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Work from home for a highly regarded company

We take a look at Capital One's work from home job openings.  Is this opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company for you?In this post: We take a look at Capital One’s work at home job opportunities. Is this opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company for you?

One of the main concerns when you think about working at home is avoiding scams. And the best way to avoid scams—other than going with your gut—is to find work with a reputable company. If you’ve heard of them before your work at home job search, seen their ads on TV, and even used their products, you’re probably looking for a safe opportunity when their work at home jobs are available.

One company that may interest you, especially if you are just starting to look for work at home opportunities, is a Capital One representative. We’ve all seen the Capital One commercial for their credit card program, and many of us have a Capital One card in our wallet. This is a well-established company with a solid work-at-home customer service program.

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Home equity is a job

Capital One has a robust customer service program that hires in-house staff to perform call center-type roles. These are all inbound calls, which means you’re not making cold sales calls (a major turn-off for many people looking to work from home). A lot of searching goes into solving minor problems and finding out how to use their Capital One cards most effectively. It really helps if you are a good conversationalist and you like to help people.

Your focus in the role is to solve the customer’s problem in that one phone call, so you need to think on your feet and be proactive. But don’t worry — Capital One gives you specialized training, systems and protocols to help you solve your callers’ problems, so you’re not completely alone.

You’ll also be able to set your own schedule, but that’s the schedule you’ll have for the entire first year of working for Capital One, so it’s almost like a “certain flexibility.” Their operating hours are from 8 am to midnight, so there is a wide range of options that you will be able to work with. Just remember that whatever schedule you pick is what you’re “stuck” with for the rest of the year.

There’s just one catch

If you like the idea of ​​taking calls from home, there is one thing to look for Capital One’s career page: The city is connected to their open customer service representative positions. The job description states that you must live within the same state as the “hub” city connected to the job posting, and ideally within about 75 miles.

The good news is, they have several hubs across the US so you don’t need to give up right away. The bad news is, not every state has a hub. Like many employee positions, this one is state-specific.

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Work from home training with Capital One

Once you accept the job as a Capital One at-home representative, you will need to plan for 4-6 weeks of training. They say a Videos about their workplace programs That training is intense and fast-paced, so you need to be ready to show up every day. Training is also where you get the tools you need to do the actual work. Most of the training is at home, so you won’t be traveling to the hub site for the full 4-6 weeks.

Requirements for working from home with Capital One

Capital One hires entry-level representatives for their customer service program, and their “senior” customer service jobs only require 2 years of customer service or 6 months of work-from-home experience. You will need a high school diploma or GED. This means there is plenty of room for newcomers to the program.

For real work, you need a hard-wired high-speed Internet connection that can plug directly into your computer. You will be given access to software and other tools when you go for training.

Another important aspect of this particular work-at-home job is your home work environment. You should be able to spend your entire shift in a place that is quiet and free of distractions and interruptions, ideally with a door that you can close. Your manager can review your calls at any time, so it’s important to have a consistently distraction-free environment.

Is Capital One the right work-at-home job for you?

Taking customer calls is a very fulfilling job for the right person. If you enjoy talking to people, solving problems and making someone’s day, you might be a good fit for this job with Capital One.

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