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Work from home with this fashion stylist job

Hiring Operator for Fashion Stylist job.  Work from home and on your own schedule.In the past, we’ve discussed some of the different options within the fashion industry available to those who wish to work from home. Today, we are only talking about fashion stylist jobs. Especially those available with work operator.

Operator is an app that helps people shop with the help of an expert. Operator specialists can work from any location. They can also work very flexible schedules. Today I sit down with Shaina to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Tell us a little about yourself. What was your motivation for becoming an operator specialist?

My name is Shaina Michelle Doliny. I am a nomadic artist working as a freelance stylist and designer with a love for all things creative. I travel often and work on many different projects that change from month to month. Before I started working for the operator, I wanted to expand my work in a way that would allow me to still be mobile and give me the flexibility to work from home. I met the operator and was really interested in the concept and service they were providing. I was most inspired by the fact that I could use my expertise in art and fashion as an expert to help people around the country. I’m passionate about self-expression through style and working as a fashion expert for Operator allows me to help people with their style and connect them with great products. It’s very rewarding to be able to help people in a way that not only uses my skills but also allows me to share something I’m passionate about.

Please share your success on the site. Are you able to meet your income goals?

I have been working as a fashion expert at the operator for about three months now. In just a few months, I’ve had a lot of success both in handling client requests as well as in the app’s Discover feed, where I curate collections. I found myself establishing and building client relationships with people through one-on-one requests and gained a great following through the Discover feed in no time. With this quick success, I was able to easily meet my income goals with the operator that best suited my schedule. Being able to log in and work when it’s best for me is great. If I set my goals, I can accomplish them in a way that works well for me, without stress. I owe a lot of my success to the support that comes from the operator team. They welcome you with open arms and provide you with great support to help you get off to a really good start and build your success.

How is the recruitment process? What are the requirements?

The operator has a rigorous application process to ensure its customers are connected to the most suitable expert – fashion, home products, electronics, or whatever area they are looking for.

There are no specific requirements, but every expert must be able to demonstrate expertise in their field through education, work experience or their personal passions and hobbies. For example, I am a fashion specialist in men’s and women’s clothing and men’s and women’s accessories and shoes I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Styling and Communication from the Nuova Academia di Belle Arti (NABA) Milan and have also worked as a fashion stylist and brand designer for several companies and designers including Miss/Mrs. Corporate America Organization, Ellis Carty, Perry Ellis International and Peace Love World.

Talk about a day in the life of an operator. Do you have a schedule? How do you complete your work?

The best part of working for Operator is the flexibility and ability to work in fashion, which is my passion. I can work from home, log in to work whenever I want, and increase or decrease my hours depending on what else I have planned for that day. I usually set up a loose schedule at the beginning of the week and set goals for myself: like the amount of sales I want to target or the amount of collections I want to curate and publish. I was able to log in with my laptop and then start connecting with customers right away to help them find what they needed. When I don’t have time to handle client requests, or when it’s a little slow I work on building collections for the discovery feed. Most days I log in from home, other times I work from a cafe or if I’m traveling I work wherever is most convenient (with Wi-Fi of course!).

Working for the operator also gave me the opportunity to earn money and help others while building my personal brand, profile and client base among its customers.

What is a normal conversation like?

The conversation changes depending on who I’m talking to. Sometimes, the person I’m talking to knows exactly what they’re looking for, and I’m able to help them quickly find the best options and order that item. Other times, the person will have no idea what problem they are trying to solve or what they want beyond a vague idea. For them, I have to work closely with the customer to get a better idea of ​​what they are looking for. We can exchange ideas – which makes the operator’s messaging interface really convenient – or I can even send them photos to make sure I’m on the right track. Those are often the most rewarding experiences, when I feel like I’m really helping people.

Tell us about the salary. What and how are you paid?

I get a commission from each item purchased by my customers for reaching various milestones in my activity at the operator as well as various bonus amounts. The operator has also launched Operator Discover, a new feature where experts can create a collection of personally recommended items – similar to a custom look book. This has been great for experts, as it means that we can earn commissions on items online and even when not working

What tips do you have for operators starting out?

Operator has a great expert community, where we are able to share best practices, discuss any issues and connect with each other. It’s great to have that support when you’re just starting out. I also think it’s important to be yourself and connect with the customer – at the end of the day, people want to know they’re connecting with a human who is able to offer that unique skill. Operator was founded on the idea that previous generations would have been able to dial “0” to be connected to an operator, who could help or guide them, and that’s the level of service we want to offer.

Tell us about your favorite programs or resources for getting started? What are the tools of the trade to have?

I work from the browser Google Chrome, which I consider an essential when starting work operator. I think a great resource for all experts is social media sites. They are a great way to get an idea of ​​products and trends, especially when trying to get inspiration for curating collections. A little expert tip- while working with clients, try to keep a bookmark folder on all your sites so that you can easily access them and make it easier and seamless when recommending products to clients.

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