprehension.

Do you have excellent typing and listening skills?  You may be able to work from home as a transcriptionist for AccuTran Global!  #workfromhome #worktheme #jobsWhat exactly do AccuTran Global’s entry-level independent contractors do?

The company will assign you audio based on the schedule you commit to working each week – you tell them when you’re available to work (within specific instructions) and they assign you what work is available during that time. You download the assigned audio files from their website, listen and transcribe the audio quickly and efficiently, and upload your complete transcription to their website in a .txt file.

This process should not take you more than 6 times the length of the audio file – for example, it will take you a maximum of 1 hour (60 minutes) to transcribe a 10-minute audio file. AccuTran Global will provide you with the transcription software (for PC) and any training you may need. They also provide researched terminology for an audio file if needed, and sometimes you may need to do limited research on the corporation or related topic to ensure accuracy. Most of their transcription work is for financial sector conference calls – particularly earnings releases. Their other most common types of audio files are financial conference presentations, financial sector interviews and analyst day meetings.

Once you become an experienced transcriber, AccuTran Global is happy to offer advancement and may offer you the opportunity to move into better compensated positions. Once you’ve distinguished yourself as a reliable and fast transcriptionist you can scope, review and edit transcriptions for them.

What are the requirements of AccuTran Global?

To start transcription for AccuTran Global, you’ll need a few things. In particular, you should have a PC running Windows XP or later; If you use a Mac, you must have Expressscribe and word processing software that is compatible with Microsoft Word. Your computer should be less than 4 years old, have high-speed Internet access, and be able to download and play audio files.

If you are not great with computers, make sure you have someone who can help you maintain your computer and install or update software. AccuTran Global does not provide any substantive technical support to its contractors.

Beyond these basic tools, you’ll need a good pair of headphones and have AOL Instant Messenger installed—in addition, AccuTran Global asks its contractors to purchase a Replica foot pedals Their second peak season works with the company.

As far as skills go, anyone hoping to become a transcriptionist with AccuTran Global needs to type at a minimum of 60 WPM and 70 WPM. You must have great precision. You must be available for work between the hours of 4 AM EST to 2 PM EST and 4:30 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST. You must have a quiet home work space with no constant distractions – AccuTran Global specifically says this is not a good location for people working from home with young children.

The company prefers people with some transcription experience, but does not require it. Those best suited to become quality transcriptionists must have excellent listening and communication skills, an excellent command of the English language, work well under pressure and stay up-to-date on current events in the world and business.

How does AccuTran Global Pay work?

Note: Pay rates and job requirements are subject to change at any time. Please visit the company’s jobs page for current details.

Compensation for transcriptionists is by the word and varies depending on your experience – entry-level transcriptionists can expect to make $0.004 per word to start, up to their highest rate of $0.0055 per word for experienced contractors. So, let’s say you transcribe an average of 90 words per minute – that’s 36 cents per minute or $21.60 per hour. (The highest rate you’ll pay is about $29.70 per hour.) On top of that, AccuTran Global offers a 20% bonus for overseas calls from non-English speaking countries or heavy calls with technical terms. If you make $2000 with them in your first 6 months, they will pay you $50 for training. Payment is made once a month (for previous month’s work) on the 15th by PayPal or check.

An important thing to note about being an independent contractor with AccuTran Global is that it is not a full-time job. According to their materials, you can pay them almost full-time during peak season, but there are several low-volume months throughout the year. Their peak seasons fall from January 20 – March 15 – April 20 – May 20, July 20 – August 20 and October 20 – November 20. They cannot guarantee work at other times, but they definitely need all hands on deck during peak times Their busiest days of the week are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Friday mornings also getting some bumps. All their contractors must be available on Thursdays during peak seasons. (Not a good job if you’re mainly looking for evening work, I’m afraid – unless you manage to get one of their editing positions.)

Wow! That was quite a bit of information, but it’s a good thing – transcription work is something you can make a career out of, and AccuTran Global is a great, legitimate opportunity to start that career. I’d love to hear from my work-at-home transcriptionists out there – have you worked with AccuTran Global? What do you think?

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