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Pet insurance can be a great way to save on pet care costs.

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They say there’s no price for love, but being a pet parent can still add up.

It’s not uncommon to spend over $1,000 per year on fur babies, and that number is only growing. actually, Morgan Stanley Projects that US household spending per pet will increase to $1,320 by 2025 and then reach $1,897 by 2030.

But you don’t always have to break the bank to give your pet a good life. You can at least reduce pet care costs by purchasing pet insurance and taking other money-saving steps now. Get started by getting a free price quote so you know exactly what to expect

4 Unique Ways to Save on Pet Care

Get pet insurance

spend money Pet insurance Initially your pet costs may add up, but in the long run, it can save you a lot of money.

For one, pet insurance can help you reduce the cost of major events like surgery. But even if your pet Unless very sick or injured, you can still save money with some pet insurance plans that offer coverage for things like preventative care and wellness, which are often add-ons to standard policies.

For example, a preventive care plan through your pet insurer may cover vaccinations and the like dental care, up to a given limit. If you use most preventive care benefits throughout the year, you can save even more Cost of coverage. It just takes a bit of planning ahead.

Not sure what it will cost to insure your pet? You can now get a free price quote from Spot Pet Insurance in 30 seconds.

Groom your own pet

The cost of grooming such as haircuts and baths can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of pet, their breed and your location.

Dog grooming averages $20 to $150 per appointment, depending the roverwhen more For cats Cost $40-$100. Frequency depends on things like the breed and your pet’s lifestyle, but you’ll likely need several grooming sessions each year.

However, you can save money by doing more grooming yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to take care of all of your pet’s needs, but you may be able to stretch the time between appointments, such as bathing your dog at home.

You can also try taking care of your pet, such as brushing its teeth, which can help reduce the cost you might otherwise pay to a pet sitter, as well as avoid vet bills due to poor dental hygiene.

That said, grooming your pet yourself can be challenging, and you want to make sure you do it safely. Consider consulting your veterinarian about proper care and see if you can find trusted tutorials online.

Lots of shopping (but not just for food)

If you have a membership to a store like Costco, you know that buying in bulk often lowers the per-unit cost of many purchases. While this can be true for pet food as well, think beyond kibble and treats to maximize savings.

For example, pet services like daycare and boarding can be expensive. If you know you’ll need them regularly, consider purchasing a package that lowers your overall cost (eg, pay $400 up front for 12 visits instead of $40/visit x 12, which equals $480).

Even if your preferred pet service doesn’t advertise bulk rates, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Just make sure you can afford to buy in bulk and that you have a clear use for what you buy. You don’t want to go into debt to buy a huge daycare package only to find out that your furry friend seems to dread going there.

But if you have a trusted service provider, see if you can score a lock-in rate that increases with inflation by buying in bulk.

Keep the celebration under control

As much fun as being a pet parent is, try to keep things in perspective when celebrating holidays and birthdays with your furry friend.

A birthday party or pet celebration is one of the top pet expenses, according to one Lemonade survey. But will they really mind if you don’t splurge on custom t-shirts, party hats, banners, etc.?

That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your pet, but remind them what you’re really trying to achieve. If you want to give your dog a great day out, for example, take them out for an activity they love, like going for a walk or to a body of water that you both enjoy.

Bottom line

Pet expenses can be expensive, but by following these steps, you can save money. Especially with high-quality pet insurance, you can reduce your chances of getting hit with expensive bills. Plus, some kind of Animal insurance This can help when it comes to more routine pet care expenses, such as vet visit fees. Some even help with things like boarding costs if you have to deal with your own health issues.

So, take time to review Pet insurance options, in addition to planning ahead in areas like bulk buying, you can save on pet care without changing your pet’s quality of life. Ready to start? You can get a customized price quote here now or you can start exploring some of the top providers on the market using the table below.

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