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Work from home for Fortune 500 companies

For the past 30 years, Xerox has been providing greater work flexibility for their employees with their virtual office program.I bet most of us recognize the name Xerox – the company is so powerful that its name has become a verb! Xerox has been around (albeit originally under a different name) for over 100 years – they were founded in 1906. They have flourished as a global company, employing more than 100,000 workers and providing businesses everywhere with both office equipment (such as printers and photocopiers). and business solutions. And, for the past 30 years, they’ve been offering their employees even more work flexibility with their virtual office program.

Xerox isn’t just hiring employees to work from home to do their customer service, either – according to their website and the job listings I’ve seen, they have some great entry-level positions in quality control, software programming, system development, image tagging, and more. They offer something that requires extensive experience – perfect for mid-level executives or administrators who want to work from home.

According to the site, they currently have remote employees working in the following capacities:

  • Customer service
  • Technical assistance
  • Data Entry/Verification
  • Image tagging
  • Quality control
  • System development
  • Software programming
  • Administrative/Business Support

In addition to boasting more than 8,000 Xerox employees, the company directly employs veterans (and their family members) through their Heroes@Home initiative. They work with MSEP (Military Spouse Employment Partnership), “Hiring Our Heroes” career fairs and other organizations. In addition to recruiting veterans or military spouses for jobs they’re qualified for, Xerox offers veterans transitioning into private employment with resume tips, job searches and assistance with matching internal positions.

These virtual positions with Xerox often come and go quickly, so you need to be a Johnny-on-the-spot to apply for them. Keep your eye on my work at home job leads, or make it part of your daily routine to stop by the Xerox job boards – under Advanced Search, “Virtual/Work from Home?” Tick ​​the “Yes” box under. to find them. It’s at the bottom of the page. Also, make sure you keep in mind that many of these positions require you to live in a specific geographic location or require you to travel anywhere from 25% – 100% of the time. To control these factors in the advanced search, you can select a location and percentage of acceptable travel (under the heading “Travel (to…)”). You can apply for any position by creating an account on their job board and filling the application online.

Do you want an easier way to find qualified Xerox jobs? Check out FlexJobs.

For example, Xerox is currently seeking a full-time work-at-home marketing representative in Hawaii. One of the job requirements is that the employee must live on the island of Maui and have a valid driver’s license, although there is no travel requirement for the job. This is considered an entry-level position: a bachelor’s degree is required, while a degree in finance or business is preferred. The ideal candidate possesses excellent communication skills, leadership potential, negotiation skills and strong academic achievements. In this position, the Marketing Representative will manage the entire sales cycle – meeting sales goals, guiding decision makers for potential clients to find the best Xerox solution for them, coordinating with other departments, developing business plans, and more.

Another position currently available in the US is Supply Chain Manager. No specific geographic location in the United States is required; Additionally, this job requires no travel. This is not an entry-level position though! Requirements include 10 years of experience in print/mail production, estimating, and customer distribution, financial and analytical skills, high-level negotiation skills, prior participation in significant business projects, and more. Responsibilities of this position include detailed analysis of potential clients or suppliers, sourcing (develop sourcing proposals, advise on supplier selection, share sourcing knowledge, etc.), and many other related duties.

While details on pay or benefits may be sparse, Xerox highlights the general benefits of work-at-home positions on their website. As a virtual office worker, you can expect to save serious money on gas – and, indeed, “no commute!” The work-at-home gig aspect cannot be emphasized enough, in my opinion!

You’re sure to have a comfortable office – you decorate it, decide on the lighting and above all don’t have to deal with any colleagues. (Any and all inconsiderate pet peeves are absolutely not Xerox’s fault.) And you can achieve a better life/work balance if your office is at home and you don’t have to worry about wasting time in traffic. It’s pretty cool.

Remember: Check Xerox job boards often to find these work-at-home positions!

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