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20 Ways to Promote a Home Business

20 Ways to Promote a Home BusinessLooking to get the word out about your home business but not sure how? Fortunately, there are endless ways to promote your business today. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

1. CPC advertising A popular means of advertising for those businesses with larger budgets. In most cases you are paying to place your ad next to search results or on websites relevant to your offer Many hosting companies offer regular Google AdWords credits that can help lower your costs.

2. Single ad Allows you to send an exclusive advertisement to an established email list. You’re usually buying a certain number of click-throughs versus list size. This can be a very effective strategy if your offer is relevant and your sales copy and funnel are compelling.

3. Banner ads Always a popular choice. Quality of site traffic should be chosen over quantity.

4. Text ads Another option is less commonly available though. You can buy campaigns through programs like AdWords or Infolinks. You can contact webmasters directly about linking to you in relevant articles.

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6. Free samples Should be considered carefully but can be a great way to introduce new customers to your products

7. Trade ad space With complimentary business. This can be done online or in print.

8. Social marketing Sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter can be a cost-effective way to get the word out. Do your research and focus your efforts on the sites where your target market hangs out.

9. Vendor event A great option for those offering real products. Craft fairs, trade fairs, bridal fairs, food tastings, home shows and more can be attended on almost any weekend.

10. Word of mouth referrals Are extremely affordable. and strong. This can be done authentically just because of an amazing customer experience, or you can intervene to offer some sort of reward for new referrals.

11. Direct mailing Not as popular as in previous years, but some businesses find the occasional postcard or flyer useful. These can be warm mailings to your existing network or cold mailings to purchased lists.

12. Business networking events A great way to find new joint venture partners and marketing opportunities. You can find events through your local chamber of commerce or Meetup.com or attend online networking events.

13. Group deal offer Something like Groupon should be considered carefully but can be a great way to reach a new customer base.

14. Local online listings Storefronts and those looking for local customers should not be overlooked.

15. news reporter A quick and easy way to spread the word about your business online.

16. loyalty program is becoming increasingly popular. Reward your regular customers with special discounts or offers for frequent purchases.

17. Giveaways Can be great for spreading the word if they are well thought out and marketed correctly. A good portion of the population will take a freebie regardless of whether they are really interested in a product. Make sure you invest your time and money in reaching those who will hopefully become buyers of whatever the gift is.

18. Sponsorship opportunities Easily found online and off. Find out about industry events and non-profit organizations.

19. E-Newsletter A must for any sales funnel. This ensures that even if you don’t make the initial sale, you will during the follow-up. This allows you to continue to reach existing customers which is much more cost effective than promoting new customers.

20. classified Also available online and in print. Industry-specific advertising opportunities can be the best investment.

Impressive design and copy are essential with any form of advertising. Many experts recommend focusing the bulk of your marketing dollars online because of its cost effectiveness and trackability. Use the 80/20 rule for online/offline marketing.

What is your favorite home business advertising method?

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