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5 virtual assistant jobs at home for complete beginners

If you are someone who wants to become a virtual assistant but you are not ready to take the plunge Start your own business, today’s post is for you. Finally, starting your own VA business gives you more earning potential because you set your own rates.

However, there’s still a lot to be said for “getting your feet wet” in the industry by working under someone else for a while.

This can help you not only understand how a VA business is run, but also help you learn to perform some of the more popular tasks that VAs often use.

So today, I thought it would be a good idea for you to compile a short list of 5 different companies that regularly hire work at home virtual assistants with basically no past experience in the industry.

Note that this does not mean that you will not need past experience in anything.

Many listings will state that they prefer candidates with experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google tools, freelance writing, etc. But, you can still be considered for the job even if you’ve never done VA work for another company before.

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5 Virtual Assistant Companies for Beginners

1 – fancy hands

This is task-based VA work. Once you’re accepted to start working, you can log in anytime and browse the Fancy Hands platform for VA tasks you want to do.

You can see everything from appointment setting to research. Pick and choose what you want to do, but be quick because other fancy hands VAs are also vying for the job.

You can go here to read our fancy hands review for more details, or go here To apply.

2 – At noon

This is one of the more well-known companies that work for the VA

They’re willing to consider applicants with at least five years of experience in admin support (it doesn’t have to be virtual assistant work — it can be something admin-related, online or offline). And while it’s not required, they prefer that you have a bachelor’s degree and at least some experience working remotely.

They currently cannot accept applicants in California, Montana, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

For more details go here to read our Belay review, or go here To apply with Belay.

3 – time etc

This company hires VAs with at least 5 years of work experience It doesn’t say that this experience has to be in the virtual assisting field, but my guess is that if you have 5 years of some sort of administrative experience, it would look good here.

They prefer to hire people with past experience working from home.

You can read Time, Etc., or our review go here To apply.

4 – $99 Social

I’m not sure how often this company hires, but their job description page doesn’t seem to require you to have past virtual support experience.

They prefer to hire people who are comfortable navigating and updating social media because all you will be doing is updating and managing social media accounts for their clients.

go here To apply if the position is open (check back in a few weeks if it isn’t, it comes and goes).

5 – Continued

This company is regularly looking for work from home “Persist Assistants” to handle various tasks for their clients.

They don’t require that you have ever worked in this type of work before if you embody certain key characteristics including being able to multi-task, being able to learn new things easily, being comfortable navigating a computer, etc.

You need to be comfortable with technology and managing things like Google Docs, Google Calendar etc

go here To apply at Persssist. This is the second job listed on their “Jobs” page.

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I hope this helps you if you are very interested in the virtual assistant career path as a work at home.

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